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Appendix VII: Staff and Command List, Marine Corps Units Participating in Battle of Midway

Senior Marine officer present Col. Harold D. Shannon
Commanding Officer Col. Harold D. Shannon
Commanding Officer, Eastern Island Group Maj. William W. Benson*
Bn-1 Capt. William P. Spencer
Bn-2, 3 Capt. Robert C. McGlashan
Bn-4 QM Clerk Avard W. Ostrom
Munitions Officer Second Lt. Dorn E. Arnold
Surgeon Lt. Comdr. Robert A. Cooper (MC), USN
Seacoast Artillery Group
Commanding Officer Lt. Col. Lewis A. Hohn
Commanding Officer, Battery A Maj. Loren S. Fraser
Commanding Officer, Battery B Capt. Rodney M. Handley
Commanding Officer, Battery C Capt. Donal N. Otis
Commanding Officer, Sand Island 7-inch Battery Capt. Ralph A. Collins, Jr.
Commanding Officer, Eastern Island 7-inch Battery Capt. Harold R. Warner, Jr.
Commanding Officer, Sand Island 3-inch Navy Battery Capt. Jay H. Augustin
Commanding Officer, Eastern Island 3-inch Navy Battery Capt. William R. Dorr, Jr.
3-Inch Antiaircraft Group
Commanding Officer Maj. Charles T. Tingle
Commanding Officer, Battery D Capt. Jean H. Buckner
Commanding Officer, Battery E Maj. Hoyt McMilan
Commanding Officer, Battery F Capt. David W. Silvey
Special Weapons Group
Commanding Officer Capt. Robert E. Hommel
Commanding Officer, Battery H Maj. William E. Boles
Commanding Officer, Battery I Capt. Edwin A. Law
Searchlight Battery (G)
Commanding Officer Capt. Alfred L. Booth
3-Inch Antiaircraft Group, 3d Defense Battalion
Commanding Officer Maj. Chandler W. Johnson
Commanding Officer, Battery D Maj. William S. McCormick
Commanding Officer, Battery E Maj. James S. O'Halloran
Commanding Officer, Battery F First Lt. Arnold D. Swartz
Separate Batteries, 3d Defense Battalion
Commanding Officer, Battery K (37-mm) Capt. Ronald K. Miller
Commanding Officer Battery L (40/20-mm) Capt. Charles J. Seibert, II
2d Raider Battalion Detachment
Commanding Officer Capt. Donald H. Hastie
Commanding Officer, Company C Capt. Donald H. Hastie
Commanding Officer, Company D First Lt. John Apergis
Provisional Marine Companies
Commanding Officer, 23d Provisional Marine Company First Lt. Thomas E. Clarke
Commanding Officer, 23d Provisional Marine Company Capt. Boyd O. Whitney
Commanding Officer Lt. Col. Ira E. Kimes
Executive Officer Maj. Verne J. McCaul
Operations Officer Maj. Alexander G. Bunker
Communications Officer Capt. Robert R. Burns
Marine Fighting Squadron 221
Commanding Officer Maj. Floyd B. Parks*
Capt. Kirk Armistead
Executive Officer Capt. William C. Humberd
Marine Scout-Bombing Squadron 241
Commanding Officer Maj. Lofton R. Henderson*
Maj. Benjamin W. Norris*
Capt. Marshall A. Tyler
Executive Officer Capt. Marshall A. Tyler
* -- Killed or missing in action, battle of Midway

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