Appendix 11
Telegram from Queen Wilhelmina and King Leopold
to the Heads of the States of Germany, France, and Great Britain,
dated November 7th, 1939

IN this hour of distress for the whole world, when war, with all its violence, is about to break out in Europe, we feel convinced that it is our duty to speak once again. The belligerent parties declared, a short time ago, that they would be prepared to examine the reasonable and sure bases of an equitable peace. We feel that it would be difficult for them, in the present circumstances, to get into touch with one another in order to explain and reconcile their points of view. We are therefore ready, as sovereigns of two neutral States which are on good terms with all their neighbours, to offer them our good offices. If this should be acceptable to them, we should be prepared by any means in our power which it may please them to suggest to us to facilitate, in a spirit of friendly understanding, enquiry into the factors likely to make for agreement.

That, it seems to us, is the mission we have to fulfil for the good of our people, and in the interests of the whole world. We hope that our offer will be accepted and that in this way a first step will be made towards the establishment of lasting peace.


THE HAGUE, November 7th.


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