Code Names


BARBAROSSA The 1941 offensive in the Soviet Union.
BETTELSTAB ("Beggar's Staff") Proposed operation against the Oranienbaum pocket, summer 1942.
BLAU ("Blue") The 1942 summer offensive in the Soviet Union, with phases I, II, and III.
BLUECHER Attack across Kerch Strait, August 1942.
BRAUNSCHWEIG ("Brunswick") BLAU renamed, 30 June 1942.
BRUECKENSCHLAG ("Bridging") Projected offensive to close the Toropets bulge, spring 1942.
CHRISTOPHORUS Program to secure vehicles from the civilian sector for Army Group Center, January 1942.
DERFFLINGER Projected Ninth Army drive from Rzhev to Ostashkov, summer 1942.
DONNERSCHLAG ("Thunderbolt") Projected Sixth Army breakout from Stalingrad, December 1942.
EDELWEISS Advance into the Caucasus, July-November 1942.
ELEFANT Program to secure trucks from the civilian sector, January 1942.
FEUERZAUBER ("Fire Magic") Original code name for NORDLICHT.
FISCHREIHER ("Heron") Army Group B final attack to Stalingrad, July-November 1942.
FRIDERICUS Operation against the Izyum bulge, May 1942.
GEORGE Eighteenth Army share of NORDLICHT.
GOETZ VON BERLICHINGEN Air operation against Soviet naval forces at Leningrad, April 1942.
HANNOVER Operation against the Soviet-held pocket west of Vyazma, May-June 1942.
KLABAUTERMANN ("Hobgoblin") Boat operation against Soviet traffic on Lake Ladoga, July 1942.
KOENIGSBERG Position German rear line west of Moscow, winter 1942.


KREML ("Kremlin") German deceptive operation, May-July 1942.
LACHSFANG ("Salmon Catch") Proposed German-Finnish drive to Kandalaksha and Belomorsk, summer 1942.
MOORBRAND ("Swamp Fire") Operation to pinch off the Pogostye salient, summer 1942.
NORDLICHT ("Aurora Borealis") Projected operation to take Leningrad, fall 1942.
NORDPOL ("North Pole") Projected attack into the Toropets bulge, March 1942.
ORKAN ("Tornado") Proposed operation to eliminate the Sukhinichi salient, summer 1942.
RAUBTIER ("Beast of Prey") Operation against the Volkhov pocket, March 1942.
RHEINGOLD Program to create six new divisions with called-up deferred men, January 1942.
SCHLINGPFLANZE ("Vine") Operation to widen the corridor to the Demyansk pocket, October 1942.
SEYDLITZ Operation west of Sychevka, July 1942.
STOERFANG ("Sturgeon Catch") Operation against Sevastopol, June 1942.
TAIFUN ("Typhoon") Drive on Moscow, October-December 1941.
TAUBENSCHLAG ("Dovecote") Projected attack on Toropets, October 1942.
TRAPPENJAGD ("Bustard Hunt") Operation on the Kerch Peninsula, May 1942.
VOGELSANG ("Bird Song") Antipartisan operation in the Bryansk Forest, June 1942.
WALKUERE ("Valkyrie") Program to set up four new divisions, January 1942.
WIESENGRUND ("Meadow Land") Army of Lapland project to occupy the Rybatchiy Peninsula, June 1942.
WILHELM Operation against the Volchansk salient, June 1942.
WINKELRIED Substitute for SCHLINGPFLANZE, executed October 1942.
WINTERGEWITTER ("Winter Storm") Operation to relieve Sixth Army at Stalingrad, December 1942.
WIRBELWIND ("Whirlwind") Operation to pinch off part of the Sukhinichi salient, August 1942.



KOLTSO ("Ring") Final attack on Sixth Army at Stalingrad, January 1943.
MALYY SATURN ("Little Saturn") Reduced version of SATURN and the one actually executed.
MARS Offensive against the Ninth Army Rzhev salient, fall and winter 1942.
SATURN Projected offensive west of Stalingrad aimed at Rostov, November 1942.
URANUS Counteroffensive at Stalingrad, November 1942.


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