Appendix XLIII
The A-4 Rocket: Technical Details

(From German Sources)

Length: 46 feet

Diameter of body: 5 feet 5 inches

Diameter over fins: 11 feet 7 inches

Dead weight without fuel: 3-9 tons

Weight of 3:1 alcohol-water mixture: approximately 4 tons

Weight of liquid oxygen: approximately 5 tons

Total weight at take-off: 12-7 tons

Weight of warhead: approximately 1 ton

Weight of explosive: approximately 1,650 lb.

Thrust at take-off: 25 tons

Acceleration at take-off: 0-9 g

Acceleration at end of combustion: approximately 5 g

Temperature of combustion inside chamber: 2,700 degrees Centigrade

Velocity of exhaust gases: 6,700 feet per second

Maximum velocity of rocket: 3,600 miles per hour

Maximum burning time (standard rocket): 65 seconds

Time to reach sonic velocity: 25 seconds

Time of vertical flight (distance shot): 4 seconds

Angle of tilt from vertical after 54 seconds (distance shot): 49 degrees

Height at end of combustion (distance shot): approximately 20 miles

Horizontal distance from launching point at end of combustion (distance shot): approximately 15 miles

Height at peak of trajectory (distance shot): 50 to 60 miles

Maximum horizontal range (standard rocket): 200 to 220 miles

Velocity at impact (measured along trajectory): 2,200 to 2,500 miles per hour

Maximum height reached (vertical shot, 67 seconds burning time): 11 8 miles


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