United States Army in World War II
The War Department

The Army and Economic Mobilization

R. Elberton Smith


This volume is "under development" and will be completed as time allows...

. . . For Those Who Served


Chapter I -- The War Plans (pages 1-10)

Chapter II -- German Victories and American Plans: May 1940-January 1941 (pages 11-31)

Chapter III -- British-American Plans: January-November 1941 (pages 32-62)

Chapter IV -- The Showdown With Japan: August-December 1941 (pages 63-96)

Chapter V -- The First Full Dress Debate Over Strategic Deployment: December 1941-January 1942 (pages 97-119)

Chapter VI -- Army Deployment and the War Against Japan: December 1941-March 1942 (pages 120-146)

Chapter VII -- Army Deployment in the Pacific and Grand Strategy: January-March 1942 (pages 147-173)

Chapter VIII -- The Principle of Concentration in the British Isles (pages 174-197)

Chapter IX -- Prior Claims Versus Bolero: April 1942 (pages 198-216)

Chapter X -- Decision in Favor of a "Second Front:" May 1942 (pages 217-232)

Chapter XI -- Future Plans and Current Operations: June 1942 (pages 233-265)

Chapter XII -- The Elimination of the Alternatives: July-August 1942 (pages 266-293)

Chapter XIII -- The Interpretation of CCS 94: August 1942 (pages 294-306)

Chapter XIV -- Counting the Costs of Torch: August-November 1942 (pages 307-327)

Chapter XV -- British and American Plans and Soviet Expectations (pages 328-349)

Chapter XVI -- Strategic Inventory: December 1942 (pages 350-362)

Chapter XVII -- After Torch (pages 363-382)


Bibliographical Note and Guide to Footnotes

Glossary of Abbreviations & Code Names


All pictures in this volume are from Department of Defense files.


  1. U.S. Army Overseas Deployment, 17 October 1941
  2. Areas of Strategic Responsibility and U.S. Army Overseas Deployment, 2 April 1942
  3. U.S. Army Overseas Deployment and Theater Boundaries, 31 December 1942

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