This volume is based primarily on official records possessed by the CIS Historical Section. These include some printed reports, unpublished monographs, as also some files in manuscript dealing with naval matters during the Second World War. It is not possible to give a complete list of all these documents but the more important ones are listed below.

In addition, the author has made use of some secondary pub-lished sources for describing the maritime heritage of India and for filling up gaps here and there in the story of the Royal Indian Navy during the war. An illustrative list of these secondary sources which have been consulted is also given below.

Primary Sources

War Department History--Head 3, "R.I.N." Historical Section, File 601/9014/H.

Report of the Expert Committee on the Defence of India, 1938-39.

War Department History--Head 2, File 601/7170/H.

Recruiting in India, 1939-45 (Part II-R.I.N.)

R.I.N. Manpower Review, 1939-45.

War Department History (R.I.N. Section), Head 5 R.I.N. Memorandun OSD/F6) Training.

General State of R.I.N. on the outbreak of War in 1939 and R.I.N. Expansion Head 2, File 601/7450/H (A).

Sinking ol H.M.I.S. Pathan, File 601/12262/H.

Notes on Operations in the Red Sea, File 601/12264/H.

Red Sea Operations-Report from C.O. H.M.I.S. Ratnagiri, File 601/12251/H.

R.I.N. War Activities in the Red Sea, Persian Gulf and East Africa, 1939-41, File 601/12250/H.

The R.I.N. at War, File 601/12302/H.

India's Navy at War, 1939-45, File 601/I2273/H.

Operation "APPEARANCE"--Report from CO.H.M.S. Glasgow on Capture of Berbera, File 601/10078/H.

Qperation "DANTE"--Guardafui by CO. H.M.I.S. Clive, File G01/10050/H.

Capture of Assab (Report on Operations "CHRONOMETER" by S.O. R.S.F.) File 601/10051/H.

Loss of H.M.I.S. Parvati by C.O. H.M.S. Ceres, File 601/10049/H.

Diary of Important Dates, 1939-42. File 601/12220/H.


War at Sea Vol. I, Sept. 1939 to Dec. 1940 (Historical Section, Tactical, Torpedo & Staff Duties Division Naval Staff, Admiralty, File 601/9539/H.)

War at Sea Vol. II, Jan. 1941 to Dec. 1941 (Historical Section, Tactical, Torpedo & Staff Duties Division Naval Staff, Admiralty, File 601/9539/H.)

Secondary Sources

Panikkar, K. M., India and the Indian Ocean (1945).

Majumdar, R. C., An Advanced History of India.

Mookerji, R. K., History of Indian Shipping.

Low, C. R., History of the Indian Navy, Vols. I and II.

Walker, Cdr. G. E., Historical Background of the Royal Indian Navy.

Captain S. W. Roskill, D.S.C., R.N., War at Sea 1939-45 Vol. I.

G. Herman Gill. Royal Australian Navy, 1939-42

RINLOG 1944-45.

RINLOG 1945-46.


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