Appendix IV
Command and Staff List1

Commanding Officer Col Harry B. Liversedge
Executive Officer (None shown)
R-1 1stLt George E. Leppig
R-2 Capt Merwin C. Plumley
R-3 LtCol Joseph P. McCaffery
R-4 Maj Ira J. Irwin
Communications Officer Maj William D. Stevenson
Medical Officer LtCdr (MC) Wesley B. Van Cott
Medical Officer Lt (jg) (MC) Harry A. Miller
Air Officer Lt (jg) George M Rounds2

1st Marine Raider Battalion
Battalion Commander LtCol Samuel B. Griflith, II
Executive Officer Maj Charles L. Banks
Bn-1 2dLt Robert E. Laverty
Bn-2 Capt John B. Sweeney
Bn-3 Maj George W. Herring
Bn-4 2d Lt Thomas H. Driscoll
Demolitions Platoon MarGun Angus R. Goss (to 20 July)
Medical Officer Lt (MC) James F. Regan
Medical Officer Lt (MC) Stuart C. Knox
Company A Commander Capt Thomas F. Mullahey, Jr.
Company B Commander Capt Edwin B. Wheeler
Company C Commander Capt John P. Salmon
Company D Commander Capt Clay A. Boyd (to 20 July)
1stLt Frank A. Kemp3

4th Marine Raider Battalion
Battalion Commander LtCol Michael S. Currin
Executive Officer Maj James R. Clark (to 22 July) Maj Robert H. Thomas
Bn-1 Capt Foster C. LaHue
Bn-2 (None shown)
Bn-3 Maj Robert H. Thomas (to 22 July)
Maj Roy J. Batterton
Bn-4 1stLt Francis L. White
Demolitions Platoon 1stLt Robert P. Smith
Medical Officer Lt (MC) J. C. Lockhart
Company N Commander Capt Earle O. Snell, Jr. (to 20 July)
1stLt Thomas J. Connor
Company O Commander 1stLt Raymond L. Luckel
Company P Commander Capt Anthony Walker (to 20 July)
1stLt Malcolm N. McCarthy
Company Q Commander Capt William L. Flake (to 13 July)
Capt Lincoln N. Holdzkom

3d Battalion, 145th Infantry4
Battalion Commander LtCol George G. Freer
Company I Commander Capt David N. Marshall
Company K Commander Capt Donald W. Fouse (to 8 July)
1stLt Alfred A. Potteiger
Company L Commander Capt Clifford W. Morrow (to 13 August)
1stLt Richard J. Vial, Jr.
Company M Commander Capt Arthur H. Walton

3d Battalion, 148th Infantry4
Battalion Commander LtCol Delbert E. Schultz
Company I Commander Capt Denton C. Roundtree
Company K Commander Capt Vernon B. McMillen
Company L Commander Capt Lawrence D. Robertson (to 31 July)
Capt Armas L. Gremillion, Jr.


Company M. Commander Capt Charles A. Henne

Battalion Commander LtCol William J. Scheyer
Executive Officer LtCol Wallace O. Thompson (to 6 August)
LtCol Archie E. O'Neil (to 25 August)
Maj Harold B. Meek
Bn-1 Maj Benjamin J. Beach
Bn-2 Maj Harold B. Meek (to 25 August)
Capt William A. Buckingham
Bn-3 Capt William C. Givens
Bn-4 Maj Albert F. Lucas
Tank Platoon Commander Capt Robert W. Blake
Demolitions Officer MarGun Ralph B. Brouse (to 21 August)
Medical Officer LtCdr (MC) Miles Krepela
Medical Officer Lt (MC) Nathan I. Gershon

155mm Gun Group
Group Commander LtCol Archie E. O'Neil (to 6 August)
Maj Robert C. Hiatt
Executive Officer Maj Robert C. Hiatt (to 6 August)
Maj Frank C. Wenban, Jr.
Battery A Commander Capt Henry H. Reichner, Jr.
Battery B Commander Capt Walter Wells

90mm Antiaircraft Group
Group Commander Maj Mark S. Adams (to 21 August)
Maj Arthur B. Hammond, Jr. (to 28 August)
Capt Norman Pozinsky (to 3 September)
Maj Arthur B. Hammond, Jr.
Executive Officer Capt Arthur M. Finkel (to 21 August)
Capt Norman Pozinsky (22-28 August)
Battery C Commander Capt Milton M. Cardwell, Jr.
Battery D Commander Capt Norman Pozinsky (to 21 August)
Capt James W. Love
Battery E Commander Capt William M. Tracy
Battery F Commander Capt Theron A. Smith

Special Weapons Group
Group Commander LtCol Wright C. Taylor (to 26 September)
Maj Norman E. Sparling
Executive Officer Maj Norman E. Sparling
Battery G Commander Capt DeWitt M. Snow
Battery H Commander Capt Lynn D. Irvin
Battery I Commander Maj Arthur B. Hammond, Jr. (to 21 August)
Capt Mark S. Smith

Battalion Commander Col Harold S. Fassett
Executive Officer LtCol John H. Cook, Jr.
Bn-1 1stLt William H. Kapanke
Bn-2 1stLt Jack Loss
Bn-3 Capt Jo S. Jersig
Bn-4 1stLt Guy F. Turner
Tank Platoon Commander Capt George M. Anderson
Demolitions Officer MarGun John F. Powrozniki
Medical Officer LtCdr (MC) Fulton E. Dye
Medical Officer Lt (MC) Ralph M. King

155mm Gun Group
Group Commander Maj Frank G. Umstead
Executive Officer Maj Earl E. Demers
Battery A Commander Capt Richard A. Vanderhoof
Battery B Commander Capt Alexander Stevenson

90mm AAA Group
Group Commander Maj Kenneth A. King
Executive Officer Maj Howard B. Benge
Battery D Commander 1stLt Edward L. Parke
Battery E Commander Capt John S. Hartz
Battery F Commander Capt William H. Junghans, Jr.
Battery G Commander 1stLt Walter R. Miller

Special Weapons Group
Group Commander Maj McDonald I. Shuford
Executive Officer Maj Charles T. Hodges
Machine Gun Battery Commander Capt Robert W. Kash
20mm Battery Commander Capt Marvin L. Ross
40mm Battery Commander Capt Carl M. Johnson

Commanding Officer Maj Donald M. Schmuck

(From IMAC and 3d Marine Division)
  Col Evans O. Ames
  Col Edward A. Craig
  Col William C. Hall
  Col George W. McHenry
  LtCol Edward H. Forney
  LtCol John T. Gabbert
  LtCol Francis M. McAllister
  LtCol Wilbur J. McNenny
  LtCol James M. Smith, Jr.


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1. Derived from HQMC Muster Rolls.

2. Temporarily attached from VB-21.

3. During those periods when Capt Boyd was absent on patrol, Lt Kemp commanded Company D.

4. Attached from the 37th Infantry Division, U.S. Army.

Transcribed and formatted by Jerry Holden for the HyperWar Foundation