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Appendix E: Marine Corps Station List


7 AUGUST 1942--9 FEBRUARY 1943

Commanding General--MajGen Alexander A. Vandegrift
Asst Division Commander--BrigGen William A. Rupertus
Chief of Staff--Col W. Capers James (to 24 Sept); Col Gerald C. Thomas
D-1--Col Robert C. Kilmartin, Jr.
D-2--LtCol Frank B. Goettge (to 12 Aug); LtCol Edmund J. Buckley
D-3--Col Gerald C. Thomas (to 24 Sept); LtCol Merrill B. Twining
D-4--LtCol Randolph McC. Pate

First Amphibian Tractor Battalion

Commanding Officer--LtCol Walter W. Barr
Executive Officer--Maj Halstead Ellison (to 13 Nov); Maj Francisc W. Cooper
Bn-3--(Not shown in records)

First Engineer Battalion

Commanding Officer--Maj James G. Frazer (to 25 Oct); Maj Henry H. Crockett
Executive Officer--Maj Henry H. Crockett (to 25 Oct); Maj Levi W. Smith, Jr.
Bn-3--Capt Walter R. Lytz (to 26 Sept); Maj Levi W. Smith, Jr. (to 25 Oct); Maj John P. McGuinness (from 15 Nov)

First Medical Battalion

Commanding Officer--Comdr Don S. Knowlton

First Parachute Battalion

Commanding Officer--Maj Charles A. Miller (to 18 Sept); Capt Harry Torgerson (19-26 Sept); Maj Robert H. Williams (from 27 Sept)
Executive Officer--Maj Charles A. Miller (to 7 Aug); Capt Harry L. Torgerson (to 18 Sept); Capt Justin G. Duryea
Bn-3--Capt George R. Stallings

First Pioneer Battalion

Commanding Officer--Col George R. Rowan (to 20 Sept); Maj Robert G. Ballance

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Executive Officer--Maj Robert G. Ballance (to 20 Sept); Maj Alonzon D. Gorham
Bn-3--Capt Warren S. Sivertsen

First Service Battalion

Commanding Officer--LtCol Hawley C. Waterman

First Special Weapons Battalion

Commanding Officer--Maj Robert B. Luckey (to 6 Oct); Maj Richard W. Wallace (promoted to Major in interim)
Executive Officer--Capt Richard W. Wallace

First Tank Battalion

Fwd Ech,
Commanding Officer--Maj Harvey S. Walseth

First Marines

Commanding Officer--Col Clifton B. Cates
Executive Officer--LtCol Julian N. Frisbie (to 23 Sept); LtCol Wdwin A. Pollock
R-1--Capt Elmer W. Myers
R-2--2dLt George P. Hunt
R-3--LtCol William W. Stickney (to 23 Sept)
R-4--Capt Charles L. Cogswell; Capt Francis W. Eagan

First Battalion, First Marines

Commanding Officer--LtCol Lenard B. Cresswell
Executive Officer--Maj Marion A. Fawcett
Bn-3--2dLt Donald K. Dayton

Second Battalion, First Marines

Commanding Officer--LtCol Edwin A. Pollock (to 23 Sept); LtCol William W. Stickney
Executive Officer--Maj William Chalfant, III (to 2 Oct); Maj Charles L. Cogswell
Bn-3--2dLt Arthur W. Larson

Third Battalion, First Marines

Commanding Officer--LtCol William N. Mckelvy, Jr.
Executive Officer--Maj Walker A. Reaves (to 23 Sept)
Bn-3--Capt Alexander R. Benson

Fifth Marines
Commanding Officer--Col Leroy P. Hunt (to 21 Sept); Col Merritt A. Edson
Executive Officer--Col William J. Whaling (to 25 Sept); LtCol Walker A. Reaves (to 12 Oct); LtCol William S. Fellers
R-1--Capt Donal L. Dickson (to 22 Nov); Capt Robert D. Shine
R-2--Capt Wilfred H. Ringer, Jr. (to 12 Aug); Capt Henry J. Adams
R-3--Maj William I. Phipps (to 24 Sept); Maj Lewis W. Walt (to 12 Oct); LtCol Walker A. Reaves

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R-4--2dLt William L. Williams

First Battalion, Fifth Marines

Commanding Officer--LtCol William E. Maxwell (to 30 Aug); Maj Donald W. Fuller (to 13 Oct); Maj William K. Enright
Executive Officer--Maj Milton V. O'Connell (to 30 Aug); Maj William F. Thyson, Jr. (from 19 Sept)
Bn-3--Capt Gordon D. Gayle

Second Battalion, Fifth Marines

Commanding Officer--LtCol Harold E. Rosecrans (to 11 Sept); Capt Joseph J. Dudkowski (1-17, 25-30 Sept); LtCol Walker Reaves (18-24 Sept); Maj David S. McDougal (1-8 Oct); Maj William J. Piper (8-11 Oct); Maj Lewis W. Walt
Executive Officer--Maj Donald W. Fuller (to 30 Aug); Maj George T. Skinner (to 11 Sept); Maj William J. Piper, Jr. (from 1 Oct)
Bn-3--Capt Joseph J. Dudkowski (to 14 Oct); Capt Harry S. Connor

Third Battalion, Fifth Marines

Commanding Officer--LtCol Frederick C. Biebush (to 22 Sept); Maj Robert O. Bowen
Executive Officer--Maj Robert O. Bowen (to 22 Sept) Maj William H. Barba (from 25 Sept)
Bn-3--Capt William F. Thyson, Jr. (to 18 Sept); Capt Lyman D. Spurlock

Seventh Marines

Commanding officer--Col James W. Webb (to 20 Sept); Col Amor LeR Sims
Executive Officer--Col Amor LeR Sims (to 20 Sept); LtCol Julian Frisbie
R-1--Maj Harold G. Walker (to 24 Sept); Capt Theodore G. Bateman, Jr. (to 3 Nove); Capt John S. Day
R-2--Capt Carl L. Peed (to 1 Oct); Capt Claude B. Cross
R-3--LtCol William R. Williams (to 25 Sept); Capt William J. King
R-4--Maj Frederick L. Wieseman

First Battalion, Seventh Marines

Commanding Officer--LtCol Lewis B. Puller
Executive Officer--Maj Otho L. Rogers (to 27 Sept); Maj John E. Weber
Bn-3--Capt Charles J. Beasley

Second Battalion, Seventh Marines

Commanding Officer--LtCol Herman H. Hanneken

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Executive Officer--Maj Odell M. Conoley
Bn-3--Capt Arthur R. Sherwood

Third Battalion, Seventh Marines

Commanding Officer--LtCol Edwin J. Farrell (to 24 Sept); LtCol William R. Williams
Executive Officer--Maj Burdette Hagerman (to 24 Sept); Maj Harold G. Walker
Bn-3--Capt Jacob Joseph (to 14 Oct); Capt Victor H. Streit

Eleventh Marines

Commanding Officer--Col Pedro A. del Valle (from 9 Oct, BrigGen)
Executive Officer--LtCol John A. Bemis (to 17 Oct); LtCol Rovert B. Luckey (to 28 Nov); LtCol Thomas B. Hughes
R-1--1stLt James H. Tatsch (to 1 Sept); Marine Gunner Charles E. Stuart
R-2--1stLt Maurice L. Appleton, Jr.
R-3--Maj Thomas B. Hughes (to 28 Nov); Maj Charles M. Nees
R-4--Maj James M. Clark

First Battalion, Eleventh Marines

Commanding Officer--LtCol Joseph R. Knowlan (to 19 Oct); LtCol Manley L. Curry (to 28 Nov); LtCol Donovan D. Sult (to 2 Dec)
Executive Officer--Maj Harry K. Zimmer
Bn-3--Capt Samuel S. Wooster

Second Battalion, Eleventh Marines

Commanding Officer--LtCol Edward G. Hagen (to 14 Sept); Maj Forest C. Thompson
Executive Officer--Maj Forest C. Thompson (to 14 Sept); Maj Louis A. Ennis
Bn-3--Capt Louis A. Ennis (to 14 Sept); Maj Ernest P. Foley

Third Battalion, Eleventh Marines

Commanding Officer--LtCol James J. Keating
Executive Officer--Maj Lewis J. Fields
Bn-3--Maj George B. Wilson, Jr.

Fourth Battalion, Eleventh Marines

Commanding Officer--LtCol Melvin E. Fuller (to 28 Oct; from 7 Dec); Maj Carl G.F. Korn (28-31 Oct); Capt Albrt H. Potter (from 1 Nov)
Executive Officer--Maj Carl G.F. Korn (to 28 Oct)
Bn-3--Maj Charles M. Nees (to 27 Aug)

Fifth Battalion, Eleventh Marines

Commanding Officer--LtCol E. Hayden Price (to 18 Oct); Maj Noah P. Wood, Jr.

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Executive Officer--LtCol Edmund J. Buckley (to 12 Aug)
Bn-3--Maj Noah P. Wood, Jr.

First Raider Battalion

Commanding Officer--Col Merritt A. Edson (to 21 Sept); LtCol Samuel B. Griffith II (22-27 Sept); Capt Ira J. Irwin
Executive Officer--LtCol Samuel B. Griffith II; Capt Robert H. Thomas (from 27 Sept to 19 Nov)
Bn-3--Maj Robert S. Brown (to 14 Sept)

First Aviator Engineer Battalion

Commanding Officer--Maj Thomas F. Riley
Executive Officer--Maj James M. McQueen
Bn-3--Capt Douglas P. Devendorf


(Rear Echelon remained in New Zealand)

Commanding General--John Marston
Chief of Staff-Col Leo D. Hermle (see also below)
D-1--LtCol Benjamin W. Atkinson (Acting Chief of Staff during Hermle's absence)
D-2--LtCol William H. Bassett (In absence of Maj Colley)
D-3--LtCol David W. Shoup
D-4--LtCol Arthur D. Challacombe

Forward Echelon, Second Marine Division

Commanding General--BrigGen Alphonse de Carre
Asst to Commanding General--Col Leo D. Hermle
Chief of Staff-Col George F. Stockes
D-1--Maj Lawrence C. Hays, Jr.
D-2--Maj Thomas Jack Colley
D-3--LtCol John H. Coffman (to 21 Jan 43)
D-4--Maj George N. Carroll

Division Special Troops

Commanding Officer--Col Maurice G. Holmes

Second Amphibian Tractor Battalion

Commanding Officer--Maj Henry C. Drewes
Executive Officer--Capt Henry G. Lawrence, Jr.

Second Marines

Commanding Officer--Col John M. Arthur
Executive Officer--LtCol William S. Fellers (to 9 Oct); LtCol Cornelius P. Van Ness
R-1--Capt Melvin A. Smith
R-2--Capt Firman E. Bear, Jr. (to 9 Sept); Capt Maxie R. Williams (to 1 Nov); Capt Eugene Boardman
R-3--Maj Cornelius P. Van Ness (to 9 Oct); Capt Randall L. Stallings
R-4--1stLt Eli H. Sobol

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First Battalion, Second Marines

Commanding Officer--LtCol Robert E. Hill (to 10 Nov); Maj Wood B. Kyle
Executive Officer--Maj Wook B. Kyle (to 10 Nov); Capt William S. Vasconcellos
Bn-3--Capt Randall L. Stallings (to 9 Oct); Capt Harold S. Thorpe

Second Battalion, Second Marines

Commanding Officer--Maj Orin K. Pressley
Executive Officer--Maj Ewart S. Lane
Bn-3--Capt Howard J. Price (to 17 Nov); Capt Bermard W. Schotters

Third Battalion, Second Marines

Commanding Officer--LtCol Robert G. Hunt
Executive Officer--Maj John E. Storr
Bn-3--Capt THomas W. Huston

Second Service Battalion

Commander of Service Troops--Col Wm. McN. Marshall
Commanding Officer, 2d Ser. Bn.--LtCol Clarence H. Baldwin
Executive Officer--Capt Milton J. Green
Bn-3--2dLt Stanley W. Robinson

Second Special Weapons Battalion

Commanding Officer--LtCol Paul D. Sherman
Executive Officer--Maj Guy E. Tannyhill
Bn-3--Capt Hulon D. Riche

Second Tank Battalion

Commanding Officer--Maj Alexander B. Swenceski
Executive Officer--Maj John F. Schoettel
Bn-3--2dLt William A. Barry

Sixth Marines

Commanding Officer--Col Gilder D. Jackson
Executive Officer--LtCol Alfred A. Watters (to 15 Dec); LtCol Lyman Miller
R-1--Capt Louis N. King
R-2--Capt William C. Chamberlain
R-3--Maj Rathvon McC. Tompkins
R-4--1stLt Cyril C. Sheehan

First Battalioin, Sixth Marines

Commanding Officer--LtCol Russell Lloyd
Executive Officer--Maj Hervert R. Amey, Jr.
Bn-3--Capt Loren E. Raffner

Second Battalion, Sixth Marines

Commanding Officer--Maj Raymond L. Murray
Executive Officer--Maj Charlton B. Rogers, III
Bn-3--Capt James J. Coleman

Third Battalion, Sixth Marines

Commanding Officer--Maj William A. Kengla
Executive Officer--Maj Kenneth F. McLeod
Bn-3--Capt James R. Donovan, Jr.

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Eighth Marines

Commanding Officer--Col Richard H. Jeschke
Executive Officer--LtCol James P. Riseley
R-1--Capt Homer E. Hire
R-2--Capt Wilmot J. Spires
R-3--Maj Dixon J. Goen
R-4--Maj Cliff Atkinson, Jr.

First Battalion, Eighth Marines

Commanding Officer--LtCol Miles J. Newton (to 22 Nov); Maj Joseph B. McCaffery
Executive Officer--Maj Joseph B. McCaffery; Capt Percy K. Alford (from 2 Dec)
Bn-3--Capt Daniel V. McWethy, Jr.

Second battalion, Eighth Marines

Commanding Officer--LtCol John H. Cook, Jr.
Executive Officer--Maj Hewitt D. Adams
Bn-3--Capt John E.D. Peacock (to 23 Nov); Maj Hewitt D. Adams (to 1 Dec); Capt William N. Wilkes, Jr.

Third Battalion, Eighth Marines

Commanding Officer--LtCol Augustus H. Fricke
Executive Officer--Maj George D. Rich
Bn-3--Capt C.J. Chandler, Jr. (to 15 Dec); Capt Ralph H. Currin

Tenth Marines

Commanding Officer--Col Thomas E. Bourke
Executive Officer--LtCol Ralph E. Forsyth
R-1--Capt Grant S. Baze
R-2--Maj George E. Ridgeway
R-3--Maj Marvin H. Flume
R-4--Maj Eugene K. Schultz

First Battalion, Tenth Marines

Commanding Officer--LtCol Presley M. Rixey
Executive Officer--Maj David L. Henderson
Bn-3--Capt Charles O. Rogers

Second Battalion, Tenth Marines

Commanding Officer--Maj George R.E. Shell
Executive Officer--Maj Howard V. Hiett
Bn-3--Capt Richard B. Church

Third Battalion, Tenth Marines

Commanding Officer--LtCol Manly L. Curry (to 18 Oct; from 28 Nov); LtCol Donovan D. Sult (18 Oct-28 Nov)
Executive Officer--LtCol Donovan D. Sult
Bn-3--Maj James E. Mills (to 1 Dec); Capt Earl J. Rowse)

Fourth Battalion, Tenth Marines

Commanding Officer--Maj Kenneth A. Jorgensen
Executive Officer--Capt George H. Ford
Bn-3--Capt George H. Ford

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Third Defense Battalion

Commanding Officer--Col Robert H. Pepper
Executive Officer--LtCol Harold C. Roberts
Bn-3--Maj Samuel G. Taxis

Third Barrage Balloon Squadron

Commanding Officer--Capt Robert C. McDermond

Second Raider Battalion

Commanding Officer--LtCol Evans F. Carlson
Executive Officer--Maj Ralph H. Coyte
Bn-3--Capt Merwyn C. Plumley

Ninth Defense Battalion

Commanding Officer--Col David R. Nimmer
Executive Officer--LtCol William J. Scheyer
Bn-3--Capt William C. Givens

Marine Corps Aviation Command

The question of command staff of the Marine Air components on Guadalcanal is not amenable to orderly tabulation. For purposes of this monograph, it must suffice to say that during his stay on the island, General eiger operated in something of a dual capacity. He was at once commanding general of the 1st Marine Air Wing, whose actual administrative headquarters remained in Espiritu Santo, and Senior Naval Aviator, Guadalcanal. On 3 November, he returned to Espiritu Santo, being replaced as Senior Naval Aviator by Brigadier General Louis Woods. General Woods served in that capacity until he, in turn, was relieved by Brigadier General Francis P. Mulcahy on 26 December.

Considerably more confusion obtains in the lower echelons of command, and no attempt can be made here to present a tentative list. it is suggested that the reader refer to the History of Marine Corps Aviation in World War II, by Robert Sherrod, wherein the matter is dealt with exhaustively.

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