Interviews with Captain William C. Harwood.

Reports of Captain Harwood, checked by him for accuracy.

Interview with Lt. Comdr. Harry C. Gifford.

Interviews with several members of the French Naval Mission in Washington, D. C. - Captain Maurice Holly-Williams and Commander Victor Bernard Marchal.

Abstracts of War Diaries.

History of the JOSEPH T. DICKMAN, prepared by that vessel and forwarded by the Commanding Officer.

History of the LEONARD WOOD, forwarded to Secretary of Navy by the Commanding Officer, H. C. Perkins, 30 September, 1945.

First-hand accounts of the various Coast Guard officers and enlisted men, as quoted. Many of these accounts were taken from Coast Guard Alumni Association Bulletin, and Coast Guard Public Information Division releases.

Copies from original citations accompanying awards, obtained in office of Military Morale, USCG Headquarters.

Official Coast Guard correspondence.

Biennial Reports of the Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army 1941-43, and July 1, 1943 to June 30, 1945, to the Secretary of War.

"Prelude to Invasion" by Henry L. Stimson, former Secretary of War - An account based upon his official reports.

War Department Communique, dated November 11, 1942.

"Peace and War" United States Foreign Policy 1931-1941; State Department.

"Battle Report II - Atlantic War" by Walter Karig, Earl Burton, and Stephen L. Freeland.

"Conspiracy in Algiers" by Renee Gosset.

World War II in Pictures" Volume II, by H. C. Morris and H. B. Henderson.

-- 175 --

"Great Soldiers of World War II" by Harvey Arthur DeWeerd.

"My Three Years With General Eisenhower" by Captain Harry C. Butcher.

Readers Digest, Saturday Evening Post, and other magazines.

New York Times, Washington Post, and other newspapers.




Due to the secrecy surrounding operations, it has been a long-drawn out affair to get material, and in some cases none has been made available after much search. Thanks are especially due to Coast Guard personnel and those outside the Service who have contributed data, and have made valuable suggestions. Captain Charles W. Harwood was particularly helpful, granting several interviews, discussing various problems of the North African Campaign, and, in addition, writing an eye-witness account of Coast Guard participation in that campaign, and the role of the DICKMAN in the operations. Thanks are due to the two members of the French Naval Mission to Washington, D. C., attached to the French Embassy; Captain Maurice Holly-Williams and Commander Victor Bernard Marchal. The Captain discussed the French Resistance Movement, of which he was a member after retiring from the French Navy, in 1940. It was he who recommended the splendid book, "Conspiracy in Algiers" by Renne Gosset, which shows the political history of that time and helps to explain the mentality of the French and the confused situation in North Africa at the time of the landings. The Commander was at Oran and other points in North Africa and was also very helpful in explaining conditions there at that time. Thanks are also due to Captain Cleveland McCauley, USN (Ret.), in charge of the Microfilm Library, Office of Naval Intelligence, U. S. Navy, for his cooperation in making available the reports of the USS LEONARD WOOD, and offering other source material.



AB Crane ship.
AD Destroyer tender.
AE Ammunition ship.
AF Provision store ship.
AO Miscellaneous auxiliary.
AGO Combined operations communications headquarters ship.
AGP Motor torpedo boat tender.
AGS Surveying ship.
AH Hospital ship.
AK Cargo vessel.
AKA Cargo vessel, attack.
AKN Net cargo ship.
AKS General stores issue ship.
AKV Aircraft supply ship.
AM Large minesweeper.
AMb Base minesweeper.
AMc Coastal minesweeper.
AN Net layer.
AO Oiler.
AOG Gasoline tanker.
AP Transport,
APA Transport, attack.
APc Coastal transport.
APD Troop transport (high speed).
APH Transport for wounded.
APL Hotel barge (barracks ship).
APM Mechanized artillery transport.
APS Auxiliary cargo submarine.
APV Aircraft transport.
AR Repair ship.
ARB Repair ship, battle damage.
ARD Floating drydock.
ARG Internal combustion engine tender.
ARB Heavy hull repair ship.
ARL Repair ship, landing craft.
ARS Salvage vessel.
ARV Aircraft engine overhaul and structural repair ship.
AS Submarine tender.
ASR Submarine rescue vessel.
AT Ocean going tug.
ATR Rescue tug.
AV Seaplane tender (large).
AVC Catapult lighter.
AVD Seaplane tender (converted DD).
AVP Seaplane tender (small).
AW Water distilling and storage ship.
AY Auxiliary tender, small.
BB Battleship.


CA Heavy cruiser.
CAZ Auxiliary unallocated as to type (conversion).
CB Large cruiser.
GL Light cruiser.
CM Mine layer.
CMc Coastal mine layer.
CV Aircraft carrier.
CVB Large aircraft carrier.
CVE Aircraft carrier escort.
CVL Small aircraft carrier.
DD Destroyer.
DE Destroyer escort.
DM Light mine layer (high speed).
DMS Minesweeper (high speed).
IX Unclassified.
LCC Landing craft, control.
LCI(L) Landing craft, infantry (large),
LCM(2) 45' landing craft, mechanized, Mk. II.
LCM(3) 50' landing craft, mechanized, Mk. III.
LCM(6) 56' landing craft, mechanized, Mk. VI.
LCP(L) 36' landing craft, personnel (large).
LCP(R) 86' landing craft, personnel (with ramp).
LCP(N) Landing craft, personnel (nested).
LCR(L) Landing craft, rubber (large).
LCR(S) Landing craft, rubber (small).
LCS(S) Landing craft, support (small).
LCT(5) Landing craft, tank, Mk. V.
LCT(6) Landing craft, tank, Mk. VI.
LCV Landing craft, vehicle.
LCVP Landing craft, vehicle and personnel.
LSD Landing ship, dock.
LSM Landing ship, medium.
LST Landing ship, tank.
LVT(1) Landing vehicle, tracked (unarmored).
LVT(3) Landing vehicle, tracked (unarmored).
LVT(3) Landing vehicle, tracked (unarmored).
LVT(4) Landing vehicle, tracked (unarmored).
LVT(A1) Landing vehicle, tracked (armored).
LVT(A2) Landing vehicle, tracked (armored).
LVT(A3) Landing vehicle, tracked (armored).
PC 173' submarine chaser.
PCE 180' patrol craft escort vessel.
PCE(R) 180' patrol craft escort vessel, rescue.
PCS 136' submarine chaser,
PS Eagle boat,
PF Frigate,
PG Gunboat.


PGM Motor gunboat.
PR River gunboat.
PT Motor torpedo boat.
PT Yacht.
PYc Coastal yacht.
SC 110' submarine chaser.
SS Submarine.
YA Ash lighter.
YAG District auxiliary, miscellaneous.
YC Open lighter.
YCF Car float.
YGK Open cargo lighter.
YCV Aircraft transportation lighter.
YDG Degaussing vessel.
YDT Diving tender.
YP Covered lighter; range tender; provision store lighter.
YPB Ferryboat and launch.
YPD Floating drydock.
YFT Torpedo transportation lighter.
YG Garbage lighter.
YHB Ambulance boat.
YHB Houseboat.
YHT Heating scow.
YMS Motor minesweeper.
YMT Motor tug.
YH Net tender.
YNg Gate vessel.
TNT Net tender (tug class) .
TO Fuel oil barge.
YOG Gasoline barge.
YOS Oil storage barge.
YP District patrol vessel.
YPK Pontoon stowage barge.
YH Floating workshop.
YRD(H) Floating workshop, drydock (hull).
YRD(M) Floating workshop, drydock (machinery).
YS Stevedore barge.
YSD Seaplane wrecking derrick.
YSP Salvage pontoon.
YSR Sludge removal barge.
YT Harbor tug.
YTT Torpedo testing barge.
YW Water barge.



Class of airplane Model designation U. S. name
Navy Army
Fighter, 2-engine F7F    
Fighter, 1-engine F2A   Buffalo
F3A   Corsair
F4U   Corsair
FM   Wildcat
FG   Corsair
F2G-1   Corsair
F4F   Wildcat
F6F   Hellcat
Scout Bomber, 1-engine SB2A A-34 Bermuda
SBW A-25 Helldiver
SBC 77-A Helldiver
SB2C A-25 Helldiver
SBD A-24 Dauntless
SBF A-25 Helldiver
SB2U   Vindicator
Torpedo Bomber, 1-engine TBY    
TBD   Devastator
TBM   Avenger
TBF   Avenger
Patrol Bomber, boat, 4 engine PB2Y   Coronado
Patrol Bomber, boat, 2-engine PB2P OA-10 Catalina
PBY-5, 5A OA-10 Catalina
PBM   Mariner
PBN OA-10 Catalina
XPBB   Sea Banger
CANSO "A" OA-10B  
Bomber, land, 4-engine PB4Y B-24 Liberator
Bomber, land, 2-engine PBO AT-18 (A-29) Hudson
PBJ B-25 Mitchell
PV B-34 Ventura


Class of airplane Model designation U. S. name
Navy Army
Observation Scout, 1-engine OY-1 L-5 (O-62) Sentinel
SOC   Seagull
SO3C   Seamew
OS2N   Kingfisher
OS2U   Kingfisher
Utility, 2 engine JRB C-45 Expeditor
JRC C-78 (AT-17) Bobcat
BD A-20 (P-70) Havoc
JRF OA-9 Goose
J4F OA-14 Widgeon
JM-1 B-26 Marauder
Utility, 1 engine J2F OA-12 Duck
Transport, 1 engine GB C-43 Traveler
GK UC-61 Forwarder
GH   Nightingale
AE(HE) L-4 Grasshopper
Transport, 4-engine land. RY C-87 Liberator
R5D C-54 Skymaster
Transport, 2-engine land. RB C-93  
R5C C-46 Commando
R4D-1, 5 C-47, 47A Skytrain
R4D-2, 4 C-49, 49A Skytrooper
R4D-3 C-53 Skytrooper
R50 C-56, 60 Lodestar
Transport, 4-engine Sea. PB3Y-3R    
JRM(XPB2M-lR)   Mars
JR2S-2   Excalibur
Transport, 2-engine Sea. PBM-3R    
Training, 1-engine primary N3N    
NE L-4 (O-59) Grasshopper
NR PT-21 Recruit
NP PT-21  
N2S PT-13, 17, 18, 27 Caydet
N2T   Tutor
Training, 2-engine advanced SNB-1 AT-11 Kansas
SNB-2 AT-7 Navigator
Training, 1-engine advanced SNV BT-13 Valiant
SNC   Falcon
SNJ AT-6 Texan
Special Purpose, 2-engine TDR    


Class of airplane Model designation U. S. name
Navy Army
Special Purpose, 1-engine TDN    
TDC PQ-8  
TD2C PQ-14  
Helicopter, 1-engine HNS-1 R-4B  
HO2S-1 R-5  
HOS-1 R-6  
XHOS-1 XR-6  


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