Appendix C
Japanese Order of Battle on Saipana

Unit: Commanding Officer: Strength:
Headquarters, 31st Army Lt. Gen. Hideyoshi Obata 1,100
43d Division    
Headquarters, 43d Division Lt. Gen. Yoshitsugu Saite 268
118th Infantry Regiment Col. Takeshi Ito 2,605
135th Infantry Regiment Col. Eisuke Suzuki 3,000b
136th Infantry Regiment Col. Yukimatsu Ogawa 3,650
43d Division Signal Company Capt. Yoshimitsu Washizu 223
43d Division Transport Company Capt. Mitsuo Yamamoto 94
43d Division Ordnance Company Capt. Yoshihiro Murase 99
43d Division Field Hospital Lt. Col. Ikko Fukayama 500
43d Division Intendance Duty Unit Lt. Hideo Okawa 2,500
47th Independent Mixed Brigade    
47th Independent Mixed Brigade Headquarters Col. Yoshiro Oka 227
316th Independent Infantry Battalion Capt. Susumu Eto 618
317th Independent Infantry Battalion Capt. Sasaki 618
318th Independent Infantry Battalion Major Nagashima 618
47th Independent Mixed Brigade Engineer Unit 1st Lt. Yoneya 188
47th Independent Mixed Brigade Artillery Unit Capt. Yamane 323
       Miscellaneous Units:    
  1st Battalion 18th Infantry Regiment (reorganized and re-equipped stragglers; the main body of the regiment was on Guam) Capt. Masao Kubo 600
  3d Battalion 9th Independent Mixed Brigade (destined for Pagan, the unit was caught on Saipan)   578c
  3d Independent Mountain Artillery Regiment Lt. Col. Tsune Nakashima 845
  16th Shipping Engineers Regiment (less one company) Maj. Masaichi Tsunekawa 450
  7th Independent Engineer Regiment (less one company) Col. Fukujiro Koganezawa 600
  11th Independent Engineer Regiment (straggler unit)   200
  9th Tank Regiment (less two companies) Col. Takashi Goto 550
  4th Independent Tank Company (straggler unit; no tanks)   118
  25th Antiaircraft Artillery Regiment Lt. Col. Jitsunori Niiho 600
  43d Independent Antiaircraft Company 1st Lt. Kiichi Kimishima 136d


Unit: Commanding Officer: Strength:
  44th Field Machine Cannon Company 1st Lt. Takahiro Hasagawa 105e
  14th Independent Mortar Battalion (Straggler Unit) Capt. Tatsuo Jinnai 580
  17th Independent Mortar Battalion (Straggler Unit) Capt. Hajime Matsunami 350f
  20th Independent Mortar Battalion (Straggler Unit)   387g
  115th Airfield Battalion (Straggler Unit)   269
  23d Field Airfield Construction Unit (Straggler Unit)   392
  14th Hangar Maintenance Section (Straggler Unit)   250h
  60th Anchorage Headquarters Colonel Saito 81i
  1st Independent Security Unit   54i
  Detachment, 15th Infantry Regiment (Straggler Unit)   182i
  9th Expeditionary Unit (a straggler unit; part was reorganized as 318th Independent Infantry Battalion, the rest remained stragglers)   908
  150th Infantry Regiment (Straggler Unit) Col. Keize Hayashida 300
  264th Independent Motor Transport Company Capt. Tadaomi Iwama 120
  278th Independent Motor Transport Company 1st Lt. Shozo Arima 183j

Central Pacific Area Fleet Headquarters Vice Adm. Chuichi Nagumo 502
5th Base Force Headquarters (this headquarters was combined with Central Pacific Area Fleet Headquarters) Adm. Takahisa Tsujimura  
55th Naval Guard Force Capt. Sanji Takashima 2,000
Yokosuka 1st Special Naval Landing Force Lt. Comdr. Tatsue Karashima 800
5th Construction Department Rear Admiral Tsujimura 456
5th Communications Unit Lt. Comdr. Shinasaku Miyazaki 369
41st Naval Guard Force (Straggler Unit) 400
Saipan Branch, 4th Fleet Supplies and Accounts Department Comdr. Makota Mihara 45
1st Branch, Truk Transportation Department Comdr. Akiyoshi Mizumoto  
Saipan Harbor Master Department Ens. Shoichi Takahashi 100
Saipan Branch, 4th Naval Stores Department Comdr. Akiyoshi Mizumoto  

Total Estimated Strength on Saipan:
  Army: Navy: Total:
NTLF G-2 count 22,702 6,960 29,662
Revised count 25,469 6,160k 31,629


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a. Unless otherwise indicated, this order of battle is based on NTLF Rpt Marianas, Phase 1, G-2 Rpt, 12 Aug 44, App. J, date 1 Sep 44.

b. NTLF G-2 Report gives 2,200. According to 135th Infantry Regiment War Diary, May 1944 (NA 27445), the total number, as of 31 May 1944, was 3,914, of which approximately 900 were on Tinian.

c. This unit is not listed in NTLF G-2 Report. The numerical strength is estimated from the known battalion strength of the 48th Independent Mixed Brigade on Guam.

d. NTLF G-2 Report gives the number as 150. 4th Independent Antiaircraft Company War Diary, May 1944 (NA 22761), gives the number 136.

e. NTLF G-2 Report gives the number as 150. 44th Field Machine Gun Cannon Company War Diary, May 1944 (NA 27395), gives the number as 105.

f. NTLF G-2 Report gives the number as 580. CINCPAC-CINCPOA Translation 10931, a file of orders and tables showing troop movements and locations of units in the Central Pacific Area, gives the number as 350.

g. This unit is not mentioned in NTLF G-2 Report. The number is derived from CINCPAC-CINCPOA Translation 9696, handwritten tables showing the approximate number of men receiving supplies in sectors under the 31st Army.

h. NTLF G-2 Report gives the number as 139. CINCPAC-CINCPOA Translation 9883, file of shipping headquarters orders March-May 1944, gives the number as 250.

i. Not listed in NTLF G-2 Report. This figure is taken from CINPAC-CINCPOA Translation 9696.

j. NTLF G-2 Report gives the number as 120. CINCPAC-CINCPOA Translation 9696 gives the number as 183.

k. In the revised count, the number of Navy personnel is reduced because the NTLF G-2 Report mistakenly identified certain Army units as Navy organizations.

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