Order of Battle

28th Infantry Division
    Headquarters, 28th Infantry Division
    Headquarters, Special Troops
      Headquarters Company
      728th Ordnance Light Maintenance Company
      28th Quartermaster Company
      28th Signal Company
      Military Police Platoon
    28th Infantry Division Band
    28th Cavalry Reconnaissance Troop, Mechanized
    103d Engineer Combat Battalion (less Companies A, B, and C)
    28th Division Artillery, Headquarters and Headquarters Battery
      108th Field Artillery Battalion (155-mm. Howitzer)
    103d Medical Battalion (less Companies A, B, and C)
    109th Regimental Combat Team
      109th Infantry Regiment
      107th Field Artillery Battalion (105-mm. Howitzer)
      Company A, 103d Engineer Combat Battalion
      Company A, 103d Medical Battalion
    110th Regimental Combat Team
      110th Infantry Regiment
      109th Field Artillery Battalion (105-mm. Howitzer)
      Company B, 103d Engineer Combat Battalion
      Company B, 103d Medical Battalion
    112th Regimental Combat Team
      112th Infantry Regiment
      229th Field Artillery Battalion (105-mm. Howitzer)
      Company C, 103d Engineer Combat Battalion
      Company C, 103d Medical Battalion
Attached to 28th Division
    1171st Engineer Combat Group
      20th Engineer Combat Battalion
      146th Engineer Combat Battalion (less Company B)
      1340th Engineer Combat Battalion
      502d Engineer Light Ponton Company
      993d Engineer Treadway Bridge Company
      2d Platoon, 610th Engineer Light Equipment Company


    12th Regimental Combat Team (4th Infantry Division)
      12th Infantry Regiment
      42d Field Artillery Battalion (105-mm. Howitzer)
      1st Platoon, Company B, 4th Engineer Combat Battalion
      Company A, 801st Tank Destroyer Battalion (Self-Propelled)
    707th Tank Battalion (Medium)
    630th Tank Destroyer Battalion (Towed)
    893d Tank Destroyer Battalion (Self-Propelled) (less Company A)
    447th Antiaircraft Artillery Automatic Weapons Battalion
    86th Chemical Battalion (4.2-inch Mortar)
    Battery A, 987th Field Artillery Battalion (155-mm. Gun, Self-Propelled)
    76th Field Artillery Battalion (105-mm. Howitzer)
In Support of 28th Division
    Headquarters, V Corps Artillery
    17th Field Artillery Observation Battalion (less Battery B)
    187th Field Artillery Group
      187th Field Artillery Battalion (155-mm. Howitzer)
      953d Field Artillery Battalion (155-mm. Howitzer)
      941st Field Artillery Battalion (4.5-inch Gun)
    190th Field Artillery Group
      190th Field Artillery Battalion (155-mm. Gun)
      997th Field Artillery Battalion (8-inch Howitzer)
    188th Field Artillery Group
      981st Field Artillery Battalion (155-mm. Gun)
      172d Field Artillery Battalion (4.2-inch Gun)


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Transcribed and formatted by Jerry Holden for the HyperWar Foundation