Glossary of Code Names

ABERDEEN Chindit stronghold near Manhton, Burma.
ALAMO Code for U.S. Sixth Army while operating as a special ground task force headquarters directly under GHQ SWPA.
ALPHA Plan to defend Kunming and Chungking.
ALPHA U.S. 3d Division force for southern France operation.
ANAKIM Plan for recapture of Burma.
ANVIL Early plan for invasion of southern France.
ARCADIA U.S.-British conference held in Washington, December 1941-January 1942.
ARGONAUT International conference held at Malta and Yalta, January-February 1945.
ARGUMENT USSTAF air operations against German aircraft factories, February 1944.
AVALANCHE Invasion of Italy at Salerno.
AXIOM Mission sent by SEAC to Washington and London in February 1944 to urge CULVERIN.
BACKHANDER Task force for operations on Cape Gloucester, New Britain.
BARBAROSSA German offensive against USSR, 1941.
BAYTOWN British invasion of Italy on Calabrian coast.
BETA Plan to open port on coast of China.
BLACKCOCK British 12 Corps operation to clear enemy salient between the Meuse and Roer-Wurm Rivers from Roermond southward.
BLACKPOOL Chindit roadblock on railroad near Namkwin, Burma.
BLOCKBUSTER Canadian 2 Corps offensive in Calcar-Udem-Xanten area.
BOLERO Build-up of U.S. forces and supplies in United Kingdom for cross-Channel attack.
BRASSARD Operations against the island of Elba.
BREWER Operations in the Admiralties.
BRIMSTONE Plan for capture of Sardinia. Canceled.
BROADWAY Drop site for Chindits, about fifty miles northwest of Indaw, Burma.
BUCCANEER Plan for amphibious operation in Andaman Islands. Canceled.
BUFFALO Operations to break out of Anzio (Italy) beachhead.
BUTTRESS British operation against toe of Italy.
CAMEL U.S. 36th Division force for southern France.
CAPITAL Attack across the Chindwin River to Mandalay.
CARPETBAGGER Air operation from United Kingdom to drop supplies to patriot forces in Western Europe.
CARTWHEEL Converging drives on Rabaul by South Pacific and SWPA forces.
CASANOVA U.S. 95th Division diversionary action during operations against Metz.
CATCHPOLE Operations against Eniwetok and Ujelang Atolls, Marshall Islands.
CHAMPION Late 1943 plan for general offensive in Burma.
CHATTANOOGA CHOO CHOO AEAF operations against enemy train movements in France and Germany.
CLEANSLATE Invasion of Russell Islands.
CLIPPER British 30 Corps offensive to reduce Geilenkirchen salient.
COBRA U.S. First Army operation designed to penetrate the German defenses west of St Lô and secure Coutances, France.
CORKSCREW Conquest of Pantelleria.
COTTAGE Invasion of Kiska, 1943.
CRICKET Malta portion of ARGONAUT Conference.
CROSSBOW RAF operations against German V-weapons experimental bases.


CUDGEL Planned small-scale operation on Arakan coast, Burma. Canceled.
CULVERIN Plan for assault on Sumatra.
CYCLONE Task force for Noemfoor.
DELTA U.S. 45th Division force for southern France.
DEXTERITY Operations against Cape Gloucester, New Britain.
DIRECTOR Task force for invasion of Arawe, New Britain.
DIXIE Mission of U.S. observers to Chinese communists.
DRACULA Plan for attack on Rangoon, 1944.
DRAGOON Final code for invasion of southern France.
ELKTON Plan for seizure of New Britain, New Guinea, and New Ireland area.
END RUN Task force of GALAHAD survivors used in drive on Myitkyina, Burma.
EUREKA International conference at Tehran, November 1943.
FIREBRAND Invasion of Corsica, 1943.
FLAX Air operation to disrupt flow of German air transports from Italy to Sicily and Tunisia.
FLINTLOCK Operations in the Marshall Islands.
FORAGER Operations in the Marianas.
FRANTIC AAF shuttle bombing of Axis-controlled Europe from bases in United Kingdom, Italy, and USSR.
FRY Occupation of four islands in Lake Comacchio, Italy.
GALAHAD American long range penetration groups (Burma).
GALVANIC Operations in Gilbert Islands.
GOBLET Invasion of Italy at Cotrone. Canceled.
GOLD Normandy beach assaulted by troops of British 30 Corps, 6 June 1944.
GOLDFLAKE Movement of Canadian 1 Corps from Italy to ETO.
GRANITE Plan for operations in POA in 1944.
GRENADE 21 Army Group large-scale offensive from the Roer to the Rhine.
GYMNAST Early plan for Allied invasion of northwest Africa.
HERCULES German plan to invade Malta. Canceled.
HURRICANE Assault force for Biak, New Guinea.
HUSKY Allied invasion of Sicily, July 1943.
ICEBERG Invasion of the Ryukyu Islands.
ICHIGO Japanese operation to take U.S. air bases in east China.
INDEPENDENCE French offensive toward Belfort, France.
INTERLUDE Rehearsal for Morotai operation.
JUNO Normandy beach assaulted by troops of Canadian 3d Division, 6 June 1944.
LEVER Operation to clear area between Reno and southwest shore of Lake Comacchio Italy.
LONDON XVIII Corps (A/B) phase line near Wesel, Germany.
MAGNET Movement of first U.S. forces to Northern Ireland.
MAGNETO Yalta portion of ARGONAUT Conference.
MAILFIST Capture of Singapore, 1945.
MALLORY MAJOR Air offensive against Po River bridges, Italy.
MANNA British occupation of southern Greece.
MARKET-GARDEN Operation to secure bridgehead over Rhine River.
MARS U.S. task force (5332d Brigade (Provisional)), CBI.
MICHAELMAS Task force for seizure of Saidor, New Guinea.
MUSKET Projected landing on heel of Italy near Taranto, 1943.
NEPTUNE Actual 1944 operations within OVERLORD. Used for security reasons after September 1943 on all OVERLORD planning papers that referred to target area and date.
NEW GALAHAD American long range penetration groups (Burma).
NEW YORK XVIII Corps (A/B) phase line in Ringenberg-Krudenberg area, Germany.
NORDWIND German offensive against U.S. Seventh Army, January 1945.
OCTAGON U.S.-British conference at Quebec, September 1944.


OLIVE Attack on Gothic Line, Italy.
OLYMPIC Plan for March 1946 invasion of Kyushu, Japan.
OMAHA Normandy beach assaulted by troops of U.S. V Corps, 6 June 1944.
OVERLORD Allied cross-Channel invasion of northwest Europe, June 1944.
PANTHER British 10 Corps drive across the Garigliano, Italy.
PARIS XVIII Corps (A/B) phase line west of Erie, Germany.
PERSECUTION Assault force for Aitape operations, New Guinea.
PICCADILLY Drop site for Chindits, Burma.
PIGSTICK Limited operation on south Mayu Peninsula. Canceled.
PLUNDER 21 Army Group assault across the Rhine north of the Ruhr.
POINTBLANK Combined bomber offensive against Germany.
PROVIDENCE Occupation of Buna area, New Guinea, 1942. Canceled.
PUGILIST Attack on Mareth Line, Tunisia, 1943.
QUADRANT U.S.-British conference at Quebec, August 1943.
QUEEN 12th Army Group operation on Roer Plain between Wurm and Roer Rivers.
RAINCOAT Assault on Camino hill mass, Italy.
RAVENOUS 4 Corps plan for recapture of northern Burma.
RECKLESS Assault force for Hollandia operation.
RENO SWPA plans for operations in the Bismarck Archipelago, along northern coast of New Guinea and thence to Mindanao, P.I.
RO Japanese air operation to augment Rabaul air forces and delay Allied offensives.
ROAST Operation to clear Comacchio Spit, Italy.
ROGER Capture of Phuket Island, off Kra Isthmus, Burma.
ROMEO French commando force that lands at Cap Nigre, Mediterranean.
ROMULUS Arakan part of CAPITAL plan.
ROOSTER Operation to fly Chinese 22d Division to Chihchiang.
ROSE Ruhr pocket, April 1945.
ROSIE French naval force that lands southwest of Cannes.
ROUNDUP Plan for major U.S.-British cross-Channel operation in 1943.
RUGBY Airborne force that drops to rear of southern France assault beaches.
SATIN Plan for U.S. II Corps operation against Sfax, Tunisia. Canceled.
SAUCY Limited offensive to reopen land route from Burma to China.
SEA LION Planned German invasion of United Kingdom. Canceled.
SEXTANT International conference at Cairo, November and December 1943.
SHINGLE Amphibious operation at Anzio, Italy.
SHO Japanese plan to counterattack U.S. forces in Western Pacific.
SITKA Force that takes islands of Levant and Port Cros, Mediterranean.
SLAPSTICK Airborne drop at Taranto, Italy.
SLEDGEHAMMER Plan for limited cross-Channel attack in 1942.
STALEMATE Invasion of the Palaus.
STRANGLE Air operation to interdict movement of enemy supplies in Italy.
SUPERCHARGE British 30 Corps breakout, Egypt, 1942.
SUPERCHARGE Revised plan of assault on Mereth Line, March 1943.
SWORD Normandy beach assaulted by troops of British 3d Division, 6 June 1944.
TALON Akyab part of CAPITAL plan.
TARZAN India-based portion of general offensive in Burma.
TED Task force in Aitape area, New Guinea.
TERMINAL International conference, Potsdam, Germany, 16 July-2 August 1945.
THUNDERBOLT Offensive in Metz area.
TIDALWAVE Low-level heavy bomber attack on Ploesti, Rumania, 1943.
TIGER One of the rehearsal exercises for OVERLORD.
TOGO Second phase of ICHIGO operation.
TORCH Allied invasion of northwest Africa.
TOREADOR Airborne assault on Mandalay.


TORNADO Assault force for Wakde-Sarmi area, New Guinea.
TRADEWIND Force for Morotai.
TRANSFIGURE Plan to drop troops west of Seine River to block enemy escape routes. Canceled.
TRIDENT U.S.-British conference held at Washington, May 1943.
TULSA GHQ SWPA's first outline plan for operations directed at the capture of Rabaul.
TWILIGHT Plan to base B-29's in CBI.
TYPHOON Task force for Sansapor-Mar operation, New Guinea.
UNDERTONE U.S. Third and Seventh Army offensive to break through West Wall and clear the Saar-Palatinate triangle, within the confines of the Rhine, Moselle, and Lauter-Sarre.
UTAH Normandy beach assaulted by troops of U.S. VII Corps, 6 June 1944.
VARSITY Airborne drop east of the Rhine.
VERITABLE Canadian First Army operation to clear area between Maas and Rhine Rivers.
VICTOR I Panay and Negros Occidental operation.
VICTOR II Cebu, Bohol, and Negros Oriental operation.
VICTOR III U.S. Eighth Army operations against Palawan.
VICTOR IV U.S. Eighth Army operations against Sulu Archipelago and Zamboanga area of Mindanao.
VICTOR V U.S. Eighth Army operations against western Mindanao.
VULCAN Final ground offensive to clear Tunisia, 1943.
WEBFOOT Rehearsal for SHINGLE.
YOKE All U.S. organizations working with Y-Force, CBI.
ZEBRA U.S.-sponsored Chinese division in east China.
ZIPPER Plan for assault on Malaya, 1945.


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