The Big 'L'--American Logistics in World War II

Edited by
Alan Gropman

National Defense University Press
Washington, DC


  Foreword ix

  Introduction xiii
    Alan Gropman  
Chapter     Page
I. Industrial Mobilization 1
    Alan Gropman  
II. Acquisition in World War II 97
    John E. Bokel and Rolf Clark  
III. The Economics of America's World War II Mobilization 145
    Donald L. Losman, Irene Kyriakopoulos, and J. Dawson Ahalt  
IV. Building Victory's Foundation: Infrastructure 193
    Hugh Conway and James E. Toth  
V. Lend-Lease: An Assessment of a Government Bureaucracy 265
    Marcus R. Erlandson  
VI. Joint Logistics in the Pacific Theater 293
    Anthony W. Gray, Jr.  
VII. Materialschlact: The "Matériel Battle" in the European Theater 339
    Barry J. Dysart  
A. The War Agencies of the Executive Branch of the Federal Government 393
Bibliography 413
Index 437
The Editor and Authors 445

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