Annex 3
Moscow Conference Agreement

The Foreign Ministers of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the United Kingdom and the united States of America met in Moscow from December 16 to December 26, 1945 in accord wit the decision of the Crimea Conference confirmed at the Berlin Conference that there should be periodic consultation between them. At the meetings of the 3 Foreign Ministers discussions took place on an informal and exploratory basis and agreement was reached on the following questions.


5. The Supreme Commander shall issue all Orders for the implementation of the Terms of Surrender, the Occupations and control of Japan and Directives supplementary thereto. in all cases action will be carried out under and through the Supreme Commander who is the sole Executive authority for the Allied Powers in Japan. He will consult and advise with the Council in advance of the issuance of Orders on matters of substance, the exigencies of the situation permitting his decisions upon these matters shall be controlling.



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