Appendix G


  1. Operational Objective The objective of the South Pacific Operations is to establish supremacy in the South Pacific Area. In order to accomplish this aim the Army and Navy will, under closely concerted operations, occupy and secure the following strategic points without delay, and thus, gain sound strategic superiority:

    1. Solomon Archipelago Area -- Securement of the Solomon Archipelago (Area North of New Georgia Island and Ysabel Island).

    2. Eastern New Guinea Area -- Occupy and secure Eastern New Guinea, especially the strategic points in Northeastern New Guinea and prepare for subsequent operations.

  2. Operational Strategy

    1. Solomon Archipelago Area

      1. During the period from about the latter part of January to the early part of February, the Army and Navy will, by every possible means, evacuate the units in Guadalcanal. The evacuation operation will be enforced in accordance with a separately drawn up agreement.

      2. The defenses of the areas to be secured, as specified in paragraph I Operation Objective, will be strengthened without delay. For this reason, the Army and Navy will be allotted the task of defense as follows:

        Northern Solomon
        } Shortland Islands
        Bougainville Island
        Buka Island
        } Army
        New Georgia Island
        Ysabel Island
        } Navy } An Army unit, with about two infantry
        battalions as its nucleus, will be placed
        under the command of the Navy.

      3. The Navy units will continue air operations against the Guadalcanal Area and will cut off the enemy lines of supply in coordination with submarine operations.

    2. New Guinea Area

      1. The operational bases at Lae, Salamaua, Madang and Wewak will be reinforced without delay. Furthermore, the strategic points in the northeastern part of New Guinea, generally the area north of the Owen Stanley Range will be occupied, and preparations will be made for subsequent operations directed mainly against the Port Moresby area. The details on subsequent operations will be determined separately.


      1. The units in the Buna area will, at an opportune time and as the occasion may demand, withdraw to the Salamaua area and secure necessary positions.

  1. Air Operations

    1. Operational Plans

      1. The allotted assignments for the Army and Naval Air Forces will be as follows:

        1. Army Air Force -- Will support and cooperate with land and defense operations of the units in New Guinea, and protect the lines of communications in the New Guinea Area. Furthermore, as much as possible, under close cooperation with the Navy, the Army Air Force will enforce aerial supremacy combat in the Eastern New Guinea Area.

        2. Naval Air Force -- Will be responsible for air operations of those areas in the Solomon Archipelago and New Guinea Area not delegated to the Army Air Force.

        3. The Army and Naval Air Forces will mutually support the local units in the air defense of those areas.

      2. During the execution of the Operation, the Army Air Force will, without reference to Item A-1 of the foregoing, support the Naval Air Force with its main force (all fighter units will take part), and will annihilate enemy air power. Furthermore, the Army Air Force will support land operations and protect the lines of communications.

      3. The Army and Naval Air Forces will, by taking advantage of the opportune moment and in close cooperation, simultaneously take part in the same operation and exert efforts to display their all-out joint might....

  2. Commander and Strength
    Commander -- Commander in Chief, Combined Fleet
    Strength -- Greater part of the Combined Fleet
    Commander -- Commander of 8th Area Army
    Strength -- 8th Area Army

  3. Chain of Command
    It will be the joint chain of command of the Army and Navy. However, when the Army units and Navy land combat units are taking part in land operations in the same area at the same time, the senior commander will be, at times, ordered to assume the over-all command of the land operations.

  4. Communications
    Communications will be carried out in accordance with the Army and Navy Central Agreement on Communications for the South Pacific Area Operation as per enclosure....

  1. Exchange of Intelligence

    1. When necessary, the Army and Navy will exchange their staff officers for the purpose of liaison work.

    2. The local Army and Navy forces will mutually exchange vital information valuable to the Army and Navy, and will maintain prompt liaison of such information.


  1. Information
    Until further notice, Imperial General Headquarters will release all information.

  2. Agreement between Army-Navy Commanders
    The following Army and Navy commanders will, at their discretion, conclude an operation agreement.

    Commander in Chief of
    Combined Fleet

    Commander in Chief of
    South East Area Fleet

    } and { Commander of
    8th Area

    Subsequent agreements between the commanders of the Army and Navy forces concerned will be decided in accordance with the agreements of the aforementioned Army-Navy commanders.


  1. Objective
    During the period from about the latter part of January to the early part of February, the Army and Navy will, by every possible means, evacuate the units in Guadalcanal.

  2. Operational Strategy

    1. In order to accelerate preparations for evacuation operations and at the same time facilitate the concealment of the plan, present preparations for another offensive operation on Guadalcanal will be accelerated.

    2. Without delay, the combat zone of the 17 Army will be readjusted and reduced to the strategic lines in the rear.

    3. Until the evacuation operation is effected, continue and increase supplies to the units by various means and maintain the fighting power of units in Guadalcanal. Furthermore, when transporting supplies, the transports will as much as possible, evacuate the casualties from Guadalcanal. The above task of transporting supplies and evacuation of casualties to the rear will mainly be the responsibility of the Navy.

    4. The Army and Navy will, in cooperation, equip the air bases in the Solomon Archipelago Area without delay, and will, at an opportune time, station their air units. Thus, the Army and Navy will strengthen their air attacks against the Guadalcanal Area.

    5. Along with the enforcement of the air operation mentioned in the above Item D, the Army and Navy will, by every possible means, evacuate the units in Guadalcanal to the strategic points in the rear by utilizing all available warships and other types of vessels.

    6. Observe strict caution in maintaining secrecy of this operation.


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