Appendix E:
Chronology of Main Planning Papers
From 1 January 1944

Date   Hq Paper
31 Jan   FUSA Planning Directive for OVERLORD
1 Feb   Joint Commanders NEPTUNE, Initial Joint Plan
4 Feb   Second Army (Br) Outline Plan
10 Feb   TF 122, FUSA Joint Agreement for Amphibious Operations
12 Feb   V Corps Preliminary 'OVERLORD' Plan
25 Feb   FUSA Operations Plan NEPTUNE
28 Feb   V Corps Planning Guide, Operation "OVERLORD"
28 Feb   ANCXF Operation "NEPTUNE"--Naval Plan[1]
7 Mar   21 AGp Directive to FUSAG
10 Mar   SHAEF Directive to 21 A Gp, AEAF, ANCFX
20 Mar   Second Army, 83 Joint Plan Group (2d TAF)
26 Mar   V Corps NEPTUNE Plan
27 Mar   VII Corps Plan of Operation, NEPTUNE
8 Apr   21 A Gp, ANCXF NEPTUNE Joint Fire Plan
10 Apr   ANCXF Operation NEPTUNE-Naval Orders (ON)
15 Apr   AEAF Operation NEPTUNE-Overall Air Plan
16 Apr   1st Div Field Order No. 35
21 Apr   WNTF Operation Plan No. 24 (ONWEST 2)[2]
24 Apr   War Office Movement Plan
28 Apr   21 AGp Amended Directive to FUSAG
1 May   ANCXF Amendment No. 1 to ON
2 May   Ninth AF IX Tactical Air Command Plan for Operation NEPTUNE
6 May   82d Abn Div Field Order No. 6
8 May   FUSAG, 9th AF, WNTF Joint Operations Plan, U.S. Forces for Operation OVERLORD (Revised)
9 May   VII Corps Field Order No. 1
12 May   4th Div Field Order No. 1
15 May   Assault Force U Operation Order No. 3-44 (ON-WEST/U-3)[3]


Date   Hq Paper
18 May   V Corps Letter of Instruction, Amending NEPTUNE Plan
18 May   101st Abn Div Field Order No. 1
20 May   Assault Force O Operation Order No. BB-44 (ON-WEST/O)
27 May   FUSA Revision No. 2 to Annex 12 (Fire Suport)
28 May   82d Abn Div Revision of Field Order No. 6
28 May   VII Corps Field Order No. 1 (Corrected Copy)


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[1] Superseded by Operation NEPTUNE--Naval Orders (ON) . All copies ordered destroyed.

[2] Changes of 4,10, and 22 May and addenda of 29-31 May.

[3] Changes of 30 May and 1 June.

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