Appendix III

Since the Royal Indian Navy had not expanded and as Bombay was the only port of operation, almost all the establishments were housed in that city. At Bombay the following establishments were situated:--

Naval Headquarters   R.I.N. Dockyard
Depot with Naval Barracks   "
Office of the Captain Superintendent of the Yard   "
The Engineering Department   "
The Construction Department   "
The Electrical Engineer's Depot   "
The Naval Store Office

The Dockyard Police   "
The Dockyard Dispensary   "
Fort W/T Station   "
Mahul W/T Station --Mahul, Bombay

Besides these, four Training Schools/Establishments were also situated in the R.I.N. Dockyard:--

The Signal School   R.I.N. Dockyard
The Gunnery School   "
The Mechanical Training Establishment   "
The Boys Training Establishment   "

Two Sea Transport Offices were situated, one at Karachi and another at Calcutta.

The Administration of Depot with Barracks, the various schools, wireless stations and training establishments was with the Commanding Officer, Depot. The Dockyard was controlled with the Engineering, Constructive, Electrical and Stores Departments, the Police and the Dispensary by the Captain Superintendent of the Dockyard.

Staffs were as follows:--

Depot Staff, Bombay
1. Commanding Officer Commander (also Director of Personnel Services)


2. Executive Officer
Drafting Officer
Squadron Physical & Recreational Training Officer
Lieut. Commander
3. Headmaster Headmaster Lieutenant (lent from R.N.)
4. Officer-in-Charge, Gunnery School Lieutenant
5. Officer-in-Charge, Signal School Lieutenant
6. Officer-in-Charge, M.T.E. Entineer Lieutenant
7. Commanding Officer, B.T.E. Commander
Dockyard Staff, Bombay
1. Captain Superintendent Captain
2. Commander of the Dockyard Lieut. Commander
3. Manager, Engineering Department Engineer Commander
4. Manager, Constructive Department Engineer Lieutenant
5. Electrical Engineer Civilian Officer
6. Naval Store Officer       -do-
7. O i/c, Dockyard Police Comd. Boatswain
8. Medical O i/c, Dockyard Dispensary Asst. Surgeon I.M.D.
Ordnance (at Bombay Castle)
1. Ordnance Officer Captain IAOC
2. Ordnance Mechanical Engineer Major RAOC
3. Warrant O i/c, R.I.N. Group Conductor IAOC
1. Principal Sea Transport Officer, India Vice Admiral (also FOCRIN)
2. Divisional Sea Transport Officer Commander
3. Asst. Sea Transport Officer Lieut. Commander
1. Sea Transport Officer Lieut. Commander
2. Clerk Warrant Writer
1. Clerk Warrant Writer


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