Chronology of Statements in the Canadian House of Commons

Although not paralleled in the United States legislature, the Canadian procedure whereby the Prime Minister and his Cabinet Ministers present policy statements and render progress reports on the floor of the House of Commons offers an important source of authoritative material. A list of statements related to the subject matter of this study follows, with the page references to the bound House of Commons Debates:

8 September Prime Minister W. L. M. King, "Canada Enters the War," pp. 25-41.
20 May Mr. King, "Canada's War Effort," pp. 35-50.
21 May Minister of National Defense Norman McL. Rogers, "Canada's Defense Program," pp. 90-99.
4 June Mr. King "Naval Assistance to Britain," pp. 482-85.
18 June Mr. King "Emergency War Measures," pp. 853-56.
29 July Mr. King "Canada's Defense Policy," pp. 2089-92.
29 July Minister of National Defense J. L. Ralston, "Our Defense Program," pp. 2093-2103.
29 July Minister of National Defense for Air C. G. Power, "Air Forces and Naval Services," pp. 2104-11.
30 July Minister of Munitions and Supply C. D. Howe, "Munitions and Sup- ply," pp. 2113-20.
6 August Mr. King "Canadian Participation in the Pan American Union," pp. 2540-41.
12 November Mr. King "Canada's War Aims and Efforts and the Ogdensburg Agreement," pp. 48-61.
15 November Col. Ralston, "Canada's Military Program," pp. 136-53.
18 November Mr. Power "The Royal Canadian Air Force," pp. 164-76.
19 November Minister of National Defense for Naval Services A. L. Macdonald, "The Royal Canadian Navy," pp. 202-08.
20 November Mr. Howe "Progress on War Production," pp. 258-72.
17 February Mr. King "Progress of the War," pp. 806-17.
24-25 February Mr. King "The Permanent Joint Board on Defense," pp. 980-81, 1015-16.
24 March Minister of Mines and Resources T. A. Crerar, "Interpretation of the Rush-Bagot Agreement," pp. 1777-79.
25 March Mr. King "Canada's War Effort," pp. 1852-54.
27 March Mr. King "Defense of Newfoundland," p. 1904.


28 April Mr. King, "Co-operation in Economic Defense--The Hyde Park declaration," pp. 2286-89.
3 November Mr. King, "The United States and the War," pp. 4054-56.
4 November Mr. Howe, "Canada's Munitions Program," pp. 4081-91.
30 December Prime Minister Winston Churchill, "Canada and the War," pp. 447982.
26 January Mr. King, "Canada's War Effort," pp. 30-51.
27-28 January Mr. King, "Imperial War Cabinet," pp. 58, 105-06.
10 February Mr. King, "Pacific War Council," p. 598.
18 March Mr. King, "Unity of Command in Coastal Defense," p. 1411.
25 March Mr. King, "The Defense of Canada," pp. 1627-32.
25 March Mr. King, "Co-ordination of United Nations Strategy," pp. 1632-33.
21 April Mr. King, "Pacific War Council," pp. 1790-91.
10 June Mr. King, "Canada's War Effort," pp. 3238-44.
23 June Minister of Finance J. L. Ilsley, "Hyde Park Agreement," pp. 3573-74.
1 February Mr. King, "Joint Defense Projects," pp. 20-21.
1 February Mr. King, "Canada's War Effort," pp. 40-55.
2 April Mr. King, "Civil Air Transport," pp. 1776-78.
14 May Col. Ralston, "The Canadian Army in Canada," pp. 2691-94.
21 May Mr. Power, "The R.C.A.F. Home Establishment and Antisubmarine Operations," pp. 2884-87.
7 June Mr. Macdonald, "Battle of the Atlantic," pp. 3409-15.
9 July Mr. King, "Combined Organization and Planning," pp. 4556-58.
12 July Mr. King, "Relations With Latin American Countries," pp. 4664-68.
29 February Mr. Howe, "Northwest Staging Route," pp. 979-81.
16 March Mr. King, "Canadian Mutual Aid," pp. 1539-41.
21 April Mr. Ilsley, "Hyde Park Declaration," pp. 2226-28.
5 May Mr. Crerar, "Canol Project," pp. 2648-52.
26 May Mr. Crerar, "Canol Project," pp. 3266-95.
1 August Mr. King, "Financial Settlement for Defense Installations," pp. 5706-08.
4 April Mr. King, "The Pacific War," pp. 433-35.
17 December Mr. King, "Tripartite Declaration on Atomic Energy," pp. 3632-38.
3 June Minister of Reconstruction and Supply C. D. Howe, "Atomic Energy," pp. 2105-15.
12 February Mr. King, "Defense Co-operation with the United States," pp. 345-48.


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