Code Names

ANTON German occupation of southern France, up to this time unoccupied and under the administration of Vichy France, 10-11 November 1942
ARCADIA U.S.-British staff conference at Washington, December 1941˝January 1942
AUSLADUNG German secondary attack, part of Operation OCHSENKOPF, designed to extend the Tunis bridgehead in the north
BOLERO Build-up of troops and supplies in the United Kingdom in preparation for a cross-Channel attack
BREASTPLATE Seaborne attack on Sousse mounted in Malta, planned but not attempted
CAPRI Plan for attack against Médenine
EILBOTE German operation to capture the Kebir river dam and drive the French off the Eastern Dorsal, January 1943
FELIX Plan to capture Gibraltar and close the straits
FLAX Program to choke off the air supply line from Italy
FRUEHLINGSWIND German (Fifth Panzer Army) attack against Sidi Bou Zid, February 1943
GYMNAST Plan of 1941 for invasion of French North Africa
HERKULES Planned German operation to capture Malta in 1942
HUSKY Allied invasion of Sicily in July 1943
MINERVA Embarkation of Gen. Henri Giraud from southern France, 6 November 1942
MORGENLUFT German (Africa Corps) attack against Gafsa, after Operation FRUEHLINGSWIND, February 1943
OCHSENKOPF German operation to extend the Tunis bridgehead by capturing Bédja and Medjez el Bab, 26 February 1943
OLIVENERNTE German planned operation to capture Medjez el Bab in January 1943. Not executed.
PERPETUAL Eastern Task Force reserve landing at Bougie, 11 November 1942
POINTBLANK The Combined Bomber Offensive from the United Kingdom against Germany


PUGILIST-GALLOP Offensive to outflank Mareth Line
RESERVIST Seizure of vital points at Oran and landing of Allied forces to prevent sabotage in the harbor
RETRIBUTION Plan to prevent any of the enemy from reaching Italian territory if they should attempt to evacuate Tunisia (April-June 1943)
ROOFTREE Joint Army-Navy Plan for Participation in TORCH
ROUNDUP Various 1941˝43 plans for a cross-Channel attack
SATIN Allied attack toward Sfax, December 1942. Not executed
SCIPIO Eighth Army attack at the Akarit wadi, 6 April 1942
SEA LION (SEELOEWE) The German planned invasion of England in 1940-41
SLEDGEHAMMER Plan for a limited-objective attack across the Channel in 1942 designed either to take advantage of a crack in German morale or as a "sacrifice" operation to aid the Russians
STURMFLUT German (Rommel's) operation against Kasserine Pass and Sbiba gap, 19-22 February 1943
SUPERCHARGE Operations by the Eighth Army in the Western Desert in November 1942
SUPER-GYMNAST Plan for Anglo-American invasion of French North Africa, combining U.S. and British plans and often used interchangeably with GYMNAST
SYMBOL Casablanca Conference, 14-23 January 1943
TERMINAL Operation in harbor of Algiers, 8 November 1942
THESEUS Planned German operation for Libya, 1942
TORCH The Allied invasion operation in North Africa, November 1942
WOP Opening attack by II Corps against Gafsa, 17 March 1943


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