MARINE COMMANDERS ON GUADALCANAL,photographed 11 August 1942, included almost all the ranking Marine Corps officers who led the landing operations and early fighting of the campaign.

Left to right, first row: Col. George R. Rowan, Col. Pedro A. del Valle, Col. William C. James, Maj. Gen. Alexander A. Vandegrift, Col. Gerald C. Thoms, Col. Clifton B. Bates, Col. Randolph McC. Pate, and Commander Warwick T. Brown, USN.

Second row: Col. William J. Whaling, Col. Frank B. Goettge, Col. LeRoy P. Hunt, Lt. Col. Frederick C. Biebush, Lt. Col. Edwin A. Pollock, Lt. Col. Edmund j. Buckley, Lt. Col. Walter W. Barr, and Lt. Col. Raymond P. Coffman.

Third row: Lt. Col. Rancis R. Geraci, Lt. Col. William Maxwell, Col. Edward G. Hagen, Lt. Col. William N. McKelvy, Lt. Col. Julian N. Frisbee, Maj. Milton V. O'Connell, Maj. William Chalfont, III, Capt. Horace W. Fuller, and Maj. Forest C. Thompson.

Fourth row: Maj. Robert G. Ballance, Maj. Henry W. Bues, Jr., Maj. James G. Frazer, Maj. Richard H. Crockett, Lt. Col. Leonard B. Cresswell, Maj. Robert O. Bowen, Lt. Col. John A. Bemis, Maj. Robert B. Luckey, Lt. Col. Samuel G. Taxis, and Lt. Col. Eugene H. Price.

Last row: Lt. Col. Merrill B. Twining, Lt. Col. Walker A. Reeves, lt. Col. John DeW. Macklin, Lt. Col. Hanley C. Waterman, and Maj. James C. Murray.

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