FM 101-5

War Department
Staff Officers'
Field Manual

The Staff and Combat Orders

Prepared under direction of the
Chief of Staff

WASHINGTON, August 19, 1940.

FM 101-5, Staff Officers' Field Manual, the Staff and Combat Orders, is published for the information and guidance of all concerned.

This manual and FM 101-10, Staff Officers' Field Manual--Organization, Technical and LOgistical Data, are compilations of information and data to be used as a guide for the oeprations in the field of the general staff or a similar staff group of all units in peace and war.



Table of Contents

        Paragraphs Page
Chapter 1. Staff Doctrines and Functions.    
  Section I.       Doctrines 1-7 1
  II.   The general staff 8-17 5
  III.   The special staff 18-40 16
  IV.   Staff records, maps, and reports 41-46 29
  V.   Liaison 47-55 31
  VI.   Standing operating procedure 56 34
Chapter 2. Combat Orders    
  Section I.   Organization and command 34-45 18
  II.   Beach and shore parties 46-51 24
  III.   Station and maneuver areas 52-57 27
  IV.   Station and maneuver areas 52-57 27
Appendix I. Estimate of the situation 1-5 125
Appendix II. Terrain appreciation 1-10 129
Appendix III. Use of maps, overlays, and objective folders with combat orders 1-8 139
Index 143

Transcribed and formatted by Patrick Clancey, HyperWar Foundation