Airdromes, bombed, 82, 102 f., 114f.; measures to protect, 114f.

Air force, Dutch, annihilated, 117

Allies, blockade, 28ff., 169; interception of German merchandise, 34f.; Germany charges a policy to extend war, 92f.; see also Great Britain; France

Athlone, Earl of, 166


Beatrix, Princess, ddd

Bech, Josef, 41

Belgium, neutral status, 10; efforts to avert war, 40ff., 48; forced landing of German plane and seizure of documents, 54; German allegations re neutrality, 92f.

Bergen, 83

Berlin, 92

Berne, 39

Bernhard, Prince, 149, 151, 153f., 175; with the troops in Zeeland, 143; hunts for parachutists and machine-guns planes, 147; birthday,-ddd

Blockade, British, 28ff., ddd

Brabant, ddd

Breskens, ddd

Briand-Kellogg pact, 6

Bridges, blown up, 75, 119

Brighton, ddd

Brussels conference (1939), 41ff.

Burgerdijk (ship), 3if.


Cameroons, 37

Censorship, 171

Chamberlain, Neville, 59

Churchill, Winston, and help to the Netherlands, 140

Codrington (ship), 134

Cooper, Alfred Duff, 59


Commander, 152f.

Curaçao, 181


Delfzijl, ddd

Denmark, Brussels conference, 41ff.; and the offer of good offices, 51

Deutschlandsender, broadcast, 60, 86

Dijxhoorn, Colonel, 80

Dutch, the, characteristics, v, 14, i7of., 177, 188; detestation of militarism, 71; character affected by constant war with the sea, 77

Dutch East Indies, see Netherlands East Indies


Elizabeth, Queen of England, 157, 166

Erkko, Eljas, 42

Espionage, German, in Holland, 56ff., 123ff.


Fifth columnists, arrest of, 80; German residents in Holland, 123f; Dutch citizens, 125f;


Fifth columnists (Continued)
menace to the Royal Family,147

Finland, Brussels conference, 41ff.; and the offer of good offices, 51

Fishing craft, bombed, 33

France, and Holland's neutrality, 47; reception of Dutch Ministers, in

Frick, Wilhelm, 93


Geer, D. J. de, 39f.

George VI, 52f., no

Germany, pact proffered by (1936), 6; economic relations with Holland, iof.; and Poland, 17f.; and neutral trade, 29ff.; attacks on neutral shipping, 3 iff.; asks Dutch protection of her interests in Poland and Africa, 37f.; message to Holland on neutrality (Aug., 1939), 44f.; allegations re Holland's neutrality, 45f., 92ff.; reply to second offer of good offices, 52f.; allegations re proposed Allied violations of neutrality, 59f.; sale of munitions, 69f.; reasons for invasion of Holland, 88, memorandum to Dutch Minister on, 92f.; White Book, 94n; document withheld from the Dutch Government, 94f., Dutch Minister's reply displeasing, 99; Nazi tactics, 96f., in occupied Holland, 113, 170ff., 187f; campaign in Holland, 113ff.

Goebbels, Paul, 59ff., 95

Great Britain, violations of Dutch neutrality, 27f.; and neutral shipping, 35; message re Holland's neutrality (Sept., 1939), 47f.; re offer of good offices, 52f.; German rumors re landing on Dutch coast, 62; reception of Dutch Ministers, no; Royal Navy aid to Queen Wilhelmina, 155f. Grotius, 11f.


Hague, The, seat of international law, 12f.; description, 13f., 16; espionage in, 56; bombed, 84f., 91, 116, 146; parachutists, 101f.; resistance, 128

Halifax, Lord, 59, no

Henry of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Duke, 149

Himmler, Heinrich, 93

Hitler, Adolf, speech of Oct. 6, 1939, 73f.

Holland, see Netherlands, the

Huis ten Bosch, 13, 90; attacks on, 146f.

Hydroplanes, troops transported by, 119


Iepenburg, 115

International law, 11f., i8f.; and submarine warfare, 31f.

Inundation, 76f.

Invasion, task of Dutch troops, 117f.; Germans in Dutch disguise, 119f.; bombardment of Rotterdam, 131f.; effects on Holland, 169ff.

Irene, Princess, 149; christening, 166f.

Italy, 60


Juliana, Princess, 149; efforts to safeguard, 151ff.; in Canada, 166f.


Keitel, General, 93, 114

Kirk, Alexander, 100

Kleffens, E. N. van, refuses request to furnish military data to a belligerent power, 23; Minister to Switzerland, 39; Dutch Foreign Minister, 40; receives von Zech's message from Germany, 44ff.; second offer of good offices, 49f.; attempt to ascertain Germany's terms for peace, 73; final interview with von Zech, 85ff.; escape to London, 105ff.

Klop, Lieutenant, 65f.

Knights, Hall of the, 172

Koht, Halvdan, 42

Kornwerderzand, battle of, 134f.


League of Nations, 7ff.

Lebrun, Albert, and second offer of good offices, 52f.

Leiden, 177f.

Leopold III, efforts to avert war, 40ff.; broadcast appeal (1939), quoted, 43f.; offers of good offices (Aug., 1939), 48f., (Nov., 1939), 50ff., 150

Limburg, 81, 136

London, escape to, 105ff.

London, Protocol of (1930), 31

Luxemburg, Brussels conference, 41ff.


Magnetic mine, 33, 114

Meuse, 76, 136

Middelburg, 142f.

Military preparations, 69ff.; disposition of troops, 62, 78, 93, 113f.

Mill, armored train blown up at, 136

Mines, magnetic, 33, 114

Moerdijk, the, 118f.

Munch, P., 41


"Nervenkrieg," 70, 72

Netherlands, the, international situation, 3ff., 143f.; foreign policy, 5ff.; neutral status, 9ff., 16-36, difficulties of maintaining, 21ff., violations by belligerents, 26f.; German settlers in, 11, 123f.; National Socialists, 20; and help from Allies, 21, 140; economic status, 25ff.; the press, 35; guardianship of German interests, 37f.; Cabinet crisis, July, 1939, 40f.; Brussels conference, 41ff.; German message re neutrality (Aug., 1939), 44f.; offers of good offices, 48ff.; German allegations re violation of neutrality, 59f., 92ff.; sealed orders sent to Legations in London and Paris, 61f., 83; German rumors of proposed British landing, 62; disposition of troops to preserve neutrality, 62, 78, 93, 113f.; military preparations, 69ff.; purchases of munitions, 69f.; joins the Allies, 84; Cabinet escapes to London, 105ff.; German campaign, 113ff.; Air Force annihilated, 117; situation after the campaign, 144; Dynasty and Government, 146ff.; Cabinet in London, 164f; economic status after the invasion, 169ff.; German occupation, 169ff., unemployment problem, 175; work of the Government in London, 180ff.; legal position of assets


Netherlands (Continued)
abroad, 181; measures to safeguard gold, 182; refugees, 183f.; part of army in England, 186; Navy's aid to Allies, 186f.

Netherlands East Indies, 142; status guaranteed by foreign powers (1923), 6f.; under Wilhelmina, 148f.; loyalty to the Queen, 185f; foreign interest in status of, 186

Neutrality, 91f.; basis in international law, 11f., 18f.; in the World War, 19f.; violations by belligerents, 27f.; maintained by tne press, 36; German allegations re, 44f., 59f., 92ff.; disposition of troops to maintain, 62, 78, 93, 113f.

Neutrality, Proclamation of, 18f.

Nonaggression pacts, 6f.

Noordeinde Palace, 13, ddd

Norway, Brussels conference, 41ff.; and the offer of good offices, 51; withdrawal of British troops, 59; lessons taught by invasion, 114f.


Ockenburg, 115

Orange, House of, 4, 146ff.; demonstrations of loyalty forbidden, 174

Orange Book, 20, 24


Parachutists, 101,115,118,129,152; in Dutch disguise, 119; eyewitness' account, 120ff.; in the garden of the Royal Palace, 146

Payne-Best, Captain, 65ff.

Pierlot, Hubert, 41

Profiteering, 24f.

Propaganda, German, 59ff., 68, 171f.; broadcast, quoted, 60f., 86; leaflets dropped by planes, 85

Protocol of London (1930), 31


Reprisals, 34f.

Reynaud, Paul, 59, 111

Rhine, 76

Ribbentrop, Joachim von, 70, 91ff.; on the bombing of Rotterdam, 133

Rotterdam, 118f., 130; attack on, 129; bombardment, 131ff.; reconstruction work, 175


Sandler, Rickard J., 42

Schaerbeek, 83

Scheveningen, 106

Schiphol, 83

Seyss-Inquhart, Arthur, Reich Commissioner in the Netherlands, I72ff.

Simon Bolivar (ship), 33

Sliedrecht (ship), 31

South Africa, 37

Spaak, Paul Henry, 41, 48f.

Sponeck, General von, death in Holland, 104; papers found on, 1O4, 128f.

Stevens, Major, 64ff.

Submarines, warfare on neutral shipping, 31ff.

Surinam, 181

Sweden, Brussels conference, 41ff.; and the offer of good offices, 51

Switzerland, policy of neutrality, 10, 41; Dutch Minister welcomed in, 100


U-boat, see Submarine

Uniforms, Dutch, 72, 119


Urk, 76 Utrecht, ddd


Valkenburg, ddd

van Galen, H.M.S., 129f

Venlo, 136

Venlo incident, 64ff., 96


Waal, 136

Waalhaven, 83, 162, 129f

Welter, J. I. M., 105, 110

White Book, German, 94n

Wilhelmina, Queen, birthday celebration, 16f.; receives von Zech, 46; offer of good offices (Aug., 1939), 48f., (Nov., 1939), 50ff.; German hunt for, 85, 146ff.; broadcast on invasion, 101; character and reign, 148ff., 156f.; efforts to prevent war, 150; steps to safeguard, 151ff.; escape to London, 154f; arrival in London, 156; Proclamation in London, 158ff.; message on reasons for leaving Holland, 160ff.

William the Silent, 177

Winkelman, General, 81, 117f.; order to cease fire, 141f.

With, van Haersma de, 92f.; passports held up, 99f.; welcomed in Switzerland, 100


Yssel, 76, 137


Zech, Count von, 44ff.; and the second offer of good offices, 52; last interview with van Kleffens, 85ff.; career in Holland, 86f.

Zeeland, 113; continued the struggle, 142

Zuyderzee, 76, 134f.


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