Code Names

ANVIL Early plan for invasion of southern France.
AVALANCHE Allied amphibious assault near Salerno to capture Naples, 9 September 1943
CROSSWORD Covert operation leading to German surrender, 2 May 1944
DIADEM Allied offensive in Italy, 11 May 1944
DRAGOON Allied invasion of southeastern Mediterranean coast of France, 15 August 1944; name changed on 27 July 1944 from ANVIL
ENCORE IV Corps limited objective operation against Monte Belvedere, February 1945
FOURTH TERM IV Corps limited objective operation in Serchio Valley, February 1945
HERBSTNEBEL German operational plan for withdrawal beyond the Po river
HUSKY Allied invasion of southeastern Sicily, 10 July 1943
NUNTON Allied cover and deception plan, March 1944
OLIVE Allied Gothic Line offensive, September 1944
OVERLORD Allied cross-Channel invasion of continent of Europe on the Normandy coast of France, D-day, 6 June 1944
QUADRANT U.S.-British conference at Quebec, August 1943
SEXTANT-EUREKA Allied conferences at Cairo and Teheran, November-December 1943
SHINGLE Amphibious operation at Anzio, 22 January 1944
STRANGLE Allied air operation to interrupt and destroy enemy road, rail, and sea communications in Italy, March-May 1944
TRIDENT U.S.-British conference at Washington, May 1943
WINTERGEWITTER German limited objective counterattack against U.S. IV Corps, 26 December 1944


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