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A-20 -- Aircraft: Factories


Aircraft--Continued -- Ammunition: shortage of


Andrews, Brig. Gen. Frank M. -- Army, U.S.: and Inter-American Defense Board


Army, U.S.--Continued -- Associated Powers


Atkinson Field -- Base facilities: in Nova Scotia


Base facilities--Continued -- Brazil: shipping for expedition to


Brazil--Continued -- Caffery Jefferson: and supply of U.S. Arms to Brazil


Caffery, Jefferson--Continued -- Canadian-U.S. Basic Defense Plan No. 2, 1941.


Canadian-U.S. Permanent Joint Board on Defense -- Coast Guard


Coastal frontier defense system -- Department of State


Deployment of U.S. Forces -- External Affairs, Canadian Department of


Fairbanks -- General Headquarters, U.S. Army: and plans for operations in Northeast Brazil


General Headquarters, U.S. Army--Continued -- Great Britain: and German threat to Gibraltar


Great britain--Continued -- Hitler, Adolf: and plans for invasion of Britain


Hitler, Adolf--Continued -- Inter-American Conference fo the Maintenance of Peace


Inter-American Defense Board -- Joint Canadian-U.S. Basic Defense Plan No. 2


Joint Chiefs of Staff, -- Lend-lease: and Great Britain


Lend-lease--Continued -- Marshall, General George C.: and munitions for Chile


Marshall, General George C.--Continued -- Mexico: and German submarine operations in Caribbean


Mexico--Continued -- Munitions: for France


Munitions--Continued -- Navy. U.S.: and Mexico


Navy, U.S.--Continued -- Officers' Reserve Corps


Ogdensburg Conference -- Peace River


Pearl Harbor -- Puerto de la Cruz


Puerto rican Department, U.S. Army -- Rockefeller, Nelson A.


Rommel, Filed Marshal Erwin -- Roosevelt, Franklin Delano: and plans to send U.S. forces to Brazil


Roosevelt, Franklin Delano -- Service troops


Sherman, Comdr. Forrest P. -- Stark, Admiral Harold R.: on Azores


Stark, Admiral Harold R.--Continued -- State, Department of: and military relations with Latin America


State, Department of--Continued -- Sudetenland


Suez Canal -- Uruguay


Van Voorhis, Lt. Gen. Daniel -- War Department: on supply policy in Latin America


War Department--Continued -- Welles, Sumner: and British occupation of French Antilles


Welles, Sumner--Continued -- Zimmerman Note


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