Appendix B
Coast Guard Manned Ships Entitled to Operation and Engagement Stars--Asiatic and Pacific Area

Pearl Harbor-Midway (P1)1

Guadalcanal-Tulagi Landings (P8)

Capture and Defense of Guadalcanal (P9)

Motor Boat Torpedo Operation, New Guinea (P17-1)

Finschhafen Occupation (P17-3)

Saidor Occupation (P17-4)

Consolidation of Southern Solomons (P19-1)

Vella Lavella Occupation (P21-5)


Cape Gloucester, New Britain (P22-5)

Green Islands Landing (P22-8)

Admiralty Islands Landings (P22-12)

Treasury Island Landing (P24-2)

Occupation and Defense of Cape Torokina (P24-4)

Gilbert Island Operation (P25)


Occupation of Kwajalein and Majuro Atolls (P26-2)

Occupation of Eniwetok Atoll (P26-3)

Motor Boat Torpedo Operations, Western New Guinea (P28-1)

Hollandia Operation (P28-2)

Toem-Wakde-Sarmi Area Operations (P28-3)


Biak Island Operation (P28-4)

Noemfoor Island Operation (P28-5)

Cape Sansapor Operation (P28-6)


Western New Guinea Operation (P28-7)-Supply and Consolidation Operations, 27 September, 1944-13 October, 1944

Morotai Landings (P28-8)

Capture and Occupation of Saipan (P29-2)


Capture and Occupation of Guam (P29-7)

Capture and Occupation of Tinian (P29-8)

Capture and Occupation of Southern Palau Islands (P30-2)

Leyte Landings (P31-1)


Lingayen Gulf Landing (P32-2)

Bataan-Corregidor Landings (P32-7)

Assault and Occupation of Iwo Jima (P33-1)

Assault and Occupation of Okinawa (P34-1)



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1. Code numbers refer to operation noted in "Operation and Engagement Stars" Bureau of Navy Personnel, Navy Department (NAVPERS 15,632)

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