Marines in World War II
Historical Monograph

Marines at Midway

by Lieutenant Colonel R.D. Heinl, Jr., USMC
Historical Section, Division of Public Information
Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps

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Birth of a Base (pages: 1-10)

War Comes to Midway (pages: 11-15)

Girding for Battle (pages: 16-25)

The Battle, 4-5 June 1942 (pages: 26-42)


I. Documentation and Bibliography

II. Midway Chronology

III. Navy Unit Commendation, 6th Defense Battalion, FMF

IV. Events at Battery D, 7 December 1941

V. Preparations of MAG-22 for Battle

VI. Dive-Bomber Pilot's Narrative, Battle of Midway

VII. Staff and Command List, Marine Corps Units Participating in Battle of Midway

VIII. Presidential Unit Citation


  1. Midway's Cable Station
  2. Marines Called it "Skavoli"
  3. Sand Island in 1935
  4. The Ubiquitous Gooney-Birds
  5. Japanese Destroyer, Ushio
  6. 1st Lt. George H. Cannon
  7. Sand Island Seaplane Hangar
  8. Col. Harold D. Shannon
  9. Lt. Col. Ira L. Kimes
  10. "Midway Acts as a Sentry for Hawaii"
  11. Admiral Nimitz Finds Out for Himself
  12. The Japanese Advance on Midway
  13. "Tally-Ho" for the Marine Fighters
  14. Sleek But Slow (F2A-3)
  15. Burning Diesel-Oil Tanks
  16. Fires on East Shore of Sand Island
  17. Bombed-Out Eastern Island Command Post
  18. "Sand Island Bombed and Great Results Attained"
  19. The Carrier Akagi, Under Attack
  20. "My Plane was Hit Several Times"
  21. Sand Island Hangar Burning Again
  22. Salvage-Parties on Eastern Island
  23. Gutted Japanese Cruiser
  24. Capt. Richard E. Fleming
  25. Marines Bury Their Dead


  1. Midway Islands
  2. Strikes by Marine Air Group 22
  3. Table of Distances From Midway

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