Appendix II

11 May TRIDENT Conference in Washington; CCS decides to seize the Marshalls and to move against Japanese outer defenses.
Mid-June JCS directs Adm Nimitz to submit plan for occupation of the Marshalls.
1 July Adm Nimitz submits concept for operations.
20 July JCS directs Adm Nimitz to organize and train forces for operations in the Marshalls on 1 January 1944.
15 August 4th Marine Division organized.
20 August Adm Nimitz submits outline plan for occupation of Kwajalein, Wotje and Maloelap.
17-24 August At the QUADRANT Conference at Quebec, routes of advance on Japan laid out and operations in the Marshalls agreed to.
24 August Fifth Amph Force set up, RAdm Turner commanding.
1 September JCS dispatches directive to Adm Nimitz, allocating troops and naval forces for the Marshalls.
16 September 7th Inf Div arrives at Oahu, T. H. to begin preparations for the Marshalls.
20 September 4th MarDiv assigned to VAC.
12 October Adm Nimitz issues OP Plan 16-43, first formal operation plan for the Marshalls.
15 November MajGen Smith issues OP Plan 2-43, first over-all troop directive for the Marshalls.
16 November TG-1 organized under VAC GenOrd No. 55-43.
20 November 2d MarDiv assaults Tarawa.
4 December First aerial photo coverage, of Kwajalein Atoll effected.
5 December VAdm Yamada assumes command of Japanese aviation in the Marshalls.
14 December Adm Nimitz revises OP Plan 16-43; target date postponed.
20 December Adm Nimitz issues final JCS Study, FLINTLOCK II in which all changes have been ratified.


3 January RAdm Turner issues OP Plan A6-43, listing components and setting forth mission of Joint Expeditionary Force.
4 January 1st Amphibious Brigade (Japanese) arrives at Eniwetok Atoll.
5 January VAC OP Plan 1-44 released, superseding OP Plan 3-43.
13 January Main body of TF 53 departs San Diego.
22 January Joint Expeditionary Force sails from Hawaii.
31 January D-Day in the Marshalls: Landings effected on small islands in both northern and southern Kwajalein Atoll. VAC Reconn Co lands on Majuro Atoll.
1 February Combat Teams 21 and 24 land on Roi-Namur. RCT's 32 and 184 land on Kwajalein Island.
4 February RAdm Harry W. Hill given command of Task Group 51.11, with the mission of seizing Eniwetok Atoll. Kwajalein Island overrun. 109th NavConsBn begins repair on Roi airfield.
7 February Ground elements of 4th MBDAW arrive at Roi.
8 February Kwajalein Atoll secured.
12 February Japanese retaliate with air attack on Roi.
17 February Landings effected on small islands of Eniwetok Atoll.
17-18 February TF 58 attacks Truk.
18 February 22d Marines land on Engebi and secure it.
19 February Landing by 106th RCT and 3d Bn, 22d Marines, on Eniwetok Island.
21 February Eniwetok Island secured.
22 February 22d Marines land on Parry and secure it.
26 February 22d Marines relieve 25th Marines on Kwajalein.
1 March RAdm Bernhard receives orders to neutralize and control the Lesser Marshalls.
4 March 4th MBDAW begins bombing campaign against Wotje, Jaluit, Mille and Maloelap.
10 March Wotho Island taken.
11 March Ujae Atoll occupied. American flag raised on Lib Island.
21 March Ailinglapalap Atoll taken.
22 March TG-1 disbanded; 1st ProvMarBrig organized.
24 March Ebon Atoll secured.
30 March Flag raised on Bikini Atoll.
1 April Ailuk Atoll taken.
2 April Marines land on Mejit Island.
3 April Likiep and Rongelap Atolls secured.
5 April Utirik Atoll secured.
6 April 22d Marines depart for Guadalcanal.
17 April Marines from 1st Defense Bn, VAC, land on Erikub and Aur Atolls.
22 April Soldiers of 111th Inf raise flag on Ujelang Atoll.
22 August Mille Atoll surrendered to American naval forces: the first of the bypassed atolls to surrender.
2 September Japan formally surrenders.


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