Code Names

CLIPPER Offensive by the 30 British Corps (including 84th U.S. Infantry Division) to reduce the Geilenkirchen salient.
COMET Plan to seize river crossings in the Netherlands near Arnhem along the projected axis of the Second British Army.
GOODWOOD British attack in Normandy, late July 1944, preceding U.S. Operation COBRA.
MARKET-GARDEN Combined ground-airborne operation intended to establish a bridgehead across the Rhine in the Netherlands, September 1944.
NEPTUNE Actual operations within Operation OVERLORD. Used for security reasons after September 1943 on all OVERLORD planning papers that referred to target area and date.
OMAHA Normandy beach assaulted by troops of U.S. V Corps, 6 June 1944.
OVERLORD Plan for invasion of northwest Europe, spring 1944.
QUEEN 12th Army Group operation on the Roer plain, November 1944.
UTAH Normandy beach assaulted by troops of U.S. VII Corps, 6 June 1944.


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