Glossary of Abbreviations

AA antiaircraft
AAA antiaircraft artillery
AAF Army Air Forces
AAFEC Army Air Forces Engineer Command
AAFSC Army Air Forces Service Command
AAI Allied Armies in Italy
AASC Allied Air Support Command (Mediterranean)
ABDA Australian-British-Dutch-American
ABTF airborne task force
ACMF Allied Central Mediterranean Force
ADC assistant division commander
AEAF Allied Expeditionary Air Force (Europe)
AFGH Allied Force Headquarters (Mediterranean)
AFPAC U.S. Army Forces in the Pacific
ALFSEA Allied Land Forces South East Asia
AMET Africa-Middle East Theater
AMLG Allied Military Liaison Headquarters, Greece
AMMISCA American Military Mission to China
amph amphibian
amphib amphibious
amtrac amphibian tractor
AP transport
APD transport, high-speed
armd armored
ASC Air Support Command
AT antitank
ATC Air Transport Command
Aus Australian
AUS Army of the United States
AVG American Volunteer Group (China)
BB battleship
BC bomber command
BCT battalion combat team
BEF Brazilian Expeditionary Force
BLT boat landing team
bn battalion
Br British
brig brigade
BTE British Troops in Egypt
CA heavy cruiser
CACW Chinese-American Composite Wing
CAI Chinese Army in India
CAM Composite Army-Marine
CATF Chinese Air Task Force
Cav Cavalry
CBI China-Burma-India
CC combat command
CCA Combat Command A
CCB Combat Command B
CCC Combat Command C


CCD Combat Command D
CCL Combat Command L
CCR Combat Command R
CCV Combat Command V
CC1 Combat Command 1
CC2 Combat Command 2
cdo(s) commando(s)
CG commanding general
Ch Chinese
CinC Commander in Chief
CINCPAC Commander in Chief, U.S. Pacific Fleet
CINCPOA Commander in Chief, Pacific Ocean Areas
CL light cruiser
CMF Citizen Military Forces (New Guinea)
co company
CO commanding officer
COMAIRSOLS Commander Air Forces, Solomons
COMCENPAC Commander Central Pacific
COMINCH Commander in Chief
COMSOPAC Commander South Pacific
COSC Combined Operational Service Command
COSSAC Chief of Staff to the Supreme Allied Commander (designate)
CP command post
CT China Theater, combat team
CTF commander, task force
CV aircraft carrier
CVE aircraft carrier, escort
DA ALPS Detachment d'Armée des Alpes
DA ATL Detachment d'Armée de l'Atlantique
DD destroyer
div division
E east, eastern
EAC Eastern Air Command (CBI)
EAM Ethniko Apeleftherotiko Metopo (National Liberation Front, Greece)
engr(s) engineer(s)
ETOUSA European Theater of Operations, USA
FA field artillery
FEAF Far East Air Force
FEC French Expeditionary Force
FF Free French
FFI Forces Françaises de l’Intérieur
FFO Forces Françaises de l’Ouest
FMF Fleet Marine Force
FO field order
Fr French
G–2 Intelligence section of divisional or higher headquarters
G–4 Supply and evacuation section of divisional or higher headquarters
Gds Guards
GHQ General Headquarters
gli glider
GMT Greenwich mean time
GO general orders
gp group
HALPRO Air operation against Rumanian oil fields, 1942
hq headquarters
I. Island
IBT India-Burma Theater


Ind Indian
Inf Infantry
Is Islands
ISCOM Island Commander
JCS Joint Chiefs of Staff
JWC Joint War Plans Committee
LANDFOR landing force
LCI landing craft, infantry
LCI(G) landing craft, infantry, gun
LCM landing craft, mechanized
LCVP landing craft, vehicle and personnel
LOC line of communications
LRP long-range penetration
LST landing ship, tank
M. Mont, Monte, etc. (Italy and Sicily only)
MAAF Mediterranean Allied Air Forces
MAC Marine Amphibious Corps
MAG Marine Aviation Group
Mar Marine
MATAF Mediterranean Allied Tactical Air Force
ME Middle East
MEF Middle East Forces
MG machine gun
MLR main line of resistance
MP military police
MSR main supply route
MTB motor torpedo boat
mtn mountain
MTOUSA Mediterranean Theater of Operations, USA
N north, northern
NAAF Northwest African Air Force
NATO North African Theater of Operations
NCAC Northern Combat Area Command (Burma)
NEI Netherlands East Indies
NGVR New Guinea Volunteer Reserve
NTLF Northern Troops and Landing Force
NZ New Zealand
OPL outpost line
OPLR outpost line of resistance
PA Philippine Army
Pac Pacific
Para parachute
PBM patrol search plane
PC Philippine Constabulary
PG patrol vessel, gunboat
PGC Persian Gulf Command
PGSC Persian Gulf Service Command
P.I. Philippine Islands
PIB Papuan Infantry Battalion
POA Pacific Ocean Areas
Pol Polish
prov provisional
PS Philippine Scouts
pt point
PT patrol vessel, motor torpedo boat
Pz Panzer
QM quartermaster


R river
RAAF Royal Australian Air Force
RAF Royal Air Force
rcn reconnaissance
RCT regimental combat team
regt regiment
reinf reinforced
RN Royal Navy
RR railroad
S south, southern
S. San, Sant, Santa, etc. (Italy and Sicily only)
SACMED Supreme Allied Commander, Mediterranean
SAF Strategic Air Force
SBD "Dauntless" single-engine Navy scout-bomber
SEAC Southeast Asia Command
sep separate
SHAEF Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force
SOPAC South Pacific
SOS Services of Supply
SPM self-propelled mount
sq squadron
SS Schutzstaffel (Elite Guard)
SSF Special Service Force
STLF Southern Troops and Landing Force
SWPA Southwest Pacific Area
TAF Tactical Air Force
TD tank destroyer
TF task force
TOT time on target
tr troop
U.K. United Kingdom
U.S. United States
USA U.S. Army
USAAF U.S. Army Air Forces
USAAFUK U.S. Army Air Forces in the United Kingdom
USAFBI U.S. Army Forces, British Isles
USAFFE U.S. Army Forces, Far East
USAFIA U.S. Army Forces in Australia
USAFICPA U.S. Army Forces in Central Pacific Area
USAFIME U.S. Army Forces in the Middle East
USAFISPA U.S. Army Forces in the South Pacific Area
USASOS US. Army Services of Supply
USFIA U.S. Forces in Australia
USFIP U.S. Forces in the Philippines
USMC U.S. Marine Corps
USN U.S. Navy
USSAFE U.S. Strategic Air Forces in Europe
USSR Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
USSTAF U.S. Strategic Air Forces
VAC V Amphibious Corps
W west, western
WDAF Western Desert Air Force


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Transcribed and formatted by Jerry Holden for the HyperWar Foundation