AAR After Action Report
ACofS Assistant Chief of Staff
ACofT Assistant Chief of Transportation
Actg Acting
ADCofS Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff
Adm Administrative, administration
ADSEC Advance Section, Communications Zone
AFHQ Allied Force Headquarters
AFV&W Sec Armored Fighting Vehicle and Weapon Section
AG Adjutant general
A Gp Army group
Alloc Allocation
Ammo Ammunition
ANCXF Allied Naval Commander Expeditionary Force
ASF Army Service Forces
Arty Artillery
ASTP Army Specialized Training Program
ATS Auxiliary Territorial Service
Bd Board
CAO Chief administrative officer
CATOR Combined Air Transport Operations Room
Cbl Cable
CCS Combined Chiefs of Staff
CE Corps of Engineers
CGRS Commanding General, Replacement System
Cir Circular
COS Chiefs of Staff (British)
CofT Chief of Transportation
COMZ Communications Zone
CONAD Continental Advance Section, COMZ
CONBASE Continental Base Section
Conf Conference
Corresp Correspondence
COSBASE Coastal Base Section
Dev Development
DQMG Deputy Quartermaster General


Dukw 2½ ton 6 x 6 amphibian truck
ETO European Theater of Operations
ETOUSA European Theater of Operations, United States Army
EUCOM European Command, successor to USFET
Exec Executive
ExO Executive Officer
FFRS Field Force Replacement System
FUSA First U.S. Army
FUSAG 1st U.S. Army Group
Fwd Forward, forwarded
G-1 ACofS for personnel
G-2 ACofS for intelligence
G-3 ACofS for operations
G-4 ACofS for supply
GFRC Ground Force Replacement System
GPA General Purchasing Agent
Hist Historical
Hq Headquarters
HVAP High-velocity, armor piercing
I&E Information and Education
IG Inspector General
Info Information
JAG Judge Advocate General
Jnl Journal
LCT Landing craft, tank
LMAB London Munitions Assignment Board
Ln Liaison
Log Logistical
LST Landing ship, tank
Ltr Letter
Mat Matériel
MGA Major General of Administration (British)
Mil Military
Min Minutes
Mov and Tn Br Movements and Transportation Branch
MRS Military Railway Service
MT ship Liberty ship converted for maximum vehicle-carrying purposes
MT80 Motor transport gasoline, 80-octane
MTB Motor Transport Brigade
Mtg Meeting
MTOUSA Mediterranean Theater of Operations, United States Army
NATO North African Theater of Operations


NATOUSA North African Theater of Operations, United States Army
NOIC Naval Officer in Charge
NUSA Ninth U.S. Army
NYPOE New York Port of Embarkation
OCOE Office, Chief of Engineers
OCofOrd Office, Chief of Ordnance
OCOO Office, Chief Ordnance Officer
OCQM Office, Chief Quartermaster
OCofT Office, Chief of Transportation
Off Officer
OGPA Office, General Purchasing Agent
Opns Operations
Ord Ordnance
Orgn Organization
P&O Plans and Operations Div, WD
PC&R Port construction and repair
Plng Planning
PLUTO From "pipeline under the ocean"--a cross-Channel underwater pipeline planned for bulk POL deliveries to the far shore
PMG Provost Marshall General
POL Petrol, oil, and lubricants
prep prepared
Pur Div Purchasing Division
R&D Research and Development
R&SC Div Requirements and Stock Control Division
RAMPS Recovered Allied Military Personnel
Repls Replacements
Rqmt Requirement
SAC Supreme Allied Commander
SCAEF Supreme Commander, Allied Expeditionary Force
Sec Section
SGO Surgeon General's Office
SGS Secretary, General Staff
SHAEF Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force
SOLOC Southern Line of Communications
SOP Standing Operating Procedure
SPOBS Special Observer Group
SSN Specification Serial Number
Stf Staff
SUSA Seventh U.S. Army
Sv (s) Service, Services
SvC Service Command
TC Transportation Corps


T/E Tables of Equipment
Tn Transportation
T/O&E Tables of Organization and Equipment
TSFET Theater Service Forces, European Theater
TUSA Third U.S. Army
USAFE United States Air Forces in Europe
USFET United States Forces in the European Theater, successor command to ETOUSA
USSTAF United States Strategic Air Forces
WD War Department


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