Appendix XXXII
Night Attacks on London:
Numbers of High-explosive Bombs to the Hundred Acres
on some of the most Heavily-bombed Boroughs

NOTE: The following list is based on British records of the numbers of bombs (irrespective of weight) dropped on London boroughs from the night of 7th October, 1940, to the night of 5th May, 1941, and includes only those boroughs which reported a total of more than fifteen bombs to the hundred acres. For obvious reasons it gives only a rough indication of the relative density of the attacks as between one borough and another.

Borough Number of H.E.
per 100 acres
Holborn   39.75    
City   29.53  
Westminster   28.85  
Shoreditch   23.56  
Southwark   23.35  
Stepney   20.02  
Finsbury   19.11  
Chelsea   18.51  
Bethnal Green   17.26  
Bermondsey   17.16  
Lambeth   17.14  
Deptford   15.73  


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