Marines in the Central Solomons

Major John N. Rentz, USMCR


Historical Branch, G-3 Division, Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps


MUNDA STRIP. prize won by XIV Corps, as seen from atop Bibilo Hill in late August 1943. In a little over a week after its capture, this strip became a base for ComAirSols planes operating against enemy installations in the Northern Solomons. Seabees, working in the foreground, soon made Munda the major operating airfield in the Solomons. Its occupation enabled South Pacific Forces to move into Bougainville before the end of the year.

The Solomon Islands, Spring 1943


Foreword v
Preface vi
Chapter Page
I. Introduction 1
    Solomon Islands Geography 1
II. Plans and Preliminary Operations 17
III. Marine Support in the Munda Drive 52
IV. From Rice to Bairoko 96
V. Central Solomons Mop Up 81
VI. The Role of Aviation 140
VII. Epilogue 150
I. Bibliography 160
II. Chronology 169
III. Casualties 174
IV. Command List 175
V. Enemy Order of Battle 177
VI. Navy Unit Commendation 178
  Index 179

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