AAR After action report
Abn Airborne
ACMF Allied Central Mediterranean Forces
ACofS Assistant Chief of Staff
Admin Administrative
AFHQ Allied Force Headquarters
AG Adjutant General
AGF Army Ground Forces
AGp Army group
AKA Cargo ship, attack
APA Transport, attack
Armd Armored; armoured
Bd Board
CCB Combat Command B
CCS Combined Chiefs of Staff
CG Commanding general
CinC Commander in Chief
CofS Chief of Staff
Comando Supremo Italian Armed Forces High Command
Comd Command
Comdr Commander
Corresp Correspondence
COS (British) Chiefs of Staff
DCofS Deputy Chief of Staff
DSC Distinguished Service Cross
DUKW 2½-ton amphibious truck
Engr Engineer
ETOUSA European Theater of Operations, U.S. Army
Exec Executive
ExecO Executive officer
FA Field Artillery
FO Field Order
G-2 Intelligence section of division or higher staff
G-3 Operations section of division or higher staff
G-4 Logistics and supply section of division or higher staff


Incl Inclosure
Inf Infantry
Instr Instruction
Intel Intelligence
Interv Interview
JCS Joint Chiefs of Staff
JPS Joint Staff Planners
KCRC Kansas City Records Center
LCA Landing craft, assault
LCI(L) Landing craft, infantry, large
LCM Landing craft, mechanized
LCT Landing craft, tank
LCVP Landing craft, vehicle and personnel
LSI Landing ship, infantry
LST Landing ship, tank
Maint Maintenance
Min Minutes
Msg Message
Mtg Meeting
NATOUSA North African Theater of Operations, U.S. Army
OB SUED Oberbefehlshaber Suedost (Headquarters, Commander in Chief, South [southern Germany and several army groups on the Eastern Front])
OI Operations instruction
OKH Oberkommando des Heeres (Army High Command)
OKL Oberkommando der Luftwaffe (Luftwaffe High Command)
OKM Oberkommando der Kriegsmarine (Navy High Command)
OKW Oberkommando der Wehrmacht (Armed Forces High Command)
OPD Operations Division, War Department General Staff
Opn Operation
Prcht Parachute
PT Patrol vessel, motor torpedo boat
RAF Royal Air Force
Regt Regiment
Reps Representative
RN Royal Navy


S-2 Military intelligence section of a staff below division level
S-3 Operations and training section of a staff below division level
Sec Section
Sitrep Situation report
SOS Services of Supply
Teleconv Telephone conversation
TF Task force
WFSt Wehrmachtfuehrungsstab (Armed Forces Operations Staff)
WNTF Western Naval Task Force


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