AAF Allied Air Forces
A/B Airborne
ACofS Assistant Chief of Staff
Admin Administrative
AE Ammunition ship
AFD Mobile floating drydock
AFPAC U.S. Army Forces, Pacific
AGC General communications vessel
AGF Army Ground Forces
AGO Adjutant General's Office
AGP Motor torpedo boat tender
AGS Allied Geographic Section
AIF Australian Imperial Force
AK Cargo ship
AKA Cargo ship, attack
AKD Deep hold cargo ship
AKE Ammunition transport
AKF Refrigerated cargo ship (1943)
AKN Net cargo ship
ALAMO Code for U.S. Sixth Army while operating as a special ground task force headquarters directly under GHP SWPA
AM Mine sweeper
Amphib Amphibious
AMS Army Map Service
AN Net laying ship
ANF Allied Naval Forces
AO Oiler, or fuel oil tanker
AOG Gasoline tanker
AP Transport
APA Transport, attack
APD Transport (high speed)
APH Transport, hospital
AR Repair ship
ARD Auxiliary repair dock (floating drydock)
ARG Repair ship, internal combustion engine
ARL Repair ship, landing craft
Armd Armored
ARS Salvage vessel


Arty Artillery
ASCOM Army Service Command
Asst Assistant
Atchd Attached
ATF Ocean tug, fleet
ATIS Allied Translator and Interpreter Service
ATO Ocean tug, old
AVP Seaplane tender, small
AW Distilling ship
Bd Board
BLT Battalion landing team
Bn Battalion
Brig Brigade
Btry Battery
CA Heavy cruiser
Cav Cavalry
CB Naval construction battalion
CenPac Central Pacific
CG Commanding general
Chron Chronological
CINCPAC Commander in Chief, U.S. Pacific Fleet
CINCPOA Commander in Chief, Pacific Ocean Areas
CINCSWPA Commander in Chief, Southwest Pacific Area
CL Light cruiser
CM Mine layer
CM-IN Classified message, incoming
CM-OUT Classified message, outgoing
Co Company
CO Commanding officer
Comdr Commander
COMGENPOA Commanding General, Pacific Ocean Areas
COMINCH Commander in Chief, U.S. Navy
Conf Conference
Cons Construction
CORONET Invasion of the island of Honshu at the Tokyo plain
CP Command post
CTF Commander, Task Force
CTG Commander, Task Group
CTU Commander, Task Unit
CV Aircraft carrier
CVE Aircraft carrier, escort
DA Department of the Army
DCofS Deputy Chief of Staff


DD Destroyer
DE Destroyer escort
Dept Department
Div Division
DM Light mine layer
DMS Mine sweeper (converted DD)
DSEI Daily Summary of Enemy Intelligence
Dukw Amphibian, 2½-ton, 6x6 truck
EB&SR Engineer boat and shore regiment
Engr Engineer
ESB Engineer special brigade
ExecO Executive officer
FA Field artillery
FEC Far East Command
FIVESOME Agreement involving co-ordination of operations in the Southwest Pacific
FM Field manual
FO Field order
G-2 Intelligence Division
G-3 Operations Division
GHQ General headquarters
Gli Glider
Gp Group
GPF Grande Puissance Filloux
Hist Historical, history
How Howitzer
Hq Headquarters
I&H Information and Historical
IIB Independent infantry battalion
IJN Imperial Japanese Navy
IMB Independent mixed brigade
Inf Infantry
Info Information
Insp Inspection
Instr Instruction
Intel Intelligence
Interrog Interrogation
Interv Interview
Is Island
IX Miscellaneous unclassified (for any unclassified ships in the Navy)


JANAC Joint Army-Navy Assessment Committee
JCS Joint Chiefs of Staff
Jnl Journal
JPS Joint Staff Planners
KP Kilometer post
LCI(G) Landing craft, infantry, gunboat
LCI(L) Landing craft, infantry, large
LCI(M) Landing craft, infantry (mortar ship)
LCI(R) Landing craft, infantry (rocket ship)
LCM Landing craft, mechanized
LCPR Landing craft, personnel, ramp
LCT Landing craft, tank
LCVP Landing craft, vehicle and personnel
LI Logistics instructions
LofC Line of communications
LOVE III Plan for invasion of Mindoro
LSD Landing ship, dock
LSI Landing ship, infantry
LSM Landing ship, medium
LST Landing ship, tank
LSV Landing ship, vehicle
Ltr Letter
LUBSEC Luzon Base Section
LVT Landing vehicle, tracked
LVT(A) Landing vehicle, tracked (armored)
MAG Marine Air Group
MIKE I Plan for invasion of Lingayen Gulf
MIKE II Plan for invasion of Dingalan Bay
MIKE III Plan for invasion of Vigan
MIKE IV Plan for invasion of Nasugbu and Balayan Bays
MIKE VI Plan for invasion of Batangas and Tayabas Bays
MIKE VII Plan for invasion of Zambales coast
Min Minutes
MLR Main line of resistance
MTB Motor torpedo boat
Mtg Meeting
MUSKETEER Basic outline plans for Philippine operations
NARS National Archives and Records Service
NCO Noncommissioned officer
NEI Netherlands East Indies


O/B Order of Battle
OBB Old battleship
Obsn Observation
Obsr Observer
Off Officer
OI Operations instructions
OLYMPIC Plan for March 1946 invasion of Kyushu, Japan
OPD Operations Division
OPLR Outpost line of resistance
Opnl Operational
Opns Operations
Org Organization
PA Philippine Army
Para Parachute
PC Patrol vessel, submarine chaser
PCAU Philippine Civil Affairs Unit
PCE(R) Patrol craft, escort (rescue)
PD Ponton dock
Per Periodic
PF Patrol vessel, frigate
Plt Platoon
POA Pacific Ocean Areas
POW Prisoner of war
Prcht Parachute
PRINCETON Basic outline plan for reoccupation of the Visayas-Mindanao-Borneo-Netherlands East Indies area
PT Patrol vessel, motor torpedo boat
RAAF Royal Australian Air Force
Rad Radiogram
RAGC Relief general communications vessel
Rcd Record
Rcn Reconnaissance
RCT Regimental combat team
Regtl Regimental
RENO SWPA plans for operations in the Bismarck Archipelago, along northern coast of New Guinea and thence to Mindanao, P.I.
Rpt Report
S-1 Personnel section of a unit not having a general staff; officer in charge of the section
S-2 Military intelligence section of a unit not having a general staff; officer in charge of the section
S-3 Operations and training section of a unit not having a general staff; officer in charge of the section


SBD Douglas dive bombers
SC Submarine chaser
SCAP Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers
SCR Signal Corps radio
Sec. Section
Serv Service
SHOBU Northern groupment of Japanese forces in Luzon; code name for 14th Area Army
Sp Special
SPM Self-propelled mount
SWPA Southwest Pacific Area
TD Tank destroyer
Tech Technical
Tele Telephone
Telecon Telephone conference
TF Task force
TG Task group
TM Technical manual
Tng Training
TO Transportation Officer, Table of Organization
Tr Troop
Trans Translations
TU Task unit
USAFFE United States Army Forces in the Far East
USAFIP(NL) U.S. Army Forces in the Philippines (Northern Luzon)
USASOS United States Army Services of Supply, SWPA
USFIP United States Forces in the Philippines
USSBS United States Strategic Bombing Survey
VICTOR I Panay and Negros Occidental operation
WD War Department
Wkly Weekly
WO Warning order
WVTF Western Visayan Task Force
XAK Cargo ship, merchant marine manned
YD District derrick, floating
YMS District motor mine sweeper
YW District barge, water (self-propelled)


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