Chapter II
Maritime War--The British Shore Organisation


1. W. S. Churchill. The Second World War, Vol. I (2nd Edition), p. 365.

2. The composition of the Board of Admiralty throughout the period covered by this volume is given in Appendix A.

3. The Ministry of Shipping was formed in October 1939, but it was not until 9th May 1941 that the Ministry of Transport was amalgamated with that of Shipping under the combined title of Ministry of War Transport. The first head of the combined Ministry was Mr F. J. Leathers.

4. Appendix B gives statistics of the Defensive Arming of Merchant Ships.

5. See diagram on p. 14.

6. Details of the composition of the naval reserves on 1st January 1939 are given in Appendix C.

7. See diagram on p. 14.

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