AAF Army Air Forces
Actg CofS Acting Chief of Staff
ADMS Assistant Director of Medical Service (British)
AF Air Force
AGO Adjutant General's Office
ALFSEA Allied Land Forces, Southeast Asia
ALPHA Plan to defend Kunming and Chungking
ASF Army Service Forces
Asgd Assigned
AT Antitank
ATC Air Transport Command
BAN Japanese Burma Area Army plan to defend the Mandalay area
BETA Plan to take the Canton-Hong Kong Area
Bk Book
BROADWAY British airstrip, twenty-seven miles southeast of Hopin, Burma
CACW Chinese-American Composite Wing
CAI Chinese Army in India
CAPITAL Plan to take north Burma, originally Phases I and II of Plan Y, which were very similar to Plan X
CBI China-Burma-India
CCC Chinese Combat Command
CCS Combined Chiefs of Staff
CG Commanding General
CM-IN Classified Message sent into Pentagon
CM-OUT Classified Message sent out of Pentagon
CO Commanding Officer
Comd Command
Conf Conference
Corresp Correspondence
CT China Theater
CT&CC Chinese Training and Combat Command
CTC Chinese Training Command
DAN Japanese Burma Area Army plan to keep China blockaded
DCofS Deputy Chief of Staff
Div Division
DRB Departmental Records Branch
DRACULA Sea-air assault on Rangoon; originally Plan Z
EAC Eastern Air Command
ELOC Eastern line of communications Field Artillery


FEA Foreign Economic Administration
FECOM Far East Command
G-1 Personnel section of divisional or higher staff
G-2 Intelligence section
G-3 Operations section
G-4 Supply section
G-5 Civil affairs/military government section
GALAHAD 5307th Composite Unit (Provisional), known colloquially as ìMerrillís Maraudersî
GHQ(I) General Headquarters (India)
Gmo Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek
GO General Order
GP Group
Hist Historical
Hq Headquarters
HRB Historical Records Branch
HUMPALCO Hump Tonnage Allocation and Control Office
IBT India-Burma Theater
ICD India-China Division, Air Transport Command
ICHIGO Japanese operation to take the East China airfields
JCS Joint Chiefs of Staff
KAN Japanese Burma Area Army plan to defend the Burma coast
KCRC Kansas City Records Center, Adjutant Generalís Office
KETSU Japanese plan to defend the homeland
Lux Convoy A convoy of vehicles organized in the Persian Gulf Command which entered China via the Ledo/Burma Road
MARS Task Force 5332d Brigade (Provisional)
Mins Minutes
Mtg Meeting
NCAC Northern Combat Area Command
OCTAGON Quebec Conference, September 1944
OCMH Office Chief of Military History
OSS Office of Strategic Services
OPD Operations Division War Department General Staff
Opnl Dir Operational directive
Opns Jnl Operations journal
Plan X Plan to occupy North Burma down to Kalewa-Lashio
Plan Y Plan to drive on Central Burma
Plan Z Plan for direct assault by sea and air on Rangoon
QM Quartermaster
RAF Royal Air Force
ROOSTER Flying the 22d Division (Chinese) to Chihchiang
RPC Ration Purchasing Commission (American)
Rpt Report
Rr Ech Rear Echelon
S-3 A battalion or regimental operations section
SACO Sino-American Special Technical Cooperative Organization
SACSEA Supreme Allied Command, Southeast Asia


SEAC Southeast Asia Command
SEATIC Southeast Asia Translation and Interrogation Center
Sec Section
S Japanese operational plan to counterattack U.S. forces attempting to penetrate the Western Pacific area
SOS Services of Supply
Sv Service
USAF United States Army Forces; United States Air Force
USFCT United States Forces, China Theater
WDGS War Department General Staff
Y-Force 30 U.S.-sponsored Chinese divisions in Yunnan
Y-FOS Y-Force Operations Staff (American)
Z-Force 30 Chinese divisions the United States once hoped to reorganize in East China
Z-FOS Z-Force Operations Staff (American)


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