Appendix I

This bibliography cites only those sources which were particularly important and helpful in compiling the monograph. Literally hundreds of records were consulted. Some duplicated others, and some merely confirmed information already available. Preliminary drafts of the monograph were sent to participants in the operations in order to solicit their comments, corrections, and elaborations. A great many individuals contributed invaluable material, which has been cited in the course of the narrative. Lack of space prevents a separate listing of them here. Letters and interviews are on file in the offices of Historical Branch, G-3 Division, Headquarters Marine Corps, and are available to bona fide students within the limitations of security and restrictions imposed by originators.


CCS 239/1 "Operations in the Pacific and Far East in 1943-44," a JCS paper approved by CCS 21May43. Pertains to plans for operations in the Pacific and Far East during late 1943 and early 1944.

CinCPac-CinCPOA. Dispatch to CominCh, 1Jul43, serial 096. A tentative proposal for operations in the Marshalls, depending on the outcome of photo-coverage.

CinCPac-CinCPOA. Operation Plan 16-43, 12Oct43. Serial 00218. Early FLINTLOCK Plan.

CinCPac-CinCP0A. Dispatch to CominCh, 25Oct43, serial 00247, revising Marshalls target date.

CinCPac-CinCPOA. Dispatch to CG, Army Forces, CenPac, 30Oct43, serial 022120. Directs that 106th RCT be made available for the Marshalls operation..

CinCPac-CinCP0A. CATCHPOLE Detail Plan, 29Nov43. Early plan for seizure of Eniwetok. Serial 00272.

CinCPac-CinCP0A. Base Development Plan, Kwajalein Island, 29Nov43. Serial 001612.

CinCPac-CinCP0A. Dispatch to JCS, 13Dec43, serial 001685, regarding decision to drop Wotje-Maloelap and concentrate on Kwajalein.

CinCPac-CinCPOA. Memorandum Report of Conference held in the Office of CinCP0A, 18Dec43. Pertains to LVT and DUKW program. Discussion of LVT performance in the Tarawa operation and future possibilities.

CinCPac-CinCPOA. FLINTLOCK II, Joint Staff Study, 20Dec43. A staff study based on the assumption of seizing Kwajalein Atoll and neutralizing the more heavily defended atolls.

CinCPac-CinCPOA. FLINTLOCK II, Alternate Joint Staff Study, 23Dec43. A staff study based on the assumption of seizing Wotje and and Maloelap Atolls and neutralizing other atolls.

CinCPac-CinCPOA. Base Development Plan, Majuro Atoll, 2Jan44. Serial 000201.

CinCPac-CinCPOA. Operations in the Pacific Ocean Areas, December 1943. Serial 001035, 31Mar44. Naval operations in the Pacific during this period.

CinCPac-CinCP0A. Bulletin 126-44. A Guide to the Western Pacific. An island-by-island study of the Pacific.

JICPOA Bulletin 53-43, "Kwajalein," 1Dec43. JICPOA Bulletin 3-44, 20Jan44. A study of Eniwetok Atoll.

JICPOA Bulletin 46-44, 13Apr44. An analysis of base installations found on Roi, Namur, and Ennubirr Islands. Accompanied by maps and photographs.

JICPOA Bulletin 48-44, Japanese Defenses, Kwajalein Atoll, 10Apr44.


JICPOA Bulletin 88-44, 1st Amphibious Brigade, Japanese Army. A study of the brigade from its organization through its defense of Eniwetok Atoll.

JICPOA Bulletin 89-44, 12Jun44. Information compiled from captured documents and prisoners-of-war interrogations pertaining to the Japanese defense plans for Eniwetok Atoll.

JICPOA Item 7005, Translation of Diary of Warrant Officer Shionoya, a member of the 3d Battalion, 1st Amphibious Brigade.

CenPacForce. Capture of the Marshalls, Outline Plan, 1Oct43, Serial 0053. Includes dispatch from CinCPac-CinCPOA to CominCh, 20Aug43, and from CinCPac-CinCPOA to ComCenPacForce, 22Sept43.

CenPacForce. Operation Plan Cen 1-44, 6Jan44. Adm Spruance's plan for seizure of Kwajalein and Majuro Atolls.

CenPacForce. War Diary, December 1943. Serial 0082, 27Feb44. A day-by-day account of activities of the Central Pacific Force during the period covered.

CenPacForce. War Diary, January 1944. Serial 0095, 1Mar44. A day-by-day account of activities of the Central Pacific Force during the period covered.

Task Force 51. Operation Plan A6-43, 17Jan44. Admiral Turner's operation plan for Kwajalein Atoll. Includes appropriate annexes.

Task Force 51. Operation Plan A9-44, 7Feb44. A detailed operation plan for the Eniwetok Expeditionary Group (Task Group 51.11) was signed by RAdm R. K. Turner.

Task Force 51. Report of Amphibious Operations for the capture of the Marshall Islands (FLINTLOCK and CATCHPOLE Operations), 25Feb44. A detailed report containing 11 enclosures, including a narrative of operations, intelligence, troop landings, beach and shore parties, naval and air bombardment, support aircraft, communications, LVT's and DUKW's, medical, ship loading and recommendations.

Task Force 52. Attack Order A1-44, 14Jan44. Contains appropriate annexes and maps for the attack on southern Kwajalein.

Task Force 53. Operation Order A157-44, 16Jan44. Includes Movement Order A156-44, 11Jan44, together with appropriate annexes, maps and charts for operations against northern Kwajalein.

Task Force 53. Report of Amphibious Operations for the capture of Roi and Namur Islands (FLINTLOCK), 23Feb44. Report of Commander, Group 3, Fifth Amphibious Force. Includes nine enclosures containing operations narrative, and comments on naval gunfire, air support, communications, intelligence, material, logistics, loading and unloading, casualties.

Task Group 50.15. Action Report, Marshall Islands Campaign, 15Feb44. Comments and summary of events for the period 29Jan-3Feb44.

Task Group 51.11. Report of Eniwetok Operation, 7Mar44. A comprehensive report of the Eniwetok Operation signed by RAdm Hill. It is divided into seven separate parts and deals with planning, conduct of the operation and unloading after combat was concluded.

Task Group 51.2. Majuro Action Report, 15Feb44. Detailed report of the Majuro operation. Includes composition of forces, narrative, training and rehearsal, air and fire support narratives.

Task Group 58.2. Action Report of Marshall Islands Operation, 25Feb44. Narrative and chronological account of the organization's participation in the Kwajalein operation. Includes three enclosures.

Task Unit 52.5.1. Operation Report, FLINTLOCK, undated. Transport Division 4's summary and comments pertaining to training for the Kwajalein operation and conduct of operations.

Task Unit 53.5.5. Action Report on the Attack, Capture and Occupation of Kwajalein Atoll, 9Feb44. Chronological account of the bombardment of the islands of northern Kwajalein, 30Jan-1Feb44.

Task Unit 58.2.2. Action Report of Bombardment of Roi-Namur Islands, 3Feb44. Account of battleship and destroyer bombardment of Roi-Namur, 30Jan44.

Battleship Division Two. Action Report of Bombardment of Eniwetok Atoll, 28Feb44. A 19-page report containing a narrative of events, bombardment plan for Eniwetok, and two track charts of the flagship during the Eniwetok operation.

V Amphibious Corps. G-5 Estimate of the Situation, FLINTLOCK Operation, 21Oct43. Discussion of various proposed courses of action in the Marshalls.

V Amphibious Corps. G-2 Study of the Theater of Operations: Marshall Islands, 26Nov43. A detailed terrain study of Mille, Maloelap, Wotje, Jaluit, Kwajalein, and Majuro Atolls. Includes maps and annexes.

V Amphibious Corps. Memorandum to Chief of Staff, 29Dec43. Report of conference with Cdr Dodge, USS Seal. Attached is report by USS Seal of photographic reconnaissance of Kwajalein Atoll.

V Amphibious Corps. Estimate of Japanese Troops and Defense Organizations, CARILLON Atoll, 17Jan44. A study of enemy potentialities on the islands to be invaded in Kwajalein Atoll. Includes maps and overlays. Signed by LtCol St. Julien R. Marshall.

V Amphibious Corps. G-1 Journal. Resume of messages received and sent during the period 17Jan-7Feb44.

V Amphibious Corps. G-2 Journal. Covers period 17Jan-7Feb44.

V Amphibious Corps. G-3 Journal. Resume of dispatches and messages received and sent from 22Jan44 through 7Feb44.

V Amphibious Corps. Study of Japanese Defensive Works, Kwajalein Atoll, 15Feb44. A 61-page detailed report containing maps and photographs of Japanese defenses at Kwajalein. Signed by LtCol A. Vincent Wilson, CE, USA.

V Amphibious Corps. Operations Report of the FLINTLOCK Operation, 6Mar44. A comprehensive report


of the Kwajalein operation. Contains narrative report of operations and nine annexes. These are: Corps Operation Plan 1-44; G-5 Report; G-3 Report; G-2 Report; G-1 Report; G-4 Report; Liaison Team Report; Special Staff Officers' Report; Reconnaissance Company Report.

V Amphibious Corps. Report of Logistical Aspects of FLINTLOCK Operation, 23Mar44. A 15-page report signed by MajGen H. M. Smith. It discusses all VAC logistical matters pertaining to the Kwajalein operation.

V Amphibious Corps. Special Action Report CATCHPOLE Operation, 1Apr44. Includes comments of MajGen H. M. Smith, Commanding General, VAC, pertaining to Tactical Group-1's Special Report; Naval Gunfire Report on CATCHPOLE; 708th Amphibian Tank Bn, Special Action Report on Eniwetok Operation; Final Report of Civil Affairs, Eniwetok Atoll.

V Amphibious Corps. Miscellaneous Orders and Plans. Folder containing miscellaneous orders, plans, memoranda, maps, and charts. Majority of the material pertains to Eniwetok.

V Amphibious Corps. Units and Ships Upon Which Embarked, FLINTLOCK, undated. Breakdown of ships with units embarked including unit strength and preferred and alternate loading plans.

V Amphibious Corps. War Diary, Jan44, 4Feb44. Contains list of VAC components as well as all orders issued during the month. Narrative of VAC activities during the period covered is included.

V Amphibious Corps. War Diary, Feb44, 5Mar44. A narrative of VAC activities during February 1944. Includes a list of all VAC orders issued during the month. Signed by MajGen H. M. Smith.

V Amphibious Corps. War Diary, Mar44, 8Apr44. Contains list of VAC components as well as copies of all orders issued during the period. A narrative of events is included.

4th Marine Division. Operation Plan 3-43 (revised), 31Dec43. Sets forth the mission of the Northern Landing Force in the Kwajalein operation, and how it is to be effected. Contains appropriate annexes and maps.

4th Marine Division. Journal. Contains a resume of all messages sent and received by the division from 31Jan44 through 2Feb44 and an operational narrative covering the period 13Jan44 through 2Feb44.

4th Marine Division. Final Report on FLINTLOCK Operation, 17Mar44. A comprehensive report of the division's participation in the Kwajalein operation. Includes division organization and training, preliminary planning and conduct of operations. Ten enclosures include narrative of operations; extracts from the division journal; Report of Commanding General, IVAN Landing Group; CT 23 Report; CT 24 Report; CT 25 Report; 14th Marines Report; 20th Marines Report; Medical report; comments.

4th Marine Division. Communications-Operations Report, 29Mar44. Enclosures include report of Landing Team 1, 24th CT; letter from Commanding Officer, CT 24; letter from Commanding Officer, CT 23; Reports of the 1st, 2d and 3d Bns, 25th Marines.

4th Marine Division. War Diary, Mar44-23Apr44. A day-by-day account of the division's activities during March. Contains a station list and combat readiness report.

4th Marine Division. Record of Events, 5May44. Day-by-day account of division activities from 13Jan44 through 8Feb44.

4th Marine Division. Intelligence Report on FLINTLOCK, undated. A collection of nine intelligence summaries, 31Jan-12Feb44, as well as POW interrogations, Japanese defense plan for Roi-Namur, and a D-2 analysis of the conduct of the Japanese defense.

20th Marines. Bomb Disposal Unit 1 Report of Activities in the FLINTLOCK Operation, 27Apr44. Report accompanied by 12 photographs.

23d Marines. Journal. Resume of messages sent and received during the period 31Jan-4Feb44.

Landing Team 1, 23d Marines. Report on the FLINTLOCK Operation, 10Feb44. Bn commander's report of his organization's assault on Roi. Attached are reports by the Bn executive officer and each staff section.

2d Battalion, 23d Marines. Comments on Landing Operations on Roi-Namur, 14Feb44. Contains a narrative of operations, record of events, comments and recommendations. Attached are reports from the Bn commander and executive officer, each staff section, each company commander and each attached unit commander. Also sketches of Japanese defenses.

3d Battalion, 23d Marines. Record of Events, 12Feb44. Comments and recommendations of the Bn commander and executive officer and each staff section during the period 31Jan-5Feb44. Includes overlays and sketches.

1st Battalion, 24th Marines. Preliminary Report of Operations on Namur, 8Feb44.

2d Battalion, 24th Marines. Narrative, Battle of Roi-Namur, undated. Brief account of the Bn's participation in the assault on Namur.

2d Battalion, 24th Marines. Preliminary report of operations on Namur, 7Feb44.

3d Battalion, 24th Marines. Undated and incomplete report of operations on Namur.

Landing Team 1, 25th Marines. Report of Activities on D-Day and D-plus 1, 16Feb44. Narrative, followed by questions and answers pertaining to the Kwajalein operation.

Landing Team 2, 25th Marines. Report of Activities, 20Feb44. Chronological account of the Bn's activities on 31Jan-1Feb44.

Landing Team 3, 25th Marines. Report on D-Day and D-plus 1, 9Feb44. Brief account of the Bn's activities during the Kwajalein operation.


Landing Team 3, 25th Marines. History. A mimeographed paper, source not indicated, covering the period 11Jan-8Mar44.

4th Tank Battalion. Report of Activities in the FLINTLOCK Operation, 31Mar44. Contains summary of activities, comments and recommendations as well as combat reports by each platoon.

10th Amphibian Tractor Battalion. Report on Operations, FLINTLOCK Operation, 17Mar44. An analysis of the unit's activities during its organization, training and combat operations. Contains individual reports from each company, as well as an earlier Bn action report dated 17Feb44.

1st Joint Assault Signal Company. Report of Commanding Officer on the FLINTLOCK Operation, 6Mar44. Attached are individual reports from each liaison team. Carries endorsements by MajGen Schmidt and MajGen Smith.

7th Infantry Division. Report of Participation in the FLINTLOCK Operation, 8Feb44. Includes a narrative of operations, recommendations for future operations, proposed operating procedures for LVT's, and commendatory messages.

7th Infantry Division. Report on FLINTLOCK Operation, 6Mar44. A detailed list of questions and answers pertaining to the Kwajalein operation.

7th Infantry Division. Report of the Southern Force Artillery, FLINTLOCK Operation, 22Feb44. An account of planning and conduct of operations, followed by recommendations.

7th Infantry Division. G-3 Reports. G-3 daily reports of division's activities during the period 31Jan-5Feb44. Overlays.

7th Infantry Division. FLINTLOCK Report. Volumes III, IV, VII, IX, XI. The division's formal report of participation in the Kwajalein operation.

Tactical Group-1. Report of Attack on Eniwetok Atoll, 27Feb44. A 14-page narrative report concerning operations against Eniwetok Atoll. Carries endorsement of RAdm H. W. Hill.

Tactical Group-1. Special Report concerning FLINTLOCK and CATCHPOLE Operations, 1Mar44. A comprehensive report dealing with the attack on Eniwetok Atoll. Includes daily unit reports with overlays from 17Feb44 through 23Feb44; radio log for the operation; action report by Company D (Scout), 4th Tank Bn: action report, VAC Reconnaissance Co; Japanese map of Parry Island; Group Operation Order 2-44, DOWNSIDE, 10Feb44.

Tactical Group-1. Journal. Contains memoranda, dispatches, training orders, reports and maps. Covers period 7Dec43 through 22Mar44.

Tactical Group-1. War Diary, 5Nov43-29Feb44. A day-by-day account of TG-1 activities during the period covered.

Tactical Group-1. War Diary, March 1944. Signed by BrigGen T. E. Watson, with endorsement by BrigGen G. B. Erskine, CofS, VAC. Covers period 1Mar-22Mar44.

22d Marines, reinforced, Operation Orders. A folder containing combat instructions, field messages, regimental operations plans for FLINTLOCK, and regimental operations orders for CATCHPOLE. Inclusive dates are 26Sept43-21Feb44.

22d Marines. Record of Events. A folder containing various orders, reports, copies of war diaries, dispatches and records of events from 6Aug42 through 2Mar44.

22d Marines. Journal. A record of all messages sent and received by 22d Marines Headquarters. 17Feb-24Feb44. Included is a penciled report dated 15Mar44 dealing with activities of the Regimental Weapons Co during the Eniwetok operations.

22d Marines, reinforced. Report on DOWNSIDE Operation, 9Mar44. A detailed 25-page report dealing principally with an analysis of all aspects of the Eniwetok operation and containing pertinent recommendations for future activities.

22d Marines. Reports, undated. A folder containing reports relating to the Eniwetok operation from the following organizations: 2d Separate Transport Co; 2d Separate Pack Howitzer Bn; BLT 2: Service & Supply Plt, H&S Co.; 2d Separate Engineer Co; 2d Separate Tank Co; 2d Separate Medical Co; Regimental Weapons Co.

22d Marines. Action Reports on Lesser Marshalls. Detailed reports from each group participating in the occupation of the Lesser Marshalls. Also a regimental report covering the over-all Lesser Marshalls operations. Dates are 11Mar44 through 24Apr44. Each report carries the endorsement of the atoll commander and the Marine Administrative Command, VAC.

22d Marines, reinforced. War Diary, 3Mar44. Signed by Col. J. T. Walker, with endorsement by MajGen H. M. Smith, Commanding General, VAC. Covers period 1Jan44 through 29Feb44.

1st Battalion, 22d Marines. Report on FLINTLOCK II Operation, undated. A report on Landing Team 1's activities at Eniwetok Atoll and signed by W. H. Fromhold. Includes a history of operations, operation overlay, unit journal and message abstract and comments and recommendations.

2d Battalion, 22d Marines. Record of Events. A day-by-day report from 19Jul42 through 6Feb45. 106th Infantry Regiment. Unit Operation Report (DOWNSIDE), 15Apr44. A detailed report of the organization's participation in the Eniwetok operation. Includes operation plans and orders, maps, unit journal, casualty report and a report by BLT 106-3. Carries endorsements by VAC and the 27th Infantry Division.

1st Defense Battalion. VAC. War Diary for April 1944. A day-by-day account of activities during the month of April. Signed by LtCol J. H. Buckner, and carrying an endorsement from VAC.

708th Amphibian Tank Battalion. Report of 708th Provisional Amphibian Tractor Bn on FLINTLOCK Operation, 14Feb44. Includes a narrative of


operations and recommendations for future operations. Signed by Maj J. L. Rogers.

708th Amphibian Tank Battalion. Special Action Report, Kwajalein operation, 12Mar44. A day-by-day account of the organization's participation in the FLINTLOCK Operation, 31Jan44-6Feb44.

708th Amphibian Tank Bn Unit History, 22Jan45. A brief and generalized history of the organization covering its activation and participation in the Marshall Islands and Guam operations. Signed by K. C. Heise, Adjutant.

Company I, 111th Infantry. Report of Operations, Occupation of Ujelang Atoll, 27Apr44.

USS Alabama. Bombardment of Roi-Namur, 6Feb44. Report of bombardment on 30Jan44.

USS New Orleans. Report of Action, 8Feb44. Chronological account of activities during the bombardment of Roi, 30Jan44.

USS Overton. Action Report, 8Feb44. Chronological account of Overton's participation in the Kwajalein operation from 30Jan44 through 5Feb44.

USS Arthur Middleton. Report of Landing Phase of Operations at Eniwetok Atoll, 7Mar44. Contains narrative reports as well as operations plans and order for Eniwetok.

USS Ashland. Action Report, Eniwetok Atoll, 3May44. Chronological account and comments on the Eniwetok operation during the period 11-23Feb44.

Island Commander, Roi. Report of Action, 4Apr44. Chronological account of Japanese air attack on 12Feb44, with pertinent comments.

Fleet Orders. Folder containing orders issued by RAdm Alva D. Bernhard, Kwajalein Atoll Commander, pertaining to operations in the Lesser Marshalls. Orders issued between 27Feb44 and 24Mar44, inclusive.

Marine Corps Headquarters. Advanced Base Operations in Micronesia, 712. Approved by the Commandant on 23Jul21; this document was the plan for Marine participation in the event of war with Japan. It is a detailed estimate of the situation on each of the numerous possible targets in the Pacific.

Document submitted by Capt Buenos A. W. Young, dated 10Apr44 and believed to be the Action Report, 3d Bn, 22d Marines, on the Eniwetok Operation.

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Memo Adm H. R. Stark to SecNav, 12Nov40.


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