Appendix I

The Recapture of Guam

The narrative of the Guam operation has been written only after careful examination of a wide variety of sources. Chief among these have been the reports, journals, war diaries, orders, and plans of the units involved. Descriptions of specific actions have been based mainly on the reports of the units most directly concerned. In general, the lowest echelons have been considered the best source for details, while reports of higher units familiar with the overall picture have been used in evaluating results.

More than 200 of the key participants in the Guam campaign have commented by interview or letter on preliminary drafts of this monograph or have replied to specific questions regarding various aspects of the operation. In many cases individuals have furnished information that is not contained in available records. For the most part, however, these comments have been used only to supplement existing official reports.

Since much of the material consulted had only a very general or indirect bearing on the campaign, this bibliography does not constitute a complete listing. Only the most useful sources, including all those cited in the text, have been included below. Unless otherwise noted all material listed is available in the records of the Historical Branch, G-3 Division, Headquarters, U. S. Marine Corps.


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3d Marines
9th Marines (each battalion)
12th Marines
19th Marines (each battalion)
21st Marines
3d Service Battalion
3d Medical Battalion
3d Motor Transport Battalion
3d Headquarters Battalion (each company)
3d Tank Battalion
3d Joint Assault Signal Company
3d Amphibian Tractor Battalion
14th Defense Battalion (includes battalion journal)
IIIAC Motor Transport Battalion

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1st Provisional Marine Brigade Operation Plan 7-44 (Preferred), dtd 11Jul44.

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318th Fighter Group, VII Fighter Command, Seventh Air Force Organizational History, August 1944. Filed at the Air University, Maxwell Field, Alabama.

War Diaries

Monthly war diaries for the period April 1944 through August 1944 have been consulted for all of the following organizations; these are listed overall rather than separately for purposes of convenience and simplicity.

Pacific Fleet
Fifth Fleet
V Amphibious Corps
III Amphibious Corps Artillery
3d Marine Division
1st Provisional Marine Brigade Marine Air Group 21
5th Field Depot
1st Battalion, 4th Marines
2d Battalion, 4th Marines
1st Armored Amphibian Battalion
3d Amphibian Tractor Battalion
4th Amphibian Tractor Battalion
9th Defense Battalion
10th Antiaircraft Battalion
14th Defense Battalion
Island Command, Guam (through September 1945)

Books, Pamphlets, Periodicals

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1. The Office of Naval Records and Library, Navy Department, Washington 25, D. C.

2. The Adjutant General's Office, Kansas City Records Administration Center, Kansas City, 24, Missouri.

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