Appendix Q



  1. JAPAN will speedily establish a strategic position to gain victory over the UNITED STATES and BRITAIN while crushing enemy offensives in order to decide the issue of war during this year or the next, and at the same time, rapidly build up the decisive battle strength, especially air power, and prosecute the war against the UNITED STATES and BRITAIN on our own initiative.

  2. JAPAN will further strengthen cooperation with GERMANY and strive relentlessly for the successful conclusion of the joint war and will also take the initiative in improving relations with the SOVIET UNION.

  3. JAPAN will promptly establish the domestic structure for the decisive battle and will further solidify the unity of Greater East Asia.


  1. The strategic posture to meet the Anglo-American invasion will be established, at the latest by around the middle of 1944 by surmounting all difficulties, and in the meantime the enemy offensive forces will be attacked and destroyed whenever occasion arises.

    The strategic areas to be held at all costs in the PACIFIC and the INDIAN Ocean areas in prosecuting the war will be the KURILES, the BONINS, the Inner South Seas (central and western parts), and the area covering western NEW GUINEA, the SUNDA Islands, and BURMA.

    Sea communications within the absolute national defense sphere will be safeguarded throughout the duration of the war.

  2. JAPAN will strive to the utmost to prevent the outbreak of the war with the SOVIET UNION and will take the initiative in improving the SovietJapanese relations and will also endeavor to mediate for peace between the SOVIET UNION and GERMANY at proper opportunities.

  3. JAPAN will maintain unremitting pressure against CHUNGKING and will take the earliest possible opportunity to settle the Chinese problem while checking especially the enemy air forces based in CHINA from bombing our homeland and disrupting our sea traffic.

  4. JAPAN will take every possible measure to strengthen cooperation with GERMANY. However, every precaution will be exercised to prevent the outbreak of war with the SOVIET UNION.

  5. JAPAN will win the confidence of the nations and the peoples of Greater East Asia and will guide them in order to receive and further encourage their cooperation with JAPAN'S war efforts. Vigilance will be exercised over enemy


    political strategem toward the nations and the peoples of Greater East Asia, and necessary steps will be taken to forestall such enemy endeavors.

  1. The Imperial General Headquarters and the Government will further strengthen cooperation in their joint endeavor and will direct the war with renewed vigor.

  2. Resolute measures will be taken to build up the decisive military capability, especially the air power. The dauntless spirit to face the national crisis will be encouraged in order to bring the total national power into full play.

  3. The propaganda effort against the enemy will be conducted under a consistent policy, and will be directed mainly toward propagation of the Axis cause, diffusion of JAPAN's policy in Greater East Asia, demoralizing our major enemy, the UNITED STATES, alienation of the UNITED STATES, BRITAIN, CHINA and the SOVIET UNION, and helping INDIA achieve her independence.


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