Appendix B
Recipients of the Distinguished Service Cross

All pertinent Army records have been scrutinized in an effort to include in the following list the names of every soldier who received the DSC for his part in the operations recounted in this volume. Inasmuch as no complete listing of DSC awards is maintained in any single Army file, it is possible that some names may inadvertently have been omitted.

Lt. Col. Creighton W. Abrams Pfc. O. M. Laughlin
Lt. Col. Paul Bandy Capt. James H. Leach
Sgt. James L. Bayliss Pfc. John Leinen
Sgt. William J. Bennett 2d Lt. Samuel Leo
Pfc. J. O. Bird 2d Lt. S. D. Llewellyn
Lt. Col. Barry D. Browne Sgt. H. L. Luther
Sgt. John Bueno Brig. Gen. Anthony C. McAuliffe
Cpl. Adam F. Burko Pfc. W. J. McKenzie
Pfc. Angelo Cestoni 2d Lt. W. D. Markin
Lt. Col. Steve A. Chappuis Capt. Gabriel R. Martinez
Capt. John J. Christy Pfc. A. G. Means
Capt. A. J. Cissna Pfc. Edwin W. Metz
Lt. Col. Derrill M. Daniel Pvt. Bernard Michin
Pvt. Albert A. Darago 1st Lt. A. L. Mills
Sgt. T. J. Dawson Pfc. Richard Mills
Pfc. Daniel Del Grippo 1st Lt. Jesse Morrow
Pvt. C. W. Dillingham Sgt. Oscar M. Mullins
Sgt. Eddie Dolenc 1st Lt. Kenneth R. Nelson
Capt. Leland R. Dunham Pfc. N. A. Osterberg
Sgt. B. R. Eastburn 1st Lt. R. A. Parker
Capt. Paul F. Gaynor 2d Lt. G. F. Pennington
Pfc. Jack Gebert Sgt. T. E. Piersall
1st Lt. Charles R. Gniot Lt. Col. Lemuel E. Pope
Capt. John W. Hall Pvt. R. L. Presser
Sgt. Lawrence L. Hatfield 2d Lt. Frederick Rau
1st Lt. Edgar C. Heist Sgt. Woodrow W. Reeves
Lt. Col. John M. Hightower Sgt. George P. Rimmer
Pfc. S. E. Hull Maj. Gen. Walter M. Robertson
2d Lt. Michael Hritsik Lt. Col. James C. Rosborough
1st Lt. G. W. Jackman Pfc. F. S. Rose
Pvt. J. W. Jones Pfc. W. S. Rush
Lt. Col. R. W. Kinney Sgt. I. R. Schwartz
Capt. Frank Kutak Private Seamon
1st Lt. George D. Lamm Sgt. M. N. Shay


Pfc. R. D. Smith Sgt. J. W. Waldron
Capt. Robert W. Smith S/Sgt. William Walsh
T/Sgt. Russell N. Snoad 2d Lt. R. L. Westbrook
Cpl. C. E. Statler 2d Lt. John A. Whitehill
Capt. Vaughn Swift Sgt. William J. Widener
1st Lt. R. H. Thompson 1st Sgt. Gervis Willis
Lt. Col. Paul V. Tuttle, Jr. Cpl. Edward S. Withee
T/Sgt. John Van Der Kamp Pfc. T. J. Zimmerer
Pfc. Gilbert Van Every  


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Transcribed and formatted by Jerry Holden for the HyperWar Foundation