Code Names

ASTER (Aster) Map Exercise Army Group North plan for withdrawal in the Baltic States, September 1944
BARBAROSSA (Barbarossa) The 1941 German offensive in the Soviet Union
BIBER (Beaver) Plan Major switch position in the Army Group Center zone, 1944
BIRKE (Birch) The Twentieth Mountain Army withdrawal to northern Finland, 1944
BLAU (Blue) The 1942 German offensive in the Soviet Union. The code name was also used for the planned Army Group North withdrawal to the PANTHER position, fall and winter 1943-44.
BUEFFEL (Buffalo) Army Group Center's withdrawal in February-March 1943
FRUEHLINGSERWACHEN (Awakening of Spring) The Army Group South offensive south of Budapest, March 1945
FRUEHLINGSFEST (Spring Festival) German antipartisan operation in Belorussia, April 1944
GNEISENAU line German prepared position on the Crimea flanking Simferopol, 1944
GOTENKOPF (GOTH's Head) The German bridgehead on the Taman Peninsula, 1943
HABICHT (Hawk) A proposed German operation across the Donets River in the Chuguyev-Kupyansk area, March 1943
HAGEN (Hedge) position German line of field fortifications constructed across the base of the Orel salient, July 1943
HEINRICH German antipartisan operation conducted west of Nevel in November 1943
HUBERTUS line German switch position behind the Baranow bridgehead, 1944-45
KORMORAN (Cormorant) German antipartisan operation in Belorussia, April 1944
KUGELBLITZ (Ball Lightning) A German antipartisan operation in the Surazh Rayon of Belorussia, February 1943
LITHUANIA position Switch position behind Army Group North, July 1944
MARGARETHE German plan for the military occupation of Hungary, September 1943


NORDLICHT (Northern Lights) The Twentieth Mountain Army withdrawal into Norway, 1944
PANTHER position The northern half of the projected East Wall, 1943-44. Also used for a projected expansion of Operation HABICHT.
PRINZ EUGEN (Prince Eugene) position Switch position behind Army Group North Ukraine, July 1944
REGENSCHAUER (Rain Shower) German operation against the partisans in Belorussia, April 1944
ROLLBAHN (Highway) position Line of field fortifications paralleling the Leningrad-Chudovo highway in the Army Group North zone, 1943-44
SCHILD UND SCHWERT (Sword and Shield) A projected Army Group North Ukraine offensive, June 1944
SCHUTZWALL (Bastion) position German line of fortifications south of Ivalo, Finland, 1944
SILBERSTREIF (Silver Streak) German propaganda campaign, May-July 1943, intended to increase Soviet desertions
SONNENWENDE (Solstice) The German counteroffensive at Stargard, February 1945
STURMBOCK (Battering Ram) German line of fortifications west of Karesuando, Norway, 1944
TANNE OST (Fir East) The German landing on Suursaari Island, October 1944
TANNE WEST (Fir West) A projected German occupation of the Åland Islands
TRAJAN position Rumanian fortified line near Iasi
WINTERGEWITTER (Winter Storm) The Stalingrad relief operation, December 1942
WOTAN (Woden) position The southern half of the projected East Wall, fall 1943. Also used for the German switch position constructed behind the German Oder front, April 1945.
ZITADELLE (Citadel) The German operation against the Kursk bulge, July 1943


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