NOVEMBER 17, 1942






By authority of
CG, 1st Inf. Div.
Initials ________
1200 Oct 10, 1942.

Hq 1st, Inf Div
APO #1 U.S. Army
1200 October 10, 1942.

FO No. 1

Maps: N Africa, Sheets Nos. 127, 152, 153, 154, 155, 180, 181, and 182.
            Scale - 1:50,000

    1. Annex No. 2 (Intelligence).

    2. TORCH Force will land on MEDITERRANEAN COAST OF AFRICA to secure control of coast line and air fields in the vic of ORAN, neutralising those installations as threats to Allied shipping in the MEDITERRANEAN, and maintain them for Allied use.

      Combat Comd B 1st Armd Div (less X beach elm), initially atchd to 1st Inf Div, will land on Z - Red beach and assist the 1st Inf Div in the capture of ORAN by assault from the S with the least possible delay.

      X beach elm Combat Comd B 1st Armd Div will land at X beach (vic MERSA BOU ZEDJAR), seize and secure LOURMEL air field and block main roads NE and S of LOURMEL. It will adv N or S of SEBKHA GRANDE SEBKRA and assist in the capture of air fields at TAFARAOUI and LA SENIA.

      2nd Bn 503rd Prcht Inf will seize TAFARAOUI air field at 0100 Nov 8.

      Naval gun fire support, Annex No. 6.

      Air support, Annex No. 7.

  1. 1st Inf Div and atchd, comprising RED and WHITE Force's, land on beaches Z and Y at 0100 Nov 8, seize ARZEW and ORAN port facilities) secure key points and seize Axis agents and sympathizers (Annex No. 2 and No. 8).

    Opn Map (Annex No. 1).

    Alternate landing plans (Annex No. 9).


    RED Force
      1st Inf Div less WHITE Force
      Atchd: 105th CA Bn (AA) less btrys C and D
    Btrys C and D 431st CA Bn (AA)
    531st Engr Shore Regt less 2nd Bn
    Combat Comd B 1st Armd Div less X beach elm
    Det 286th Amphib Sig Co
    Det Hq 12th AF
    Det 162nd Sig Photo Co
            *     *     *
          to CT 16: 1st Rcn Tr
    Btrys A and B 105th CA Bn (AA)
    3rd Bn 531st Engr Shore Regt
    Det 286th Amphib Sig Co.
    Det 162nd Sig photo Co
          to CT 18: Btrys C and D 431st CA Bn (AA)
    1st Bn 531st Engr Shore Regt
    Det 286th Amphib Sig Co
    Det 12th AF
    1st Rngr Bn (for adm and supply only)
      Combat Comd B 1st Armd Div released to its CG on crossing Div Beach Head Line.


    WHITE Force
      CT 26
      Atchd: Det Hq & Hq Co 1st Inf Div
    Btrys C and D 105th CA Bn (AA)
    2nd Bn 531st Engr Shore Regt<,br> Det 286th Amphib Sig Co
    Det Hq 12th AF

    1. RED Force land on beaches Z - Green, Z - White, Z - Red and capture ARZEW and ORAN.

      1. 1st Rngr Bn land in and N of ARZEW, neutralize or destroy main coast defenses at ARZEW and capture docks at Port of ARZEW with priority given to

        1. ARZEW North Btry (4 - 105-mm sea coast),

        2. btry at FORTE DE LA POINTE (2 - 75-mm sea coast), and

        3. protection of port facilities.

        Upon completion of above missions, reorganization will be effected preparatory to relieving CT 18 of occupation and protection of ARZEW.

      2. CT 18 land on Z - Green beach, two bns abreast, seize and control ARZEW with minimum destruction to utility installations; assist 1st Rngr Bn in its initial missions; seize ST CLOUD, DJEBEL KHAR (DBH), and prepare to continue adv on Div order with minimum delay.

        One btry 431st CA Bn (AA) remain at beach and become atchd to 531st Engr Shore Regt when control of beaches passes to Corps.

      3. CT 16 (less one bn) land on Z - White beach, two bns abreast; secure beach head to cover landing of combat Comd B 1st Armd Div on Z - Red beach; protect L flank of Corps; be prepared to adv on ORAN in conjunction with CT 18 on Div order.

        1. R bn, rein, move rapidly to seize line: FLEURUS - FME ST ELOI, incl; insure passage of Combat Comd B 1st Armd Div through ST ELOI.

        2. L bn, rein, move rapidly to protect L flank of Corps along line, EN NEKALA - LA MACTA, minimum of one rein co in each village. Remainder of bn, rein, vic PORT - AUX-POULES. Particular attention to inf and arty threat from vic MOSTAGANEM.

        3. 2nd Bn, initially in Corps floating res, revert to CO, CT 16 at H+9 unless released earlier. Landing craft will not be kept in res for landing this bn.

        4. 1st Rcn Tr will assemble after landing and revert to Div, see subsequent paragraph h.

    2. WHITE Force land on Y beach, 2 bns abreast, under Corps control, revert to Div control when communication is established with 1st Inf Div. Secure beachhead, seize high ground of DJEBEL MURDJADJO and assist in capture of ORAN. High ground W of ORAN must be secured and held. Entry into ORAN will be made from N and W. Immediate action to seize all coast defense installations and docking facilities in ORAN and MERS-EL-KEBIR.

      One bn 26th Inf initially in Corps res lands after release by Corps. Unless otherwise ordered, release automatically at H+6 hours.

      Plans will be prepared for the debarkation and employment at the earliest possible moment of the res bn. If initial landing and


      subsequent operation proceed as planned, the res bn may be released between H+1 and H+2 on request in accordance with letter instructions from Corps Hq, dated Oct 9, 1942.

      One btry 105th CA Bn (AA), remain at beach and become atchd to 531st Engr Shore Regt when control of beach passes to Corps.

    1. Combat Comd B 1st Armd Div (less X beach elm) land on Z - Red beach as soon as notification is received that beach is secure. A liaison group consisting of 2 off and 2 EM equipped with two radios will go ashore with the assault elements of the 1st Bn LTm of CT 16 and will be responsible for notifying CG, Combat Comd B 1st Armd Div when Z - Red beach is secured. Coordination, control, and expediting of landing within established beachhead is responsibility of CG, 1st Inf Div; tactical employment is responsibility of CG, Combat Comd B 1st Armd Div.

    2. Hq & Hq Btry 105th CA Bn (AA) land in accordance with priorities established in boat plan (Annex No 3). On landing the CO 105th CA Bn (AA) coordinate the AA defenses of Z - Beach. When control of beach passes to Corps, CO, 105th CA Bn (AA) report to Div CP for orders.

    3. Div Arty (less CT atchmts) assemble vic TOURVILLE: be prepared to man with skeleton crews all captured sea coast defenses in serviceable condition. When ORAN has been captured a consolidated report will be made to CG, 1st Inf Div showing location and kind of captured equipment, including AA in immediate vic coast defenses, its serviceability, amount of amm on hand, and which defenses units of 1st Inf Div are qualified to man.

    4. 531st Engr Shore Regt (less 3 bns) land in accordance with priorities established in boat plan (Annex No. 3), and proceed to operated Z - beach under division control in accordance with prearranged plan.

    5. 1st Engr Bn (less 3 cos) assemble in Div res, report location; prepare plans for assembly of Engr Bn.

    6. 1st Rcn Tr assemble vic CR 1.8 mi W of ST LEU immediately after landing where it reverts to Div. Establish liaison with CP 1st Inf Div and await further orders.

    7. All other hq units land in priority established by boat plan (Annex No. 3).

      1. Arrival of CT adv elements at control points will be reported in the clear to CP 1st Inf Div by most expeditious means, e.g., "Dagwood Red; T - T at 0330". Seizure of objectives will be reported.

        Adv up to DBH under coordinated control of CT comdrs. Adv beyond DBH on Div order.

        CTs 16 and 18 establish physical contact at control points I - I and S - S prior to further adv.

      2. For identification at night EM will wear white arm bands on left arm just above elbow, off on both arms. Challenge at night will be "Heigh Ho Silver"; correct response will be "Away".

      3. Contact R to L, all units.

      4. Radio silence until trs have landed or contact with enemy is made, whichever occurs first.

      5. Watches will be synchronized with ships' time (Greenwich Mean Time, i.e., "Z.") prior to debarkation, and dally thereafter (less WHITE Force) with CP 1st Inf Div.

      6. Request for air support, less WHITE Force, to CP 1st Inf Div. Annex No. 7.


      1. Identification of planes and armd vehicles, Annex No. 10.,

      2. Alternate landing plans, Annex No. 9.

  1. Sec Adm O No. 1 (Annex No. 4).

    1. Comm. Annex No. 5 (incl Naval conn plan).

    2. Axis of Sig Comm:

      1. 1st -Div ARZEW - ST CLOUD - ASSI-AMEUR - ORAN

      2. Subordinate units - Axial Route - Opn Map

    3. CPs:

      1. 1st Div - Follows CT 18

      2. Subordinate units - to be reported

    Maj Gen




      No. 1 - Opn Map
        2 - Intelligence
        3 - Boat Employment Plan
        4 - Adm O
        5 - Communications
        6 - Naval Gun Fire Support, to be issued later.
        7 - Air Support Plan
        8 - Key Points to be Secured lifter Capture of ORAN
        9 - Alternate Landing Plans
        10 - Identification: Air-Ground, Armd


      Special Registered


Map: OPN OVERLAY, Sheet 1. To Accompany F.O. 1
OPN OVERLAY, Sheet 1. To Accompany F.O. 1

Map: OPN OVERLAY, Sheet 2. To Accompany F.O. 1
OPN OVERLAY, Sheet 2. To Accompany F.O. 1

Map: OPN OVERLAY, Sheet 3. To Accompany F.O. 1
OPN OVERLAY, Sheet 3. To Accompany F.O. 1


By authority of
CG, 1st Inf. Div.
Initials ________
1200 Oct 10, 1942.

COPY NO _____

ANNEX NO. 2 )   Hq 1st, Inf Div
:   APO #1 U.S. Army
TO FO No. 1     )   1200 October 10, 1942.


Maps: N Africa, Sheets Nos. 127, 128, 152, 153, 155, 179, 180, 181, and 182.
            Scale - 1:50,000


    See Appendix 7 and G-2 Estimate, 1st Inf Div dated 18 Sept 1942.


    What is the strength, composition, location, and direction of movement (if any) of hostile troops which can interfere with the accomplishment of our mission?


    1. Air obsn. has been requested as follows:

      1. At daylight, D day, reconnoitre main roads leading to ARZEW from S, SW, and W to locate and report movements of troops.

      2. Requests for additional rcn and support missions SOP.

    2. Ground Rcn:

      1. 1st Rcn Tr assemble as directed upon landing, establish liaison with Div, and be prepared to carry out plan A, (Appendix 5) or plan B, (Appendix 6). Send liaison gp 1 officer with set car with the flying Clm Armd Combat Comd B. Radio set in the Div Rcn net.

        1. For location OP's and for Rcn Instructions, see Appendices 5 and 6.

        2. CT 26 establish OP's on route of advance. When tactical situation permits. OP will be established on the eastern tip of DJEBEL MURDJADJO to observe ORAN and harbor and all routes approaching the city. Report spot information when observed. Negative reports hourly,

    3. Rad intel plat will pay particular attention to location of hostile CP's, reserves and their movements, and to movement of Axis air force in direction of ORAN.


    1. Appendix No 2.

    2. Captured documents including FO's, messages, SOI, maps, etc, will be forwarded to the Div CP by the fastest means available.

    3. Captured materiel will not be forwarded unless of an unusual type.


    1. For map designation code and lettering of maps sheets see Appendix 3.

    2. Maps and handbooks on the French Army will be distributed initially to ships. They will be locked in a suitable room and distributed by the CO troops after the convoy sails. All maps must be closely safeguarded


    1. Censorship, no change.

    2. All press releases by correspondents with the Div and atchd will be cleared through G-2 1st Inf Div.


    1. All troops must be warned to expect booby-traps, personnel and AT mines.


    SOP - Special instructions to CT 26 -- Appendix 4.


    1. Agents are to perform certain special missions prior to H-hour. Detailed instructions for recognition of agents later.

    2. The German and Italian Armistice Commission must be captured as must Axis agents or Axis sympathisers. When taken they must be segregated from other prisoners. Extreme thoroughness must be exercised in searching their homes and offices. (See Appendix 1)

Major General




By authority of
CG, 1st Inf. Div.
Initials ________
1200 Oct 10, 1942.

COPY NO _____

APPENDIX NO 1 )   Hq 1st, Inf Div
      TO                   :   APO #1 U.S. Army
ANNEX NO 2      )   1200 October 10, 1942.
      TO                   :    
FO NO 1               )



    To prevent sabotage, espionage, and subversive activities. Axis agents, sympathizers, and all members of the German and Italian Armistice, Commission must be captured or eliminated. All Headquarters, offices, and quarters must be thoroughly searched for documents, ciphers, codes, radio equipments and other military information. See Annex No 8 to FO #1. Searches must be thorough.


    1. Members of the German and Italian Armistice Commission.

    2. German, Japanese, and Italian consular personnel.

    3. Other Axis agents.

    4. Axis sympathizers.


    1. Available to assist CT comdrs is a specially trained security group made up from the CT's and the II Army Corps, Major E. P. Gaskell is in charge of coordination of these security activities.

    2. This det will on Z beach:

      1. Search and arrest Axis agents in ARZEW.

      2. Prevent escape of Axis personnel and arrest all personnel trying to escape.

    3. On Y beach:

      1. Prevent escape of Axis agents from ORAN W of the city.

      2. Search and arrest Axis personnel on their route of advance.


    1. Upon arrival in ORAN immediate steps will be taken to arrest all suspects. Detachments under supervision of trained personnel will search for and arrest all Axis personnel encountered.

    2. The following places will be on highest priority:

      1. GRANDE HOTEL, Place Bastile;
        Armistice Commission offices and quarters.

      2. HOTEL CONTINENTAL, No. 4 Boulevard;
        Quarters of Armistice Commission.

      3. HOTEL de FRANCE, 17 Boulevard Clemenceau;
        Armistice Commission Offices and quarters.

      4. BAR de LEGION, Boulevard Clemenceau;
        Rendezvous of Axis Agents.

      5. POST OFFICE, Place Bastile;
        Seize and protect promises, personnel, and records.

      6. PRISON RECORDS OFFICE, Boulevard Fulton;
        Seize and protect promises, personnel, and records.


      1. BANK OF ALGIERS, Boulevard Galium;
        Seize and protect premises, personnel, and records.

      2. BARCLAYS BANK, Boulevard Clemenceau;
        Seize and protect premises, personnel, and records.

      3. ITALIAN CONSULATE, Avenue Lonhet;
        Seize personnel, documents, and records. DO NOT DISTURB SPANISH CONSULATE IN THE SAME BUILDING.

      4. HOTEL MIRIMAR, Avenue, Lonhet;
        Italian Armistice Commission.

      5. ARSENAL, Rive de Chasseures et Boulevard de Metz;
        Seize all vehicles, arms, ammunition, etc.

      6. PREFECTURE, Intersection of Boulevard Ordinet and Boulevard de Molle;
        Seize everything.

      7. SURETE, Boulevard de Molle, S of Prefecture;
        Seize everything.


    The first unit of the division in ORAN will take Immediate action to block all exits from the City to prevent escape of known Axis Agents and Sympathizers, The PM 1st Inf Div will be charged with execution of missions outlined above under plans prepared by G-2 1st Inf Div, G-2 1st Inf Div will coordinate activities of all security personnel upon arrival at ORAN. Additional troops, required for the execution of security missions will be requested by the PM 1st Inf Div through G-3 1st Inf Div.

Major General



By authority of
CG, 1st Inf. Div.
Initials ________
1200 Oct 10, 1942.

COPY NO _____

APPENDIX NO 2 )   Hq 1st, Inf Div
      TO                   :   APO #1 U.S. Army
ANNEX NO 2      )   1200 October 10, 1942.
      TO                   :    
FO NO 1               )



    Prisoners will under no circumstances be allowed to come into any Command Post. Prisoners of War will be segregated, as to rank; i.e., Officers, NCO's, and Privates. Under no circumstances will prisoners be allowed to communicate with each other. They should never be questioned in the presence of other prisoners. Immediately upon capture or surrender all weapons must be removed and care exercised to prevent destruction of orders, letters, maps, or other documents.


    1. A form, "Report of Prisoners Captured", will be issued and will be executed for each prisoner or group of prisoners taken. When groups of prisoners are escorted to a higher echelon of command this form will be sent along with the escort commander.

    2. When prisoners are interrogated the form, "Information From Prisoner or Deserter", will be executed and forwarded with the prisoner to the next higher echelon.

    3. Daily reports as of 1300 will be submitted commencing on D day giving the total number of prisoners taken during the period and from which unit they come.


    1. Upon capture or surrender prisoners will be deprived of all weapons, document letters, orders, maps, and any other material that could be used offensively or which contains any information that would be of value to our own troops. No attempt will, be made by units lower than regiments to evaluate documents but all documents will be forwarded with the prisoner.

    2. Prisoners will be escorted by capturing unit. Only such guards as are necessary will be employed. Guards, when practical, will march on a flank of the prisoner column. If a large group of prisoners are being held by a small guard and there is danger of escape, the prisoners will be ordered to unbutton their trousers and let them fall around their feet. Then have them hold their hands over their heads.

    3. All prisoners will be sent to the rear as soon as practicable. If the tactical situation prevents their immediate evacuation, prisoners will be taken sufficiently far to the rear to prevent their playing any part in the action.


    1. Each unit will designate an exact location or area in which prisoners will be taken for escort to the rear.

    2. Upon arrival at the Div Collecting Point the escort commander will turn the prisoners over to the Military Police, POW Squad who will report their arrival to G-2. Escorts from Div to Corps enclosure are being handled by II Army Corps.


    1. Slightly wounded prisoners will be brought back to unit CPs and questioned promptly. During the period of shock, troops are often willing to divulge


    information that would normally be withheld.




By authority of
CG, 1st Inf. Div.
Initials ________
1200 Oct 10, 1942.

COPY NO _____

APPENDIX NO 3 )   Hq 1st, Inf Div
      TO                   :   APO #1 U.S. Army
ANNEX NO 2      )   1200 October 10, 1942.
      TO                   :    
FO NO 1               )


  1. The division system of point designation that was adopted at Indiantown Gap will be used in this operation.

  2. Only the maps, scale 1:50,000 will be used for dissemination of information within the Div.

    1. Two sets of these maps are available; they are:

      1. G.S.G.S, 4232, ALGERIE sheets as indicated on index attached.

      2. Road and stream map ARZEW - ORAN and vic, ALGERIA - N AFRICA, scale 1:50,000 as indicated on map index #2 attached.

  3. The letters appearing on these two indices will be used to label maps for map designation.

    Map Index #1 with Map Designation Letters
    For Sheets 4232, ALGERIA,
    Scale - 1:50,000

                    57 58 59
                    QB UB NB
                  79 80 81 82
                  L ZB YB SB
                102 103 104 105 106
                BB H TB OB AC
              127 128 129 130 131  
              C G Z XB BC  
          152 153 154 155 156 157    
          D A F I Q RB    
        179 180 181 182 183 184 185    
        CC M K E O S WB    
      207 208 209 210 211 212 213 214    
      AB R U P B T V VB    
    237 238 239 240 241 242 243        
    CB W J Y N DB X        
    268 269 270 271 272            
    EB LB PB GB KB            
      299 300                
      HB MB                
      320 329                
      JB FB                


Map Index #2 with Map Designation Letters
Road and Stream Map, ARZEW - ORAN and Vic


The above letters will be placed on maps by Engr in reproduction of map. The above does not indicate order of fitting maps.

Major General



By authority of
CG, 1st Inf. Div.
Initials ________
1200 Oct 10, 1942.

COPY NO _____

APPENDIX NO 4 )   Hq 1st, Inf Div
      TO                   :   APO #1 U.S. Army
ANNEX NO 2      )   1200 October 10, 1942.
      TO                   :    
FO NO 1               )


  1. The following reports will be submitted to II Army Corps by CT 26 during that period of time when they are operating independently from the remainder of the Division.

    1. Report as soon as determined and/or by 0300 hours D day:

      1. Strength, composition, disposition, location, time, and attitude of forces encountered at the beaches.

      2. Type of resistance at the beaches classified as stubborn, stiff, light and none.

      3. Identifications.

      4. Type and extent of field fortifications at beaches including mines?

      5. Enemy aerial activity including resistance by combat aviation with identification of nationality of planes where practicable (after daylight).

    2. Report as soon as determined and/or by 0900 hours on D day and each three hours thereafter the following:

      1. Information called for in sub-paragraph (a) above as it pertains to areas in rear of beaches.

      2. Location, type, and extent of demolitions executed by enemy.

      3. Attitude of civil population, sabotage or fifth column activity.

      4. Location and strength of airborne or paratroop attacks.

      5. Location and extent of enemy fighter, bomber and/or reconnaissance air effort.

      6. Evidence of chemical, warfare.

      7. Strength, composition, location, time and dispositions of reserves. Direction of movements. Particular attention to SIDI CHAMI, FLEURUS and ST. CLOUD.

      8. Location of known artillery positions.

      9. Lines of contact and locations of enemy flanks.

      10. Location, time, type of enemy aircraft casualties observed.

Major General


Appendix #5 to Accompany Annex #2 FO #1--Map--Algeria
Appendix #5 to Accompany Annex #2 FO #1

By authority of
CG, 1st Inf. Div.
Initials ________
1200 Oct 10, 1942.

COPY NO _____

    Hq 1st, Inf Div
    APO #1 U.S. Army
    1200 October 10, 1942.


Reconnaissance directives are simplified when normal, routine items of information as indicated by pre-arranged code numbers. The following items will normally be designated by number only in reconnaissance instructions:

NOTE: Enemy identifications are vitally necessary to completely fulfill the requirements of enemy information.

This procedure will greatly simplify the transmission of reconnaissance instructions by radio: it will be a Standing Operating Procedure within the division. Its use does not preclude calling for additional items of information.

By Command of Major General ALLEN:

Colonel, G,S,C,
Chief of Staff


Appendix #7 to Annex #2 F.O. #1--Order of Battle
Appendix #7 to Annex #2 F.O. #1--Order of Battle

By authority of
CG, 1st Inf. Div.
Initials ________
1200 Oct 10, 1942.

COPY NO _____

Annex No. 3 )   Hq 1st, Inf Div
    :   APO #1 U.S. Army
TO FO No. 1   1200 October 10, 1942.



1st Trip - Lands at "H" Hour

From To Type Landing Craft For Use by Land on Beach Remarks
Trans Div 18 Royal Ulsterman 4       Ranger Bn R - North Return to Trans Div 18 Boat Pool
1       SNOL (Ettrick Beach Party) As directed
Ulster Monarch 5       Ranger Bn R - North
Royal Scotsman 4       Ranger Bn R - South
1       Port Party  
Reina del Pacifico 12       3rd Bn LTm (Right assault) Z - Green West
Tegelberg 10       3rd Bn LTm (Right assault ) Z - Green West
Ettrick 10       1st Bn LTm (Left Assault) Z - Green East
Trans Div 16 Warwick Castle 12       3rd Bn LTm (Right assault) Z - White West Return to Trans Div 16 Boat Pool

* Return to Duchess of Bedford for personnel to land on Z-White East at H+1

      1 All personnel going to Derwentdale *
Duchess of Bedford 11       1st Bn LTm (Left assault) Z - White East
Derwentdale     14   Shore party   Return to Boat pool
5 - CT 16 Z - White
5 - CT 18 Z - Green Trans Div 18-7
4 - Combat Comd B Z - Red Trans Div 16 - 7
Trans Div 26 Trans. Div 26 22 10   11 Two assault bn LTms and vehicles Y Return to Trans Div 26


2nd and Subsequent Trips

From To Type Landing Craft For Use By Land on Beach Remarks
Trans Div 18 Trans Div 18 47 (less losses)   7 (less losses) 4 (less losses)* See Priority Table Z - Green Continue to ferry in Trans Div 18
Trans Div 16 Trans Div 16 32 (less losses)   7 (less losses) 4 (loss losses) ** See Priority Table Z - White Continue to ferry in Trans Div 16
Trans Div 26 Trans Div 26 22 (less losses) 10 (less losses)   11 See Priority Table Y Continue to ferry in Trans Div 26

* 2 more at daylight
** 1 more at daylight


Priority Trans Div 18 Trans Div 16 Trans Div 26
1. Ranger Bn
3rd Bn LTm
1st Bn LTm
Shore Bn Hq
3rd Bn LTm
1st Bn LTm
Shore Bn Hq
2nd Bn LTm
1st Bn LTm
Shore Bn Hq
2. Dets Div MP & Ord
Det 1st Sig Co
Dets Div MP & Ord Dets Div MP & Ord
3. Adv CP Div Hq
British MLO Parties
British MLO Parties
1st Rcn Tr
British MLO Parties
Det 1st Sig Co
4. Res Bn LTm Res Bn LTm Res Bn LTm
5. Engr Co Hq
FA Bn (less)
Coll Co (Med Bn)
Engr Co Hq
FA Bn (less)
Coll Co (Mod Bn)
Clearing plat (Med Bn)
Engr Co. Hq
FA Bn (less)
Coll Co (Med Bn) Clearing plat (Mod Bn)
6. 1st QM Bn
105th CA Bn (AA) (less)
1st Sig Co (less dets) Remainder of CT, and attachments
7. Div Hq & Hq Co
Div Arty Hq & Hq Btry
(less rear echelon)
Div Hq & Hq Co
Div Arty Hq & Hq Btry (less rear echelon)
1st Engr Bn (less dets)
8. 5th FA Bn
531st Engr shore Regt (less 3 bns)
1st Med Bn (less dets)  
9. Rear echelon Div Hq Rear echelon Div Hq  
10. etc. Supplies Supplies  

Notes: (1) Priority of Artillery:--
Each CT - (2 Btrys - combination at discretion of CT Comdr) Must be ashore - prior to daylight D - Day
(AA - minimum of 8 - .50 cal. of AA btry for CT 18)
(AA - minimum of 1/2 btry (4 - .50 cal. & 4 - 40mm) for CT 16)
Next priority - Remainder of btrys of CA (AA)
Subsequent priority dependent on tactical urgency.


            (2) priority of supplies and equipment:
Depending on situation, CG, 1st Inf Div, may direct through PMLO Z - Beach that priority be given to landing of supplies and equipment after priority No. 4, shown above.
(3) Shore party equipment and men are included in Bn LTms.

(4) CT Hq raid CT Special Troops priority as established by CT Comdrs.

(5) LCI's I of Derwentdale go, on orders CG, 1st Inf Div, to Trans Div V after H+6 (approx).

(6) Maximum efficiency in use of landing craft is vital.

Maj Gen



APO #1, United States Army
By authority of
CG, 1st Inf. Div.
Initials ________
1200 Oct 10, 1942.

9 October 1942.

ADM O #1 )
ANNEX #4 :
To FO #1     )




    1. Rations

      1. DP open 1600 D plus 1. See overlay.

      2. Each individual debark with 1 Type "C", 2 Type "D" rations.

      3. DP distribution initially,

    2. Water

      1. Water carried by individuals and on unit transportation remains under control of organizations and constitutes a 48-hour supply.

      2. Each individual, debark with 2 filled canteens.

      3. Back pack water carriers will be carried ashore by units, if available.

      4. 250-gallon water trailers (1st Med Bn), filled, to water DP when landed.

      5. Water DP opens 2300 D plus 1, Division Engineer operates. See overlay.

      6. Water consumption limited to 1 gallon per man per day.


    3. Ammunition

      1. DP open 1600 D Day. See overlay. CT's draw directly from Beach Dumps prior to 1600 D Day.

      2. Small-arms ammunition, as prescribed for combat, to be carried ashore on individuals and with small-arms automatic weapons.

      3. Artillery, 37-mm, and mortar ammunition to be landed with weapons to the maximum capacity of prime movers.

      4. No chemical ammunition, except smoke, will be taken.

    4. Gasoline and Oil

      1. DP open 1600 D plus 1. See overlay. Direct exchange.

      2. All filled gasoline cans in excess of 2 per vehicle to unit gasoline. DP when vehicles are landed. Units report location of unit Gas CP's to Division.

    5. Engineer

      DP Zebra Beach open 1600 D plus 1. Limited supply initially directly from Beach Dumps.

    6. Signal

      DP open 1600 D Day. See overlay. Limited supply initially.


    1. Medical

      1. DP Zebra Beach open 1600 D plus 1.

      2. Atabrine Tablets for Malaria prophylaxis will be placed aboard all ships by Director of Movement Control and will be administered to all troops in the following manner: 2 tablets twice a week after meals (1 in AM and 1 in PM), beginning 7 days prior to debarkation and continuing for a period of 4 weeks.

      3. Mosquito Repellent Ointment will be issued to all personnel aboard ships and will be used in the following manner: When in the presence of mosquitoes, rub small portion of paste over the face, forehead, and all exposed body surfaces. This repellent is effective for approximately 2 hours.


      See Appendix 2.

      1. Casualties

        1. By CT Collecting Companies to beach clearing station.

        2. CO, Shore Party responsible for evacuation from shore to ship when authorized by Navy. Ships ultimately available in ARZEW HARBOR for transfer of wounded.

      2. Burial

        1. When directed by CT and separate unit commanders.

        2. Initially vicinity Zebra Beach. Later cemetery ARZEW after capture. All graves will be marked and location reported daily to CG, 1st Infantry Division.

      3. Salvage

        By organizations to collecting points on Zebra Beach via returning transportation.

      4. Captured Materiel

        By organizations, to collecting points on Zebra Beach via returning transportation.

      5. Prisoners of War

        Initially to Division enclosure. See overlay. Later to Corps enclosure,; when established.

    3. TRAFFIC

      1. Circulation

        1. MSR to be announced.

        2. Priority: Ammunition, gasoline, water, and rations, in that order.

      2. Restrictions

        Blackout lights at night.

      3. Control

        By 1st Infantry Division Military Police in the Division zone of action. By Task Force Military Police outside Division zone.



    1. 1st Quartermaster Bn.

      1. When landed immediately establish Class I and Class III DP's. See overlay.

      2. Establish motor pool vicinity Class I DP and retrieve all vehicles of Division and attached troops from shore party pool and move same to Division pool for redistribution to units.

      3. Provide necessary transportation from Division pool to supplement shore party transportation for movement of ammunition and other supplies from beach to Division DP's.

    2. Ordnance, Engineer, Signal, Medical, C.W.S.

      1. Supply personnel supervise establishment of respective DP's and coordinate movement of supplies from beach to DP's. Assist Shore Party in classifying materials in beach dumps.

    3. De-waterproofing

      Last phase of waterproofing to be removed from all vehicles immediately after moving maximum of 500 yards from water line. Shore Party designates point for this operation and controls operation,


    1. See G-1 Annex. To be published separately.

    2. Straggler line: Main road paralleling beach,

    3. Provisional Platoons initially attached to 531st Engineer Regt. are attached to 1st Quartermaster Bn., effective on relief from attachment to 531st Engineer Regt. Will revert to units about D plus 4.

    4. Military police traffic control squads revert to Division control when II Army Corps takes over beach.

    5. Gas masks will be carried in barracks bags.

    6. Enlisted men's blanket rolls will be dropped prior to debarkation and tagged with owners' name and organization and will be landed with barracks bags.


    1. Organization for Landing

      1. CT's responsible for beach operation initially. Zebra Red, White and Green pass to Division control at H plus 9, D Day. 2nd Bn., (less 1 company), 591st Engineer Boat Regt. attached to 531st Engineer Shore Regt. H plus 9. Port of ARZEW under Division control when opened, 531st Engineers operates.

      2. Shore Party (a) responsible for tallying, at beach, ammunition and other stores loaded in Division transportation at beach and moved directly into Division dumps.

    2. See Boat Employment Plan.

    3. Priorities

      1. Supplies and equipment will be discharged from personnel ships by H plus 18 hours.

      2. An landing craft become available, TQM's will discharge supplies from MT ships in the following priority. Quantities listed are for troop strength of each CT Ship Group.


        Item D Day D 1 D 2 D 3
        Ammunition 1 U/F 1 U/F 1 U/F 1 U/F
        B Compo Rations       4 days
        C Rations 1 day 2 days    
        D Rations   1 day    
        Gasoline - hi octane 1 day 2 days 3 days 2 days
        Gasoline - low octane 1 day 2 days 3 days 2 days
        Oil   1 day 3 days 4 days
        Water 1 day 2 days 3 days 2 days
        Engineer SP Supplies All      

      1. Organizational equipment to be landed throughout the unloading period as landing craft become available

      2. Enlisted men's blanket rolls, barracks bags and officers1 bedding rolls to be landed, insofar as possible, on D Day by filling in landing craft where space is available.

      3. CT TQM's and Ship's TQM's be prepared to change priorities of unloading on call from G-4 (PMLO).

      4. TQM's to take advantage of every opportunity to include supplies on LCM's landing vehicles.

    1. The CG, Yorker Beach will control the unloading of supplies from the ships of CT 26 and will establish DP's and administrative details for Yorker Beach as required.




By authority of
CG, 1st Inf Div.
Initials _______

APO # 1, United States Army


9 October 1942

TO ADM O # 1 )




    1. The senior medical officer on each personnel ship will be designated as Troop Surgeon and will co-operate with the Transport Surgeon to the fullest extent.

    2. Sick call will be held daily, and, at all tines, a medical officer will be present in the dispensary or on immediate call for dispensary duty.

    3. The usual disposition of hospital cases is to the ship hospital. This is under control of the Navy and an informal transfer is required to transfer a patient. The emergency Medical Tag (I/D Form No. 52 B) will be used for this purpose and will be prepared in duplicate. Original will accompany patient and duplicate will be kept for dispensary file.

    4. Trained Army medical personnel to assist in the sick bay will be provided at the Transport Surgeon's request.

    5. Because of the necessity of close quarters aboard ship, constant close supervision is necessary, particularly in the following spheres:

      1. Mess: Aboard ship, the mess will be inspected at each meal time by a medical officer. This inspection will be complete and will cover:

        1. Shortage of food

        2. Preparation of meals.

        3. Serving

        4. Washing of mess gear.

        5. Disposal of garbage.

        6. Sufficient kitchen help (cooks & K.P.'s). Limited eating space frequently necessitates prolonged mess hours and laxity may result if kitchen help is overworked.

        7. Food handlers will be examined daily, and, in the event of a tropical voyage, will be changed twice daily. Salt tablets will be taken as indicated.

      2. Quarters:

        1. Cleanliness of quarters and latrines must be rigidly enforced. Daily inspection will be held and deficiency reports submitted to the Troop Commander.

        2. Bedding will be aired above decks twice weekly for a two hour period as the weather permits.

        3. Shower facilities vary, and water control may dictate rationing.

      3. Clothing: Humidity will be high aboard ship, and profuse perspiration frequently causes severe heat rash. All possible attempts will be made for the men to have dry, clean changes available.

      4. Supplies: Unit surgeons will check medical supplies and insure that sufficient quantity is available.


    1. Vaccines and serums will be available for completion of injections from the Division Medical Supply. Insofar as is possible, inoculations will be completed before debarkation.



    1. All personnel will have a special inspection twenty-four (24) hours prior to debarkation, special emphasis to be paid to skin diseases, parasitic diseases, contagious, and infectious diseases.

    2. All cases held for hospitalization will be disposed of through the Troop Surgeon and Transport Surgeon. All enlisted men's records and personal effects will accompany the men.

    3. Prior to debarkation, unit Surgeons will assure themselves by personal inspection that individual medical equipment and supplies are complete and are carried ashore by the individual. He will confer with the Ship TQM relative to priority of unloading organizational equipment and will know its whereabouts and probable disposition.

Maj Gen



By authority of
CG, 1st Inf Div.
Initials _______
11 Oct 1942

11 October 1942


Appendix No. 3 )
To Adm O No. 1)




    1. Transfers of Personnel

      1. All patients in hospitals or individuals requiring prolonged medical treatment, who, in the opinion of the medical officer concerned, will not be able to accompany their organization upon its permanent departure from the United Kingdom, will be transferred to Detachment of Patients of the hospital concerned.

      2. Names of personnel awaiting trial by general court-martial will be reported to this headquarters and necessary instructions for their disposition will then be issued. Garrison prisoners and those awaiting trial in whose cases general court-martial is not recommended will be returned to their respective organization for duty.

      3. Personnel AWOL will be transferred to Replacement Depot, SOS, ETOUSA.

      4. All other officers, nurses, warrant officers and enlisted men who will not accompany their organization at the time of its departure from the United Kingdom, and who will not later be shipped to their organization, will be transferred to Replacement Depot, SOS, ETOUSA.

      5. Service records and allied papers of personnel transferred in accordance with subparagraphs (1) and (4) above, will be endorsed and forwarded directly by units to the CO's of the installations to which the transfers are made.

      6. Service records and allied papers of enlisted men AWOL or dropped in desertion, will be endorsed and forwarded directly by units to CG SOS ETOUSA (attention Central Records Bureau). With each such service record will be forwarded an extract copy of the morning report of the day on which the individual was reported AWOL.

      7. In endorsing service records in accordance with subparagraphs

        (1), (3) and (4) above, authority for transfer will be stated as "SO No. _____________, Hq 1st Inf Div, _______ Oct. 1942". Accompanying letter of transmittal will state the status of each individual. This hq will issue necessary special orders upon receipt of reports called for by following subparagraph (8).

      8. Each unit commander will submit immediately to this hq a consolidated report of personnel not to accompany the unit upon departure from the United Kingdom. This report will contain the following information:

        Name Grade Serial
        Organization Spec.
        Ser No
        Status of

    2. Enlisted Men DS at British Schools will be recalled immediately. Unit commander will submit a report to this headquarters of enlisted men in this category, stating name, grade, serial number, name of school and where located.

    3. Service Records and Allied Papers of Personnel Accompanying Units

      The CO of Troops of each transport will be responsible that there are on board his ship the service records, Form 20 and allied papers of all enlisted men on board, sorted in the order of the passenger list, except that for such ships as have only small detachments of enlisted men (such as 12 men or less) the service records, Form 20 and allied papers of such men will be retained by CT Hq.


      Service records, Forms 20 and allied papers of men who are not checked aboard will be withdrawn, the service records properly endorsed, and the papers delivered to the commissioned representative of SOS, ETOUSA, at the gangplank. Organization and detachment commanders will insure that service records, Forms 20 and allied papers accompany their men to the ship.

    1. Administrative Personnel and Duties.

      1. Company, battery, troop and detachment clerks will accompany their organization headquarters aboard ship and upon debarkation will rejoin their unit personnel sections.

      2. CT Personnel Adjutants will verify field docks and record chests to insure that:

        1. An adequate supply of blank forms and office supplies is taken.

        2. Forms 20 accompany the service records.

        3. Organizational or individual records not necessary for the conduct of current administration are disposed of as prescribed in administrative directives of this headquarters.

    2. Passenger Lists

      Passenger list will be prepared as prescribed in AR 30-1185, with the following modifications:

      1. Passenger lists will be prepared alphabetically by grade within companies and detachments.

      2. Officers will be listed by grade at the head of each company, battery, troop or detachment list. Officers will not be numbered on these passenger lists.

      3. In the case of attachments for tactical purpose or for purposes of billeting aboard ship, the list of attached personnel, arranged alphabetically as proscribed; in (1) and (2) above will immediately follow the list of the organization to which attached.

      4. A minimum of 40 copies of passenger lists will be prepared, for such purposes as may arise, and to be distributed in part as follows:

        1. 5 copies to this headquarters, one copy of which will be forwarded to CG, II Corps.

        2. One copy to the company, battery, troop or detachment commander for his use in checking personnel at the gangplank.

        3. Such copies as may be required at the gangplank by the commissioned representative of Hq SOS ETOUSA for his use and the use of his headquarters.

      5. Officers' Passenger Lists

        In addition to passenger lists prepared as proscribed in (1) to (5) above, separate passenger lists for each transport must be prepared for officers, nurses, warrant officers and civilians. Names of officers, nurses and warrant officers will be listed alphabetically within grade and will be numbered, and will be followed by the names of attached civilians also numbered. These passenger lists will be prepared in the same quantity, and distributed, as directed above for other passenger lists.

    3. Identification Tags

      Immediate report will be made to this headquarters of identification tags required for personnel lacking same or who have incorrect tags.


    1. Identification Cards

      Immediate report will be made to this headquarters of identification cards, WD AGO Forms Nos. 65-1 and 65-4, required for personnel lacking same.


    1. Reports of Change

      1. On departure from present station, units Report of Change, WD

        AGO Form No. 303, marked "Secret", will be submitted to this headquarters by each regiment, separate battalion, separate company and separate detachment, showing the following:

        _____ Inf left (location) by (mode of travel) for overseas destination. Authority secret.

        No. of officers _______, nurses _____, warrant officers ______, civilians (State designation, such as American Red Cross, War Correspondent, etc.) _____. EM _____.

      2. Immediately upon arrival at P of E, units will submit to this headquarters Reports of Changes that occurred en route. The date in the lower left hand corner of Report of Change will be the date the change occurred.

      3. On departure from P of E, on transports, no Reports of Change are required.

      4. On shipboard the usual Reports of Change will be prepared daily and will be held by the CO of Troops until such time as these Reports of Change can be submitted to AG, this headquarters. Upon debarkation, accumulated Reports of Change will be forwarded to AG, 1st Inf Div, at the earliest opportunity. Attention is invited to the following cases which must be covered by Reports of Change:

        1. Any corrections in passenger lists discovered after sailing.

        2. Any transfer of personnel from one ship to another, as "Duty to DS, HMS _____", or "From DS, HMS _____, to duty".

        3. Personnel sick on Naval Hospital Ship or returned to duty there from, as "Duty to absent sick, HMS _____," _or "Absent sick, HMS _____, to duty".

      5. Upon arrival at overseas destination, unit Reports of Change, covering arrival will be submitted to this headquarters.

    2. Strength Reports

      Commencing on D-day, consolidated strength reports of all units will be submitted to this headquarters as set forth below.

      1. Daily reports

        1. A message by the most expeditious means practicable will be submitted daily by each CT and separate unit, using the following code:

            A - Ground Force Officers
            B - Ground Force Warrant Officers
            C - Ground Force Army Nurses
            D - Ground Force Enlisted Men
            E - Air Force Officers
            F - Air Force Warrant Officers
            G - Air Force Army Nurses
            H - Air Force Enlisted Men
            J - Total Ground and Air Force

        2. Form of Message

          CG, 1st Inf Div

          AS CF 2559 HR 17 JUNE 42 HQ _____ AT ______ A 792 B 28 C NONE D 18972 E 697 F 16 G 75 H 15762 J 3647


      1. Consolidated Strength Report as of 7th, 15th, 21st and Last Day off Each Month.

        1. The report will be submitted in detail by each CT and separate unit as required by the attached form (See Enclosure 1). All units down to and including separate companies and detachments, will be listed in the Consolidated Strength Report. Report will be submitted to this headquarters as soon as possible after the dates indicated by the most expeditious means practicable.

        2. Under E, F, G, H and J there will be included all personnel of other arms and services assigned.

      2. All Strength Reports submitted to this headquarters will be in one copy only and will be classified as "Secret".

    1. Battle Casualty Reports

      See Enclosure 2 hereto and Circulars Nos. 1 and 2, Allied Force Headquarters dated respectively 1 Oct 1942 and 5 Oct 1942.

    2. Reports of Death

      See Circulars Nos. 1 and 2 mentioned in preceding subparagraph c.

    3. Periodic Reports

      S-1 reports will be submitted daily by all units to this headquarters for period 0001 to 2400.

  1. MAIL

    Personnel of each unit will continue use its present APO number.


    Each American Red Cross representative will accompany the unit to which he is assigned.


    Recognition of meritorious acts will be prompt. Recommendations and citations for awards and decorations will be submitted to this headquarters without delay.

Maj Gen


2 Enclosures -


Enclosure 1 to G-1 Annex
Enclosure 1 to G-1 Annex


Enclosure 2 to G-1 Annex
Enclosure 2 to G-1 Annex


COPY No. _____  
By authority of
CG, 1st Inf Div.
Initials _______
1600 Oct 14, 1942.
    Hq 1st Inf Div
APO #1, U.S. Army
1400 Oct 14, 1942
TO ANNEX No. 10)
TO FO No. 1          )


Aircraft participating in Operation "TORCH" will be marked as follows:

  1. All Spitfires which constitute the equipment of Twelfth Air Force Fighter Squadrons, and which will, be flown from GIBRALTAR to the theater of operations, to have U.S. insignia and, in addition, replicas of the American Flag displayed as follows:

    (1) On the under-surface of one wing.

    (2) On each side of the fuselage or on each side of the vertical tail surfaces.

    b. British carrier-borne aircraft to be marked with U.S. insignia but not with the American Flag.

    c. Hudson aircraft of No. 500 (G. R.) Squadron, R.A.F,, which are to proceed to an airdrome in the Center Task Force area as early as possible after D Day, to be marked with U.S. insignia but not with the American Flag, before leaving GIBRALTAR.

    d. All U.S. aircraft to be flown direct from U.K. to the Theater of Operations to carry markings similar to those described in a. above.

    e. All R.A.F. aircraft taking part in the Operation, with the exception of those specified in sub-para. c. above, to have R.A.F. markings.

Maj Gen


Special Registered


COPY No. _____  
By authority of
CG, 1st Inf Div.
Initials _______
1200 Oct 10, 1942.
    Hq 1st Inf Div
APO #1, U.S. Army
1200 Oct 10, 1942
ANNEX No. 5  )
TO FO No. 1     )

Maps: North Africa, Sheet No. 127, 128, 152, 153, 154, 155, 180, 181 and 182; Scale - 1:50,000.

    1. Information of enemy - Annex No. 2.

      1. Mission, tactical plan: FO #1.

      2. Axes of Signal Communication


        CT 16, 18, and 26: Routes of advance as shown on Opn Overlay accompanying FO #1.

      3. Existing Signal Installations in ORAN Area

        1. Cables

          A main underground cable exists between ORAN and PHELIPPE-VILLE, via ALGIERS. Circuits leading east to BLIDA (240 miles) consist of 48 Quads. Repeater stations are situated at ORAN, PERREGAUX, RELIZANE, CHARON ALFREVILLE AND BLIDA.

        2. Overhead Wire System

          Apart from the cable routes above indicated the entire wire system is overhead construction which is extensive. Main routes usually follow railways and have 30 or 40 wires per pole. Distribution is extensive and even isolated farms and houses are reported to have telephones installed.

        3. Telephone Exchanges

          The following automatic exchanges are installed: ORAN (6000 lines-at 37 Rue Alsace-Lorraine); SIDI-BEL-ABBES (1000 lines); MASCARA (unknown). All other exchanges in vicinity of ORAN are reported to be common battery or magneto.

        4. Radio Stations

          An extensive system of radio communications is in operation. The Ground Task Forces have been assigned the mission of taking over all radio installations.

        5. Telegraph Facilities

          There are two telegraph cables to MARSEILLES and one to TANGIERS. Telegraph circuits are in use on land telephone lines but no details are available on their terminations.

        6. Power

          Commercial power is supplied from a power station at MERS-EL-KEBIR and a second station in the GAMBETTA district of ORAN, close to the outer harbor. Details of the installations are as follows:


          Capacity 24,200 KW 17,200 KW
          Generation 6,000 V, 3-phase, 50. cycle 3,000 V, 3-phase, 50 cycle
          Main Distribution 6 KV and 30 KV 3 KV
          Local Distribution 110/220 volts 115/220 volts


    1. Mission - Establish communications at 0100 Nov 8; maintain communications continuously until mission of Div is accomplished.

    2. Radio primary means of communication. Wire used with economy and not committed unless, situation becomes stabilized. Radio nets in general duplicated.

    3. Communication units prepared to seize and secure all existing communication facilities in their areas.

      1. 1st Sig Co organize 2 dets (3 men ea) capable of supervision of civilian tp exchanges. Also organize a 2 man det capable of taking over a captured radio station.

      2. Pending release orders, all traffic on captured facilities will be stopped unless supervised by trusted American personnel except that teletype machines will be left connected so that incoming messages may be intercepted.

    4. Location and type of all captured enemy supply dumps and equipment will be reported to Div Sig O with 1east practicable delay.


    1. 1st Rngr Bn

      1. Radio - will have one station in CT 18 comd net and one station in Div comd net.

    2. CT 26

      1. Radio - Initially one sot operating in Force (Corps) net. Upon establishing communication with Div CP on shore, the one set back to Force Hq will drop out of Force net. One set will operate in Combat Command B, comd net.

    3. 1st Rcn Tr

      1. Radio - will exchange liaison officer and radio set plus necessary operators with Rcn Co of Combat Comd B 1st Armd Div.

    4. Combat Comd B

      1. Radio - on shipboard and shore will operate a set in Div Comd net. x. General

    1. General

      1. Message Center - each CT will operate a msg con on ship. Ships Naval Communication personnel will be informed of same and of the units served by it.

      2. Radio - silenced until assault companies have landed or upon contact with the enemy. Prior to embarkation every radio will be tagged with a card giving calibration of set for the frequencies on which it might be used. This calibration will be checked with a frequency motor. Each CT will have a frequency meter available for use at H-hour and will make necessary check to insure that each radio is on proper frequency when operation starts. Units using battery powered radio sets will exercise utmost economy in use of batteries. All radio sets in units down to and including bn will maintain complete logs. Upon capture of ORAN these logs will be turned in to Div Sig O.


      1. Wire

        Consolidated line route maps and circuit diagrams as of 2100 to Div Sig O by 0600 daily. Maps will show amount of field wire laid during previous 24 hours, amount on hand, and commercial facilities being used

      2. Any unit that is placed in Div res or which comes directly under Div control during the opn will immediately place a radio set in the Div comd radio net (A) frequency.

      3. Air Support Signal Plan

        1. During initial assault phase, calls for air support will be relayed through comd channels.

        2. When CP, Corps is established ashore, an air support control radio net will be established to include air support parties and air support control; also a net will be established to include air support parties, air support control and airplanes working in area. Direct radio or wire communications to be established between air support control and CG, 12th Air Force. For call signs and frequencies, see S.O.I.

      4. Coordination of time - prior to H-hour all watches and clocks will be synchronized with ships official time. After H-hour the Msg Gen Div CP will have official time broadcasts made at irregular intervals daily. Any units having wire communication to Div CP will call Div Msg Con at 1200 daily and obtain official time. Greenwich Mean Tine, i.e. Z, will be the official time.


    1. Initially from dumps near beach. Sig Dep will open at ORAN on D+6.

    2. Damaged equipment, will be turned in to Div Sig Sup O for repair.

    3. On D+7 all units will render report to Div Sig O of all equipment lost in action for which replacement is essential.

  2. See Index No. 1 to S.O.I., dated November 1, 1942.

Maj Gen



COPY No. _____  
By authority of
CG, 1st Inf Div.
Initials _______
1200 Oct 10, 1942.
    Hq 1st Inf Div
APO #1, U.S. Army
1200 Oct 10, 1942
ANNEX No. 6  )
TO FO No. 1     )

Maps: No change.


    1. Protect shipping from shore batteries.

    2. To support landing and the advance inland.


    1 battleship
    2 cruisers
    6 destroyers


    1. Prior to H minus 15 minutes fire from ships only in event enemy opens fire first.

    2. After H minus 15 minutes ships will engage shore targets:

      1. On orders from navy

      2. On call from army

      3. Between CAP FALCON to MERS-EL-KEBIR in reply to shore batteries until H plus 3 hours and thereafter only if requested by the military.

      4. The town and harbor of ORAN will not be fired on without orders from Naval Force Comdr.

      5. Destroyer 6 supports CT 18 on Z - Green beach until landing is effected; thereafter supports CT 16.


    1. It is essential that ARZEW north batteries (naval target P9) and batteries at FORT DE LA POINTE (naval target P10) be silenced. FOO No. 3 (atchd to 1st Rngr Bn) and FOO No. 4 (atchd to 3rd Bn 18th Inf) mil be prepared to call for supporting fire on these targets after first securing approval of CO of unit to which atchd. After darkness danger area to own troops is 2,000 yards (axial range line) by 1,000 yards (lateral dispersion).

    2. After capture of ARZEW FOO No. 3. and FOO No, 4 will act on orders from the CO, CT 18.


    As a precaution against radio failure a prearranged pyrotechnic signal (three stars, Red) will be used for lifting fire when friendly troops are in vic of impact.

Maj Gen



COPY No. _____  
By authority of
CG, 1st Inf Div.
Initials _______
1200 Oct 10, 1942.
    Hq 1st Inf Div
APO #1, U.S. Army
1200 Oct 10, 1942
ANNEX No. 7  )
TO FO No. 1     )


  1. 12th Air Force will furnish an Air Support Control to be set up in vic of CP, Corps (Center Task Force), to receive calls from subordinate units. Missions approved by Corps to be transmitted by Air Support Control, directly to 12th Air Force when U.S. Army planes arrive. Prior to arrival of U.S. Army planes, all missions requested by Corps will be relayed to British Navy by Air Support Control Officer.

  2. 12th Air Force has provided air support parties, complete with radio communications attached to Div as follows:

      1st Inf Div (less CT 26) - 1 Air Support Party (1 off, 7 EM)
      CT 26 - 1 Air Support Party (1 off, 7 EM)
      WHITE Force works independently of 1st Inf Div (RED Force) and direct with Air Support Control.

  3. Subordinate units furnish without delay a report to CP Div on results obtained, for each mission ordered.

  4. Probable Missions:

    1. Rcn missions in compliance with request from G-2.

    2. Dive bombing missions in order of priority (only on call):

      1. Coast defence guns N of ARZEW.

      2. 194-mm gun btrys at Batterie du Santon (MERS EL KEBIR) of ORAN.

      3. 240-mm guns at Batterie du Canestal, 2600 yds SW of POINTE DU CANESTAL

      4. Gun Btrys along coast one mile 2 of ORAN.

      5. 75-mm AA btrys at AINE EL TURK.

      6. 75-mm gun btry Bouisseville, 2 miles E of AINE EL TURK.

    3. Targets of opportunity to be dive bombed on call or at discretion of pilot when primary mission cannot be accomplished.

  5. For details of communication, see Signal Annex (No. 5).

  6. For normal procedure of Air Support, see FM 31-35 and Annex 4 to Div SOP, "Aviation in Support."

Maj Gen



COPY No. _____  
By authority of
CG, 1st Inf Div.
Initials _______
1200 Oct 10, 1942.
    Hq 1st Inf Div
APO #1, U.S. Army
1200 October 10, 1942
ANNEX No. 8  )
TO FO No. 1     )


  1. The immediate seizure of the Port of ORAN, with all of its dock facilities, as early as possible in the operation, is of extreme importance. If this seizure can be effected before any effective sabotage can be carried out, the maintenance of units in the Assault Convoy will be made easier, and the rate of build-up of subsequent convoys will be materially increased. Likewise, the early seizure of communication centers undamaged will facilitate the consolidation of the ORAN area. Water is very limited in the ORAN area, so that existing systems must be taken over.

    1. To secure the installations enumerated above, it is the responsibility of the 1st Inf Div to seize and safeguard as early as possible, in priority as follows:

      1. Ports of ORAN, ARZEW, and MERS EL KEBIR and all installations connected therewith, particularly docks, cranes, dry-docks, ships at docks, and the like.

      2. Radio stations.

      3. Cable office.

      4. Power plants.

      5. Telephone exchanges and post offices.

      6. DUCROS shell plant.

      7. Key points on RR and highways.

    2. An overlay of areas of responsibility of CT's showing locations of above points to be seized and to be secured is attached hereto.

    3. A written location and legend to overlay is attached hereto.

By command of Major General ALLEN:




COPY No. _____  
By authority of
CG, 1st Inf Div.
Initials _______
1200 Oct 10, 1942.
    Hq 1st Inf Div
APO #1, U.S. Army
1200 October 10, 1942
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ANNEX No. 8         )
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TO FO No. 1           )


Maps: ORAN Town Plan - 1:10,000.


    The purpose of this plan is to indicate the important utilities present in ARZEW, MERS-EL-KEBIR and in ORAN, where they are located. Priority of capture is in order indicated for each town.

    1. ARZEW:

      1. Oil Installations:

        1. Raffinerie du Midi is located due north of Grand Quai. Nine (9) storage tanks storing benzine, kerosene, gas and oil. Also small refinery unit present. Storage capacity 8,739 cu. meters.

        2. South refinery located just south of South Btry, Five {$) large "* storage tanks,

        3. Seaplane base located at base of South Jetee.

        4. R.R. station is located between the S. Jetee and the East Jetee.

        5. Barracks buildings located due inland from center of town on 5th and last street running parallel to dock railroad.

        6. There is no information on other establishments; however, the following should be under our control as soon as possible:

            (Telephone exchange.
            (Police Hqs.
            (City Government probably located in large building
            (near city green. No other definite location known.

    2. ORAN:

      1. Communication Utilities: (Radio) See overlay No 19.

        1. Radio Mil Sta FVB & FVB 1 location 35° 45' N - 0° 39' W.

        2. Mil Air Sta FVAO location 35° 45' N - 0° 39' W.

        3. Civil Aeronautical Sta FOR location 35° 37' N - 0° 36' 08" W.

        4. Aeronautical D/F Sta location:

          1. 35° 37' 42" N - 0° 36' 08" W (Receiving aerial)

          2. 35° 37' 55" N - 0° 36' 08" W (Transmitting aerial)

        5. Oran, (Ain el Turk) FUK coast, sta location 35° 45' 00" N - 0° 45' 30: W.

        6. Oran, (Ain el Turk) FUK naval station position not known.

          The above locations are of the place and not the exact location of Radio Set.


      1. Telephone Central and Cable Offices: (See overlay No's 16, 20, and 40.)

      2. Generating Stations: Electric Works and Gas Works. See overlay No's 14, l5, 26.

        1. Steam plant owned by Lebon et Cic. Capacity 7,000 Kw. Just inland from outer port basin.

        2. Main electric power station owned by la Societe Algerienne d'Eclaitage et de Force--located on sea front in Mers el Kebir Bay 230 1500 yds from Mers el Kebir lighthouse. Concrete building very conspicuous from seaward.

      3. Oil Installations: See overlay to fit ORAN Town plan Map 1:10,000.

        1. Shell Co. at VICTOR HUGO. Capacity 16,890 Cu meters. One (l) mile S of Port. 6 Tanks, #32 on overlay.

        2. S. G. H. P. Co. Oran Port. Capacity 29,700 Cu meters fuel oil,on reclaimed land in eastern port of harbors. S of Quai de Brest--four (4) tanks, two (2) of which are large: #33 on overlay.

        3. Soc. Algerienne des Huiles, Minerals. Capacity 28,500 cu. m. W. N. W. of (6) above. Immediately N of Shell Marine installations. Three (3) Tanks. #34 on Overlay.

        4. Shell Marine Gas, Oil, and Bituminum. Cap, 10,033 cu. m. Short distance W. of S. G. H. P. Eight (8) Tanks, #34 on overlay.

        5. Soc. Algeronaphte. Cap. 4,350. Immediately W of Shell. Three (3) tanks. Large silo short distance to the N. N. W. is a most conspicuous landmark. Gas, oil and fuel oil only stored. #34 on overlay.

        6. Oran Port. French Navy. Cap. 40,000-50,000. #35 on overlay.

          1. Three (3) 2500 ton tanks by the Quai de la Douane at Western end of harbor. One which is bonded is believed to be used for benzine or aviation spirit. Other two (2) are fuel oil. Five (5) 250 Ton Tanks for fuel oil or diesel oil but precise location not known. There are four or five tanks in face of cliff by the side of road leading to Mers-El-Kebir 200 yds to the N. N. W. of the three (3) tanks mentioned in f.(1) above. Cap of each -- 8,000-10,000 Tons. See #64 on overlay.

        7. Mers El Kebir Cic Algerienne des Petroles Standard. Cap. 11,200 cu. meters. Immediately north of inner basin of harbors. Five (5) tanks. See #36 on overlay.

          French Navy has, supposedly, underground tanks in hillside 400 yds to the NNW of the Installation Cic Algerienne des Petroles at Mers-el-Kebir.

      4. Telegraph and Telephone Office is located in Rue d'Alsace-Lorraine. See #16 [?] overlay.

      5. Police Hqs located on Rue du General Cirez, 2nd block from Boulevard Francois Lescur near center of city across from Cathedral. (See overlay No 49 and 10.)

      6. Key points as indicated on overlay by #60.

      By command of Major General ALLEN:






October 10, 1942

Annex No. 8)
To FO #1     )


  1. Police Station (Prefecture)
  2. Secret Police (Surete)
  3. First District (Police Hq.)? ________
  4. Hotel Continental
  5. Hotel DeFrance
  6. Bank of Algiers
  7. Post Office
  8. Grand Hotel
  9. Barclays Bank & Bank Across St.
  10. Prison Record Office
  11. Hotel Miramar
  12. Mosque ?
  13. Chateau Neuf Wireless Station
  14. Electric Transformer Station
  15. Power Plant
  16. Telephone & Telegraph Exchange in Rue d'Alsace Lorrain
  17. Railway Station & Sidings
  18. Railway Station & Sidings
  19. Naval Signal Station & Telephone Exchange for AA Fire
  20. Cable landing
  21. Arsenal or Magazine
  22. Place Foche (Town Hall)
  23. Place Bastille
  24. Various Reservoirs
  25. Reservoirs; objectives of Combat Command "B"
  26. Main Power Plant (Mers-El-Kebir)
  27. Hospitals
  28. Ducros Shell Plant & Small Repair Shop at Dock
  29. Spanish Consulate Shared by Italian Consulate
  30. Police Station, 3rd Arrondissement
  31. Police Station, 5th Arrondissement
  32. Shell Oil Depot
  33. Oil Storage
  34. Oil Storage
  35. Oil Depot
  36. Oil Depot Mers-El-Kebir
  37. Barracks
  38. Customs
  39. Explosive Store
  40. Telephone Exchange for Control of AA Fire
  41. Fort Lamoune
  42. Naval Hq. at Fort Lamoune
  43. Torpedo Boat Station
  44. Naval Barracks
  45. Seaplane Hangar
  46. Port Offices
  47. Gas Works
  48. Water Conduit
  49. Palace de Justice Police Hq
  50. Camp des Tirailleurs
  51. Camp de L'Artillerie
  52. Fort St. Philippe
  53. Fort St. Andre
  54. Lunette St. Louis
  55. Fort Santa Cruz
  56. Fort St Gregoire
  57. Chateau Neuf
  58. Barracks of Mobile Guard
  59. Railway Works & Shops
  60. Key Bridges
  61. Btry de Roseville
  62. Btry de la Briqueterie
  63. Water Works



CD 2 Espagnol 2 - 3" (75mm) Guns 14,000 yd range
CD 3 Gambetta 4 - 4.7" (120mm) Guns
CD 4 Ravin Blanc 4 - 3" (75mm) HA/LA Guns
CD 5 Lamoune 2 - 3.7" (95mm) Guns
CD 6 See AA 6  
CD 7 Marabout Sali Morsli 4 - 3.5" (90mm) Guns
CD 8 Mers El Kebir 2 - 3" (75mm) Guns
4 - 3" (75mm) HA/LA Guns
AA 2 Espagnol 2 - 3" (75mm) Guns
AA 3 Gambetta 4 - 3" (75mm)? Mobile Guns Light MGs
AA 4 Ravin Blanc 4 - 3" (75mm)? HA/LA Guns
2 - 1.5" (37mm) Guns
AA 5A Fort Lamoune 2 - 1.5" (37mm) Guns
AA 6 St. Gregoire 4 - 3" (37mm) Guns
AA 7 Marabout Sali Morsli 4 - 3.5" (90mm) Guns
AA 8 Fort Mers El Kebir 4 - 3" (75mm) HA/LA Guns
3 - 1.5" (37mm) Guns
8 - 0.5" (13.2mm) M. G.'s.
AA 11 Kasbah ? Light Guns.
AA 12 Chateau Neuf? 2 - 3" (75mm) Guns
2 MG's.


COPY No. _____  
By authority of
CG, 1st Inf Div.
Initials _______
1200 October 10, 1942.
    Hq 1st Inf Div
APO #1, U.S. Army
1200 October 10, 1942
ANNEX No. 9         )
      OF                     :
TO FO No. 1           )



    1. At X - Beach

      Armd elm to land at Z - Red beach with remainder of Armd Combat Comd B.

    2. At Y - Beach

      CT 26 to land with remainder of 1st Inf Div at Z - Beach in res following CT 16 and CT 18.

    3. At Z - Beach

      Units to be landed either in ports of ARZEW and MOSTAGANEM, or on beach between LA MACTA and MOSTAGANEM.


    1. CAP CARBON Beach

      Rngr Bn scheduled for landing at this beach to be landed in vic ARZEW as directed by CG, 1st Inf Div, in agreement with British Navy.

    2. X - Beach

      Armd elm scheduled to land at this beach to be atchd to CT 26 landing at Y - Beach, report to CG, WHITE Force for instructions.


    1. Z - Beach to be forced at all costs, unless otherwise ordered by Task Force Comdr. There are no alternate plans for this beach. If opns require, Task Force Comdr will order landing in E half of ARZEW Bay; no change in missions.

    2. In the event of serious resistance at X and Y - Beaches, atk will be continued until CG, Corps directs otherwise.


    1. PLAN A

      1. CTs to land simultaneously abreast in order right to left, CT 26, CT 18, CT 16, each CT two bns abreast. If on a single continuous beach, R bn CT 26 and 1 bn CT 16 undertake protection on their respective flanks, adjacent assault bns responsible for contact w/flank bns. If on two or three beaches (not contiguous), each CT comdr will secure his own exposed flank or flanks, and will secure and maintain immediate and continuous contact with the CT on his L.

      2. Rngr Bn atchd to CT 18 as fourth, or res bn.

      3. Res bn each CT committed to landing craft only on order of Div Comdr.

      4. Present priorities of landing of trs, materiel, and supplies will obtain.


    1. PLAN B.

      CT 18 and CT 16 to land abreast, CT 18 on R, each with 2 bns abreast. Ranger Bn to be atchd to R Bn of CT 18 and land in conjunction therewith. CT 26 will land as Div res on order of Div Comdr.

    2. Objectives

      1. Initial beachhead will be determined by terrain suitable for protection of continued landing from hostile infantry fire, CT comdrs will select such terrain in area approximately 2 mi to 4 mi from the beach.

      2. Div beachhead will be secured to prevent use of arty against the landing. Movement thereto will be initiated by CO, CT 18 when contact with adjacent CTs has been assured, and will be prosecuted as rapidly as possible without losing essential lateral contacts. Arbitrarily, the limit of this beachhead is 10 mi from the landing point or 10 mi extended as little as is necessary to take advantage of comdg terrain.

      3. Present plans will be adapted with minimum changes.

Maj Gen



COPY No. _____  
By authority of
CG, 1st Inf Div.
Initials _______
1200 Oct 10, 1942.
    Hq 1st Inf Div
APO #1, U.S. Army
1200 October 10, 1942
ANNEX No. 10 )
      OF                :
TO FO No. 1      )




    1. Allied Vehicles

      All allied vehicles (except ambulances) will have one large 5-pointed yellow or white star on a dark background painted on a horizontal or near-horizontal surface, size of star to be contained in a circle 22 inches in diameter. Those stars may be covered by camouflage when considered necessary.

    2. Ground Troops

      Troops display white panel (see par 3).

    3. Allied Aircraft

      1. U.S. Aircraft will be marked on both lower wing surfaces and on both sides of fuselage with a 5-pointed white star on a circular blue background; the whole surrounded by a yellow band.

      2. British Aircraft will be marked on both sides of fuselage with four concentric circles; from inside to outside, red, white, blue and yellow. The fin surface is marked with vertical stripes, from front to rear, red, white, and blue. Lower wing surfaces may be marked with three concentric circles, from inside to outside, red, white, and blue.


    When any allied plane desires identification of units on the ground, it will fire a series of white or green signal cartridges; repeating the signal if necessary. When identification has been accomplished, the plane will indicate "Understood" by wagging its wings.


    1. Front Line Foot Troops

      Front line foot troops will display panels along general direction of line occupied.

    2. Command Posts

      CPs will display the appropriate panel signal (ground indicators and call signs) prescribed by SOI, Hq 1st Inf Div, Nov 1, 1942. If on the move, a detachment must halt for this purpose. This display must be located at a suitable dropping ground for messages.

    3. Marching Foot Troops

      At the tail of each co a white panel will be displayed supported by one man at each corner.

    4. Marching Vehicles

      Primary means of identification will be the stars already painted on


      vehicles. An additional means, if this should be necessary, will be the waving of any available white object by personnel of the vehicles.

    1. General

      All concerned are cautioned that the enemy is likely to imitate our signals for identification. Accordingly, the signals will be displayed only on order of a platoon or higher commander. Having been displayed, identification signals, will be maintained until the "understood",is received from the plane.

  1. RADIO:

    When channels of radio communication are available, they should be employed for mutual identification between air and ground.



    In addition to yellow stars, armored vehicles will have painted on vertical surfaces:

    1. U.S. Armored Vehicles - 5-pointed star

    2. British Armored Vehicles - three vertical stripes; red, white, red.

Maj Gen




Hq 1st Inf Div,
2115 Nov. 8, 42.

FO #2

    1. Enemy forces estimated to be 1 bn rein partially surrounded by CT 16.

    2. Bombing between 0600 and 0650 all N of grid 97 and W of grid 63.

  1. Div continues atk 0700 - Nov 9.

    1. CT 16 adv via FLEURS -- ASSI AMEUR -- ASSI BEN OKBA -- DJEBEL KHAR. Block all RJs. Seize DJEBEL KHAR. Block escape of force between CT 16 and CT 18. 1 co preceded by 1st Rcn Tr N from FLEURUS on ST. CLOUD atk in conjunction with CT 18. Cannot cross grid 97 prior to 0600.

    2. CT 18 continues atk from present position at 0700 -- Nov 9.

    3. 1st Rcn Tr drive enemy to W preceding adv of co moving FLEURUS N on ST CLOUD. Rcn and combat missions. Assist atk by fire.

    1. Careful instruction to prevent shooting into own forces.

  2. No change.

  3. No change. CTs report locations promptly.

Maj Gen



Hq 1st Inf Div,
2210, Nov 9, 1942

FO: 3

  1. Omitted.

  2. Division atks at 0715 10 Nov 1942 (See operation map scheme maneuvers and time of atk). CC B atks from S at 0730 in conjunction with 1st Div.

    1. CT 18 see operation map
      1st Bn CT 18 follows CT 18 after mopping-up around ST CLOUD

    2. CT 16 less 1st Bn see operation map.
      1st Bn CT 16 (brought forward in trucks follows in Div reserve).

    1. Civilian snipers caught red-handed will be summarily shot.

    1. Nothing in Hell must delay or stop this atk.

  3. Attached.

  4. Div CP initially follows 16th Inf.

Maj Gen



Hq 1st Inf Div
APO #1, U.S. Army
2300, Nov 10, 1942

FO 4

Maps: Algeria, sheets 20, 21, 31, and 32; 1:200,000.

  1. Omitted.

  2. 1st Inf Div organizes ORAN area (opn overlay, Annex No. 1); continues to safeguard all vital installations vic of docks at ORAN, MERS EL KEBIR, and ARZEW until relieved by service trs CTF; man captured seacoast defenses found to be serviceable, until relieved by other units designated for this duty.

    1. CT 18 organize ORAN area in its sector. One bn (overlay) to be kept centrally located as Div res.

    2. CT 26 organize ORAN area in its sector.

    3. CT 16 in corps res- prepare plans for mtzd movement, rcn of road nets to E, S, and W. Additional trans will be furnished by Corps. Estimate of needs will be kept up to date by G-4.

    4. Other units to areas shown on overlay.

      1. Motor Patrols- CTs will patrol routes "A* at approximately two hour intervals; routed "B" at approximately four hour intervals, and route "C" at approximately eight hour intervals. These patrols will be maintained at irregular intervale with daily changes in schedules.

      2. CTs will continue to safeguard all vital installations in their sectors in the vic of docks at ORAN, MERS EL KEBIR, and ARZEW until relieved by service trs. It is not intended that CTs relieve any specially organized assault forces which have seized certain vital installations early in the operation.

      3. Continue to man all captured seacoast defenses found to be serviceable, until relieved by other units designated for this duty.

  3. Adm details later.


    2. CPs CTs as shown on overlay.

    3. Ps all other units- select suitable CP in area and report accurately to Div CP.

Maj Gen



APO #1, United States Army

11 November 1942

ADM O #2
To Accompany)
FO #4              )


    1. Rations

      1. DP opens 1300, 12 Nov (See Overlay).

      2. DP distribution.

      3. C rations now in hands of unit, and not required for immediate consumption to be assembled by unit S-4s and quantity reported to G-4.

    2. Water

      1. Div Engr establish water points in vic of each CT & Div Trs area. Exact location to be announced.

      2. Water DP (50 gallon drums) opens 1300, 12 Nov (See overlay).

    3. Ammunition

      1. DP opens 1300, 12 Nov (See Overlay).

      2. Each unit will recover all ammunition left in zone of action, and report quantity on hand by type to G-h4as soon as accomplished.

      3. Levels: Units: 1 basic load. In DP: 1 U/F.

    4. Gasoline and Oil

      DP opens 1300, 12 Nov. Direct exchange. (See overlay)


    1. Casualties

      By Med Bn to military and civil hospitals in ORAN. Div Surgeon coordinate.

    2. Burial

      1. To be announced.

      2. Units report locations by overlay of battle casualties burial.

      3. Units report without delay complete list of casualties.


    1. Captured Materiel

      1. By units to collecting point (See overlay)

      2. Report of captured materiel to be submitted to G-4 by 16#, 14 Nov.


        Report of known losses of ordnance materiel and vehicles as a result of battle action to be submitted to G-4 by 1400, 15 Nov.


    1. Circulation: Drive on right side of road.

    2. Restrictions: Blackout lights at night.


    1. Vehicles

      1. Report of vehicles on hand by YS registration number, make, and type to be submitted to G-4 by 1600, 15 Nov.

      2. Third Echelon maintenance open 1300, 12 Nov (See overlay).

      3. First and second Echelon maintenance to be prompt and continuous. Repairs and replacements limited.


      D+4 Convoy

      1. Port of ORAN blocked. MT ships will dock at Port MERS EL KEBIR and port of ARZEW.

      2. Units will be prepared to send drivers for unit vehicles on call. Details later.

Maj Gen



C of S 1     1st Engr Bn 1
G-1 1     1st QM Bn 1
G-2 1     Div Hq Co 1
G-3 1     1st Sig Co 1
G-4 1     File 1
16th Inf 1        
18th Inf 1        
26th Inf 1        
DA 5        
1st Med Bn 1        

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