Appendix A
Third Army Staff Roster as of
1 September 1944

Commanding General
     Lt. Gen. George S. Patton, Jr.
     Col. James H. O'Neill

Chief of Staff
     Maj. Gen. Hugh J. Gaffey
Chemical Warfare
     Col. Edward C. Wallington

Deputy Chief of Staff
     Brig. Gen. Hobart R. Gay
     Col. John F. Conklin

Deputy Chief of Staff (Operations)
     Col. Paul D. Harkins
     Lt. Col. Charles B. Milliken

Assistant Chief of Staff G-1
     Col. Frederick S. Matthews
Inspector General
     Col. Clarence C. Park

Assistant Chief of Staff G-2
     Col. Oscar W. Koch
Judge Advocate
     Col. Charles E. Cheever

Assistant Chief of Staff G-3
     Col. Halley G. Maddox
     Col. Thomas D. Hurley

Assistant Chief of Staff G-4
     Col. Walter J. Muller
     Col. Thomas H. Nixon

Assistant Chief of Staff G-5
     Col. Nicholas W. Campanole
Provost Marshal
     Col. John C. MacDonald

Adjutant General
     Col. Robert E. Cummings
     Col. Everett Busch

Antiaircraft Artillery
     Col. Frederick R. Chamberlain
     Col. Elton F. Hammond

     Col. Edward T. Williams
Special Service
     Lt. Col. Kenneth E. Van Buskirk

Secretary of the General Staff
     Maj. George R. Pfann


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