Annex 6
Appendix C
List of Official Assurances Violated by Japan and incorporated in Group One.

  1. 25th September 1931: That Japan had no territorial designs in Manchuria.

  2. 25th November, 1931: That there was no truth in the report of a Japanese advance on Chinchow.

  3. 22nd December, 1931: That Chinese sovereignty would be accepted and that the open door policy would be maintained.

  4. 5th January, 1933: The Japan had no territorial ambitions south of the Great Wall in China.

  5. 25th April, 1934: The Japan had non intention whatever of seeking special privileges in China, of encroaching upon the territorial and administrative integrity of China, or of creating difficulties for the bona fide trade of other countries with China.

  6. 15th August, 1937: That Japan harboured no territorial designs on China and would spare no efforts in safeguarding foreign interests and rights in China.

  7. September, 1937: That Japan had peaceful intentions and a lack of territorial designs in North China.

  8. 17th February, 1939: That Japan had no territorial designs in China and that the occupation would not go beyond military necessity.

  9. 26th August, 1939: That Japan had decided to abandon any further negotiations with Germany and Italy relative to closer relations under the Anti-Comintern Act.


  1. 15th April, 1940: That Japan desired status quo of the Netherlands East Indies.

  2. 16th May, 1940: That Japan had no plans nor purpose to attack the Netherlands East Indies.

  3. 24th March, 1941: That under no circumstances would Japan attack the United States of America, Great Britain or the Netherlands East Indies.

  4. 8th July, 1941: That Japan had not so far considered the possibility of fighting the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

  5. 10th July, 1941: That Japan contemplated no action against French Indo-China.

  6. 5th December, 1941: That troop movements in French Indo-China were precautionary measures.


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