A-1 Personnel section of air staff
A-2 Intelligence section
A-3 Operations and training section
A-4 Matériel and supply section
AAF Army Air Forces
ACofS Assistant Chief of Staff
Adv Advance
AF Air force
AG Adjutant General
AGFRTS Air Ground Force Resources Technical Staff (Provisional)
AMMDEL American Military Mission, Delhi. Code name for American Headquarters at New Delhi, India
ASC Air Service Command
ASF Army Service Forces
ATC Air Transport Command
Bomb Gp Bombardment Group
Br Branch
CAI Chinese Army in India
CBI China, Burma, and India
CCS Combined Chiefs of Staff
CDS China Defense Supplies, Inc.
CEF Chinese Expeditionary Force, a part of Y-Force
CG Commanding General
Chindits Troops of the British Long-Range Penetration Groups
CinC Commander in Chief
CM-IN Classified Message sent into Pentagon
CM-OUT Classified Message sent out of Pentagon
CN Chinese National Currency
CNAC China National Aviation Corporation
CO Commanding Officer
CofS Chief of Staff
Comd Command
Comdr Commander
Conv Conversation
COS British Chiefs of Staff
CPS Combined Staff Planners
CT China Theater
CTO China Theater of Operations
DCofS Deputy Chief of Staff
Dir Directive
Div Division


EAC Eastern Air Command
ELOC Eastern line of communications
Elms Elements
Engr Engineer
Exec Executive
FO Field order
Fwd Ech Forward Echelon
G-1 Personnel section of divisional or higher staff
G-2 Intelligence section
G-3 Operations section
G-4 Supply section
Gar Garrison
GHQ General headquarters
GMO CKS Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek
GO General order
GOC General Officer Commanding
Gp Group
Hist Historical
Hq Headquarters
Hump The India-China air ferry route
I & R Platoon Reconnaissance Platoon
IBT India-Burma Theater
IG Inspector general
IGH Japanese Imperial General Headquarters
IIB Independent Infantry Brigade
Ind Indian, indorsement
Inf Infantry
Int Intelligence
Int Sum Intelligence summary
Interrog Interrogation
Interv Interview
ITC Infantry Training Center
ICW India-China Wing
IMB Independent Mixed Brigade
JCS Joint Chiefs of Staff
JICA Joint Intelligence Collecting Agency
JPS Joint Staff Planners
JSM Joint Staff Mission (British)
JSSC Joint Strategic Survey Committee
JWS Joseph W. Stilwell
KCRC Kansas City Records Center, Kansas City, Mo.
Ln O Liaison officer
LOC Line of communications
LRPG Long-Range Penetration Group


MID Military Intelligence Division
Mil Military
Min Minutes
(-) Less detachments
MRS Military Railway Service
Msg Bk Message Book
MTF Myitkyina Task Force
Mtg Meeting
NCAC Northern Combat Area Command
NMC National Military Council
OCMH Office, Chief of Military History
OCofT Office, Chief of Transportation
Off Officer
OPD Operations Division, War Department General Staff
Opn Instr Operation Instruction
Opns Operations
OSS Office of Strategic Services
POL Petrol (gasoline), oil, and lubricants
Prov Provisional
QM Quartermaster
RAF Royal Air Force
Rr Ech Rear Echelon
Rs Rupees
RTC Ramgarh Training Center
S-1 Personnel section of regimental or lower staff
S-2 Intelligence section
S-3 Operations section
S-4 Supply section
S&P Gp Strategy & Planning Group
SAC Supreme Allied Commander
SACSEA Supreme Allied Commander, Southeast Asia
SEAC Southeast Asia Command
SEATIC Bull Southeast Asia Translation and Interrogation Center bulletin
Sec Section
Secy Secretary
Sitrep Situation report
SNF Stilwell Numbered File
SOS Services of Supply
Sq Squadron
Stf Staff
SUP Stilwell Undated Paper
TC Transportation Corps
Telg Telegram
TIG Traveling instructional group


Tng Training
T/O Tables of Organization
Trs Troops
USAF United States Army Forces or United States Air Force
USAF CBI United States Army Forces, China, Burma and India
USAF Hist Div United States Air Force Historical Division, Air University Library, Maxwell Air Force Base, Ala.
USFCT United States Forces, China Theater
USF IBT United States Forces, India-Burma Theater
USSBS United States Strategic Bombing Survey
VLR Very long range bombers
WASC Chinese War Area Service Corps
WDCSA War Department Chief of Staff, Army
WDGS War Department General Staff
Wkly Weekly


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