Appendix B
Guide to Abbreviations

A-20 Army twin-engine attack plane, the Douglas Havoc
AA Antiaircraft
AAF Army Air Forces
ABC American-British-Canadian
AC/AS Assistant Chief of Staff, Air Staff
ACI Air Combat Intelligence
ACofS Assistant Chief of Staff
ACSI Assistant Chief of Staff, Intelligence (Army)
Actg Acting
ADC Assistant Division Commander
Adm Admiral
Admin Administrative
AET Advance Echelon Translation
AF Air Force
AFB Air Force Base
AFP Army Forces, Pacific
AID Air Information Division
AIF Australian Imperial Forces
Air Aircraft; Air Forces
AKA Cargo ship, attack
Al Allied
Alex Alexandria
An Annual
ANGAU Australia-New Guinea Administrative Unit
Anx Annex
APA Transport, attack
APc Transport, coastal (small)
APD Transport, high speed
App Appendix
AR Action Report
Arty Artillery
ATIS Allied Translation and Intelligence Service
Avn Aviation
B-17 Army four-engine bomber, the Boeing Flying Fortress
B-24 Army four-engine bomber, the Consolidated Liberator
B-25 Army twin-engine bomber, the North American Mitchell
B-26 Army twin-engine bomber, the Martin Marauder
BAR Browning Automatic Rifle
Bd Board
BGen Brigadier General
Bn Battalion
Br Branch
Brig Brigade
Bu Bureau
Bul Bulletin
C Combat
C-2 Corps Intelligence Office(r)
C-47 Army twin-engine transport, the Douglas Skytrain
C-54 Army four-engine transport, the Douglas Skymaster
Capt Captain
Cav Cavalry
Cbt Combat
CCS Combined Chiefs of Staff
Cdr Commander
CEC Civil Engineer Corps
Cen Center
CG Commanding General
CIC Combat Intelligence Center
CinC Commander in Chief
Cir Circular
CMC Commandant of the Marine Corps
CNO Chief of Naval Operations
CO Commanding Officer
Co Company
CofS Chief of Staff
Col Colonel
Com Commander
Comd Command
CominCh Commander in Chief, U.S. Fleet
CP Command Post
Cpl Corporal
CSNLF Combined Special Naval Landing Force
CT Combat Team
CTF Commander Task Force
CTG Commander Task Group
CWO Chief Warrant Officer


Curr Current
D-2 Division Intelligence Office(r)
D-3 Division Operations and Training Office(r)
DA Department of the Army
DD Destroyer
Def Defense
Dep Depot: Deputy
Dept Department
DesDiv Destroyer Division
DesRon Destroyer Squadron
Det Detachment
Dir Director
Disp Dispatch
Distr Distribution
Div Division
Docu Document
DUKW Amphibious truck
Ech Echelon
Empl Employment
End Endorsement (Navy)
ESB Engineer Shore Brigade
Est Estimate
Evac Evacuation
FAdm Fleet Admiral
FEC Far East Command
FEAF Far East Air Forces
F5A Army photo plane version of the P-38
F4F Navy-Marine single-engine fighter, the Grumman Wildcat
F4U Navy-Marine single-engine fighter, the Chance-Vought Corsair
F6F Navy-Marine single-engine fighter, the Grumman Hellcat
Flt Fleet
FMF Fleet Marine Force
FO Field Order
For Force
FRC Federal Record Center
Fwd Forward
G-2 Division (or larger unit) Intelligence Officer(r)
G-3 Division (or larger unit) Operations and Training Office(r)
Gen General
GHQ General Headquarters
GO General Order
GPO Government Printing Office
Grd Guard
Gru Group
Hist History; Historical
Hq Headquarters
HQMC Headquarters, United States Marine Corps
ICPOA Intelligence Center, Pacific Ocean Areas
IGHQ Imperial General Headquarters
IJA Imperial Japanese Army
IJN Imperial Japanese Navy
Ind Indorsement (Army)
Inf Infantry
Info Information
Instn Instruction
Intel Intelligence
Is Island(s)
Jap Japanese
JCS Joint Chiefs of Staff
JICPOA Joint Intelligence Center, Pacific Ocean Areas
JSP Joint Staff Planners
JSSC Joint Strategic Survey Committee
KIA Killed in Action
LCdr Lieutenant Commander
LCI Landing Craft, Infantry
LCM Landing Craft, Medium
LCP Landing Craft, Personnel
LCP(R) Landing Craft, Personnel (Ramp)
LCT Landing Craft, Tank
LCVP Landing Craft, Vehicle and Personnel
Ldg Landing
LSD Landing Ship, Dock
LST Landing Ship, Tank
LT Landing Team
Lt Lieutenant
Ltr Letter
LVT Landing Vehicle, Tracked
LVT(A) Landing Vehicle, Tracked (Armored)
MAC Marine Amphibious Corps
Maj Major
MAG Marine Aircraft Group
Mar Marine(s)
MASP Marine Aircraft, South Pacific
MAW Marine Aircraft Wing(s)
MBDAG Marine Base Defense Aircraft Group
MBDAW Marine Base Defense Aircraft Wing
MC Medical Corps
Med Medical
Memo Memorandum


MG Marine Gunner
MIA Missing in Action
MID Military Intelligence Division
MIS Military Intelligence Service
Misc Miscellaneous
MLR Main Line of Resistance
Mm Millimeter
MS Manuscript
Msg Message
MTB Motor Torpedo Boat
NATS Naval Air Transport Service
Nav Navy; Naval
NCB Naval Construction Battalion
ND Navy Department
NGOF New Guinea Occupation Force
NHD Naval History Division
NLF Northern Landing Force
NLG Northern Landing Group
Nor Northern
NZ New Zealand
0 Order
OB Order of Battle
Obj Objective
OCMH Office of the Chief of Military History
Off Office
ONI Office of Naval Intelligence
Op Operation
OPlan Operation Plan
Org Organizational
OS2U Navy single-engine float plane, the Chance-Vought Kingfisher
P-38 Army twin-engine fighter, the Lockheed Lightning
P-39 Army single-engine fighter, the Bell Airacobra
P-40 Army single-engine fighter, the Curtiss Warhawk
P-61 Army twin-engine night fighter, the Northrop Black Widow
P-70 Army night fighter version of the A-20
Pac Pacific
Para Parachute
PB4Y Navy-Marine four-engine bomber, the Consolidated Liberator
PBJ Navy-Marine twin-engine bomber, the North American Mitchell
PBM Navy twin-engine seaplane, the Martin Mariner
PBO Navy twin-engine bomber, the Lockheed Hudson
PB2Y Navy twin-engine seaplane, the Consolidated Coronado
Phib Amphibious; Amphibious Forces
Plat Platoon
PMC Pacific Military Conference
POA Pacific Ocean Areas
POW Prisoner of War
PV Navy-Marine twin-engine bomber and night fighter, the Vega Ventura
R-2 Regimental Intelligence Office(r)
R-3 Regimental Operations Office(r)
RAAF Royal Australian Air Force
Rad Radio
RAdm Rear Admiral
RAN Royal Australian Navy
RCT Regimental Combat Team
Rdr Raider
Recon Reconnaissance
Recs Records
Regs Regulations
Regt Regiment
R5D Navy-Marine four-engine transport, the Douglas Skymaster
R4D Navy-Marine twin-engine transport, the Douglas Skytrain
RN Royal Navy
RNZAF Royal New Zealand Air Force
SAR Special Action Report
SBD Navy-Marine single-engine dive bomber, the Douglas Dauntless
SB-24 Army night bombing version of the B-24
SB2C Navy-Marine single-engine dive bomber, the Curtiss-Wright Helldiver
SC Submarine Chaser
SCAP Supreme Commander Allied Powers
SCAT South Pacific Combat Air Transport Command
SE Southeast
Sec Section; Secretary
Serv Service
Sgt Sergeant
Sit Situation


SMS Marine Service Squadron
SNLF Special Naval Landing Force
So South
Sols Solomons
Sqn Squadron
STAG Special Task Air Group
Stf Staff
Strat Strategic
Subj Subject
SWPA Southwest Pacific Area
Tac Tactical
TAGO The Adjutant General's Office
TAIC Technical Air Intelligence Center
TBF Navy-Marine single-engine torpedo bomber, the Grumman Avenger
TBX Medium-powered field radio
Tele Telegram
TF Task Force
TG Task Group
Tg Telegraph
Tk Tank
TM Technical Manual
TNT Trinitro-toluol, a high explosive
T/O Table of Organization
Trac Tractor
Trans Transport; Translation
Trng Training
TSgt Technical Sergeant
U Unit
USA United States Army
USAF United States Air Force
USAFFE United States Army Forces in the Far East
USAFISPA United States Army Forces in the South Pacific Area
USASOS United States Army Service of Supply
USMC United States Marine Corps
USN United States Navy
USNR United States Naval Reserve
USSBS United States Strategic Bombing Survey
VAdm Vice Admiral
VB Navy dive bomber squadron
VC Navy composite squadron
VD Navy photographic squadron
VF Navy fighter squadron
VF(N) Navy night fighter squadron
VMB Marine bomber squadron
VMD Marine photographic squadron
VMF Marine fighter squadron
VMF(N) Marine night fighter squadron
VMO Marine observation squadron
VMSB Marine scout bomber squadron
VMTB Marine torpedo bomber squadron
WarD War Diary
WD War Department
WIA Wounded in Action
WW II World War II
YMS Harbor mine sweeper


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