A-1 Personnel section of air staff
A-2 Intelligence section
A-3 Operations and training section
A-4 Matériel and supply section
AAF Army Air Forces
ABCD powers American, British, Chinese, Dutch powers
ABDACOM American, British, Dutch, Australian Theater of Operations covering the area from the Bay of Bengal to Australasia, created at ARCADIA Conference
ACofS Assistant Chief of Staff
AG Adjutant General
ALBACORE Code word for operation to retake north Burma
AMMDEL American Military Mission, Delhi. Code Name for American Headquarters at New Delhi, India
AMMISCA American Military Mission to China. Code Name for American Headquarters at Chungking, China
ANAKIM Plan to retake Burma and open the line of communications to China through the port of Rangoon
AQUILA Code name for Task Force, Tenth Air Force. Code name for Headquarters, Tenth Air Force, New Delhi
ARCADIA Washington Conferences, December 1941-January 1942
ASF Army Service Forces
ASF (DAD) ID Army Service Forces (Defense Aid Division), International Division
Asgmt Assignment
ASW Assistant Secretary of War
Atchd Attached
ATC Air Transport Command
AUS Army of the United States
AVG American Volunteer Group
B&W Black and White copybook of General Stilwell
BOLERO Build-up for the cross-Channel attack
Br Branch
Bull Bulletin
Burmarmy Sitrep Burma Army situation reports
CAF Chinese Air Force
CATF China Air Task Force, Tenth Air Force
CBI China, Burma, and India
CCS Combined Chiefs of Staff
CDS China Defense Supplies, Inc
CEF Chinese Expeditionary Force
CG Commanding General
CinC Commander in Chief
CKS Chiang Kai-shek
CM-IN Classified Message sent into Pentagon


CM-OUT Classified Message sent out of Pentagon
CNO Chief of Naval Operations
CO Commanding Officer
CofS Chief of Staff
Com Committee
Comd Command
Conf Conference
Corresp Correspondence
COS British Chiefs of Staff
CPS Combined Staff Planners
CT China Theater
CTO China Theater of Operations
DCofS Deputy Chief of Staff
Def Defense
Dir Director
Div Division
Dr Drawer
Engr Engineer
G-1 Personnel section of divisional or higher staff
G-2 Intelligence section
G-3 Operations section
G-4 Supply section
GALAHAD Code name for American Long Range Penetration Group
Gen Ref Br General Reference Branch
GHQ General Headquarters
GMO CKS Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek
GO General Order
GOC General Officer Commanding
Gr Group
GYMNAST Code name for 1941 plan for invasion of North Africa
HALPRO B-24 Project to bomb Japan from east China
HD SSUSA Historical Division, Special Staff, Department of the Army
Hist Historical
Hq Headquarters
HRS DRB AGO Historical Records Section, Departmental Records Branch, Administrative Services Division, Office of the Adjutant General
ICFC India-China Ferry Command, Tenth Air Force
IG Inspector General
Incl Inclosure
Ind Indorsement
Int Intelligence
Interrog Interrogation
Interv Interview
JB Joint Board
JCS Joint Chiefs of Staff
Jour Journal
JPS Joint Staff Planners


JSM Joint Staff Mission (British)
Jt Joint
KCRC Kansas City Records Center, Kansas City, Mo.
Ln Liaison
MA Military Attaché
MAB Munitions Assignments Board
MAC(G) Munitions Assignments Committee (Ground)
MATS OSD Military Air Transport Service, Office of the Secretary of Defense, Statistical Service Division, Andrews Field, Washington, D. C.
MID Military Intelligence Division
Mil Military
Min Minutes
MIS Military Intelligence Section
MS Manuscript
Mtg Meeting
Mun Munitions
NMC National Military Council (Chinese)
OCMH Office, Chief of Military History
OCofS Office, Chief of Staff
Off Officer
OPD Operations Division, War Department General Staff
OPD Exec Executive Office Files of the Operations Division
Opn Operation
OSW Office, Secretary of War
OUSW Office, Under Secretary of War
OASW Office, Assistant Secretary of War
POTUS President of the United States
Prelim Preliminary
QUADRANT Quebec Conference, August 1943
RAF Royal Air Force
RAINBOW Code name for various prewar plans of military action to meet situations created by Axis aggression
RAVENOUS Plan for 4 Corps' advance into Burma
Reqmt Requirement
SAC Supreme Allied Commander
SACSEA Supreme Allied Commander, Southeast Asia
SAUCY 1943 code name for north Burma operations
SEAC Southeast Asia Command
SEATIC Southeast Asia Translation and Interrogation Center
Serv Service
Shipt Shipment
SN Secretary of the Navy
SNF Stilwell Numbered File
SO Special Order
SOS Services of Supply
Sp Special


Stf Staff
SW Secretary of War
TAG The Adjutant General
T/O&E Tables of Organization and Equipment
TORCH North African Operation, November 1942
Tp Conv Telephone conversation
TRIDENT Washington Conference, May 1943
USAF United States Army Forces or United States Air Force
USAF CBI United States Army Forces, China, Burma and India
USAF Hist Div United States Air Force Historical Division, Air University Library, Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama
USA (Ret) United States Army, retired
USN United States Navy
USNR United States Naval Reserve
USSBS United States Strategic Bombing Survey
WD War Department
WDCSA War Department Chief of Staff, Army
WDGS War Department General Staff
WPD War Plans Division, War Department General Staff
Y-Force American-sponsored Chinese division in Yunnan
Y-FOS Y-Force Operations Staff (American)


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