AAI Allied Armies in Italy
AAR After Action Report
Actg Acting
AF Air Force
Anlage Appendix or annex
A and P Ammunition and Pioneer
AR Army Regulations
Armd Armored
Arty Artillery
AT Antitank
Atchd Attached
Atk Attack
Bailey bridge Portable steel bridge of the "through" type. The roadway is supported by two main trusses composed of ten-foot sections called "panels" pinned together to form a continuous truss. Capacity may be increased by adding extra trusses alongside the first, by adding an extra truss on top of the first to make a second story, or by both means.
Bn Battalion
BAR Browning automatic rifle
Bazooka Recoilless antitank rocket launcher, hand-carried
Bazooka pants Additional armor to protect tank tracks from antitank fire
Br Bridge
Btry Battery
Burp gun A colloquial term applied by American troops to German submachine guns of the MP (Maschinenpistole) 40 type
(C) Combat
CCA Combat Command A, one of the major, flexible combat formations in armored divisions
CCB Combat Command B, in armored division
CCR Reserve Combat Command, in armored division
CE Corps of Engineers
CG Commanding General
Cml Chemical
CO Commanding Officer
Co Company
CofS Chief of Staff


Comdg Commanding
Comdr Commander
Com Communications
CP Command post
D Day Target date for the beginning of a specific military operation
Div Division
EM Enlisted men
Engr Engineer
Equip Equipment
ETHINT European Theater Historical Interview of former German military personnel
ETO European Theater of Operations
Ex Off Executive Officer
FA Field Artillery
Fahnenjunkerschule German officer candidate school
Feldgericht Military tribunal of summary nature
FO Field order; forward observer
FUSA First United States Army
G-1 Personnel officer or section of divisional or higher staff
G-2 Intelligence officer or section
G-3 Operations officer or section
G-4 Supply officer or section
Gp Group
Gren Grenadier
H Hour Exact minute for the beginning of a specific military operation
Hist Historical
Hq Headquarters
Hv Heavy
Inf Infantry
Info Information
Instn Instruction
Intel Intelligence
Interv Interview
IPW Interrogation Prisoners of War
Jnl Journal
Kampfgruppe German combat group of variable size
KIA Killed in action
K ration One of several types of emergency field rations
KTB Kriegstagebuch (War Diary)
Landesschuetzen German local security units, designed for rear-area service but later pressed into front-line duty.
Ldr Leader
Ln Liaison


Lt Lieutenant; light
Ltr Letter
(M) Medium
M-4 (Sherman) American medium tank
M-10 (Tank Destroyer) American vehicle, lightly armored, mounting a 3-inch gun, highly maneuverable
M-18 (Tank Destroyer) Same as M-10 but mounting a 76-mm. gun
M-20 (Smoke Generator) A generator for making smoke from fuel oil under combat conditions
M-29 (Weasel) Tracked, lightly armored cargo carrier
MAAF Mediterranean Allied Air Force
MAC Medical Administrative Corps
Machine pistol German submachine gun, known to American troops as a "burp gun"
Mark IV German medium tank
Mark V (Panther) German heavy tank
Mark VI (Tiger) German heavy tank
MATAF Mediterranean Allied Tactical Air Force
Med Medical; Mediterranean
MIA Missing in action
MID Military Intelligence Division
MLR Main line of resistance
Mm. Millimeter
Msg Message
Mtr Motor
Nachrichtenschule Signal school
NCO Noncommissioned officer
OB WEST Oberbefehlshaber West (Highest German ground headquarters on the Western Front)
OCMH Office of the Chief of Military History
Off Officer
OKW Oberkommando der Wehrmacht (Armed Forces High Command)
OP Observation post
Opn Operation
Panther German Mark V heavy tank
Panzerfaust Recoilless German antitank rocket, hand-carried. A "one-shot" weapon.
Pcht Parachute
PL Public Law
Plat Platoon
Pon Ponton
Pz Panzer
RAF Royal Air Force
Rcn Reconnaissance
Regt Regiment
Ret Retired


Rpt Report
S-1 Personnel officer or section of regimental or lower staff
S-2 Intelligence officer or section
S-3 Operations officer or section
S-4 Supply officer or section
SCR Signal Corps radio
Sec Section
SG Smoke Generator
Sherman American medium tank, M-4
Sit Rpt Situation Report
S-mine German antipersonnel mine
SP Self-propelled
SS See Waffen-SS.
Subj Subject
Sum Summary
T-2 retriever Tank recovery vehicle of the M-31 series
TAC Tactical Air Command
TD Tank destroyer
Tdwy Treadway
Teller mine German antitank mine
TF Task force
Tiger German Mark VI heavy tank
Tk Tank
Tns Trains
TOT Time on target, a method of timing artillery fire from various points to fall on a given target simultaneously.
Tp Telephone
Trps Troops
TUSA Third United States Army
USAAF United States Army Air Force
USAF United States Air Force
Waffen-SS Combat arm of the SS (Schutzstaffel--Elite Guard); in effect a partial duplication of the German Army.
Weasel (M-29) Tracked, lightly armored cargo carrier
WIA Wounded in action
Wpns Weapons


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