Command Decisions

Edited With Introductory Essay By
Kent Roberts Greenfield

The Authors

Martin Blumenson
Robert W. Coakley
Stetson Conn
Byron Fairchild
Richard M. Leighton
Charles V.P. von Luttichau
Charles B. MacDonald
Sidney T. Mathews
Maurice Matloff
Ralph S. Mavrogordato
Leo J. Meyer
John Miller, jr.
Louis Morton
Forrest C. Pogue
Roland G. Ruppenthal
Robert Ross Smith
Earl F. Ziemke




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Introductory Essay by Kent Roberts Greenfield 1
I. Germany First: The Basic Concept of Allied Strategy in World War II by Louis Morton 11
II. The German Decision to invade Norway and Denmark by Earl F. Ziemke 49
III. Decision to Land United States Forces in Iceland, 1941 by Byron Fairchild 73
IV. Japan's Decision for War 99
V. The Decision to Evacuate the Japanese From the Pacific Coast by Stetson Conn 125
VI. The Decision to Withdraw to Bataan by Louis Morton 151
VII. The Decision to Invade North Africa (TORCHby Leo J. Meyer 173
VIII. U.S. Merchant Shipping and the British Import Crisis by Richard M. Leighton 199
IX. The Persian Corridor as a Route for Aid to the USSR by Robert W. Coakley 225
X. OVERLORD versus the Mediterranean at the Cairo-Tehran Conferences by Richard M. Leighton 255
XI. MacArthur and the Admiralties by John Miller, jr. 287
XII. Hitler's Decision on the Defense of Italy by Ralph S. Mavrogordato 303
XIII. General Lucas at Anzio by Martin Blumenson 323
XIV. General Clark's Decision to Drive on Rome by Sidney T. Mathews 351
XV. The 90-Division Gamble by Maurice Matloff 365
XVI. The ANVIL Decision: Crossroads of Strategy by Maurice Matloff 383
XVII. General Bradley's Decision at Argentan (13 August 1944) by Martin Blumenson 401
XVIII. Logistics and the Broad-Front Strategy by Roland G. Ruppenthal 419
XIX. The Decision to Launch Operation MARKET-GARDEN by Charles B. MacDonald 429
XX. The German Counteroffensive in the Ardennes by Charles V.P. von Luttichau 443
XXI. Luzon versus Formosa by Robert Ross Smith 461
XXII. The Decision to Halt at the Elbe by Forrest C. Pogue 434
XXIII. The Decision to Use the Atomic Bomb by Louis Morton 493
Chronology 519
Basic Military Map Symbols  
Index 535

Transcribed and formatted by Patrick Clancey, HyperWar Foundation