Appendix B
Japanese 32d Army Units In the
Ryukyus Campaign


This list of 32d Army units was compiled by G-2, Tenth Army, from captured documents and prisoner of war interrogations. While information on enemy units is more complete for the Okinawa operation than for any other Pacific campaign, it is not possible to reconstruct the troop list of the 32d Army without gaps and uncertainties as to both units and their strengths. The following list may omit some units which were destroyed during the battle and others which were disbanded in order to transfer their personnel to other units depleted in combat.

Uncertainty with regard to the strength of the units arises chiefly from the fact that there exist only the roughest estimates of the total number of Okinawans brought into the 32d Army. These Okinawans fall into three classes, of which only the first can be estimated with reasonable accuracy: (i) the Boeitai (Okinawan Home Guard), comprising an estimated 20,000 men; (2) the Okinawans used to supplement the Japanese forces in old units, most of which had arrived at Okinawa understrength; (3) the Okinawans employed in a few instances to form new units with a Japanese nucleus. Since the full extent to which Japanese forces were augmented by Okinawans is not known, the following list gives only the estimated strength of the various units in respect to their Japanese elements.


Unit Estimated
32d Army Hq 1,070
     24th Div (including 22d, 32d, 89th Inf Regts) 14,360
     62d Div (including 11th-15th, 21st-23d, 272d, 273d Independent Inf Bns) 11,723
     44th Ind Mixed Brig (including 2d Inf Unit of 3 Bns and 15th Independent Mixed Regt) 4,485
     1st-3d, 26th-29th Independent Bns (converted from Sea Raiding Base Bns) 6,242
     223d, 224th, 225th Special Garrison Cos 600
     3d, 4th Commando Units 900
Total Infantry 38,310
     27th Tank Regt 750
     Artillery and Automatic Weapons (Attached Units)  
          5th Arty Command 147
               1st Medium Arty Regt (2d Bn only) 856
               23d Medium Arty Regt 1,143
               7th Heavy Arty Regt (3 Btrys) 526
          100th Heavy Arty Bn 565
          1st Ind Arty Mortar Regt (1st, 4th, 5th Cos only) 613
          1st Light Mortar Bn (3d-6th Independent Mortar Cos) 633
          2d Light Mortar Bn (7th-10th Independent Mortar Cos) 615
          3d, 7th, 22d Ind Antitank Bns 1,015
          18th, 22d, 23d, 32d Independent Antitank Cos 569
     27th Independent AA Arty Bn 505
     21st AA Hq 71
          79th, 80th, 81st Independent AA Arty Bus 1,544
          103d, 104th, 105th Machine Cannon Bns 1,011
     3d, 4th, 14th, 17th, 23d independent Machine Gun Bns 1,663
Total Artillery and Automatic Weapons 11,476
Shipping and Engineers  
     23d, 26th Shipping Engr Regt (minus 1 co each) 1,600
     66th independent Engr Bn 865
     7th Shipping Hq, Naha Branch 300
     Field Shipping Main Depot, Okinawa Branch 100
     11th Shipping Group 100
     101st, 102d Sea Duty Cos (Koreans) 1,500
Total Shipping and Engineers 4,465


Unit Estimated
Air Force (Ground)  
     19th Air Sector Command Hq 41
     44th, 50th, 56th, 158th Airfield Bns 1,487
     3d, 75th Airfield Cos 458
     2d Air Sig Regt (elements) 500
     6th Air Fixed Sig Unit 50
     21st Air Sig Unit 100
     25th, 26th AA Radio Units 150
     3d Independent Air Maintenance Unit 120
     118th Independent Maintenance Unit 130
     29th Field Airfield Construction Bn 750
     5th Field Air Repair Depot Bn 300
     502d, 503d, 504th Special Garrison Engr Units 2,850
Total Air Force (Ground) 6,936
Line of Communications Troops  
     36th Sig Regt (including 106th, 126th, 127th Independent Wire Cos; 100th, 109th, 113th-116th, 131st, 132d Independent Radio Plats) 1,912
     49th L of C Sector Unit 1,400
     32d Army Field Freight Depot 1,167
     32d Army Field Ord Depot 1,498
     27th Field Water Purification Unit 244
     14th, 20th Field Well Drilling Cos 400
     Okinawa Mil Hosp 20 4
     72d Land Duty Co 508
Total Line of Communications Troops 7,333
Naval Units 3,500
Miscellaneous Units  
     5th Sea Raiding Base Hq 42
     1st-3d Sea Raiding Sqs 312
     3d independent Sea Transport Unit 250
     7th Field Shipping Unit 700
     11th Sea Transportation Bn 400
     46th Independent Airfield Co 120
     2d Field Construction Duty Co 366
     6th, 7th Construction Duty Cos 662
     32d Army Ord Duty Unit 150
     32d Army Det Construction Unit 357
Total Miscellaneous Units 3,359
Total Strength 77,199

Source: Tenth Army G-2 Intelligence Monograph, Ryukyus Campaign, Pt 1, Sec B: Order of Battle, p. 3.


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1. Strengths of the 1st and 2d Provisional Brigs (1st-6th Special Established Regts) and of the 6th and 50th Special Established Bns are omitted because the service units from which they were formed are itemized individually in this list.

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